Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 5 Episode 7: The Tale of C7

“A lot of memories are shared. We look at this stuff, and we think of the same things, and that’s important because it brings us together as friends… but can you imagine if we didn’t have these memories? It would be like we had no past, and no friends… and the future would be just as empty and lonely.” Sam

After a long hiatus, I am finally back! Tonight’s tale is brought to us from Sam. It’s kind of a romantic story about two ghosts who love jukebox music. That is right folks tonight we shall discuss the Tale of C7.


Tucker and Stig

The night starts off with Tucker and Stig walking into the clearing. Tucker is anxious because he needed to tell the gang something but he just cannot remember. Tucker says “But it’s really buging me I can’t stand it” to which Kiki says “Don’t you ever change clothes?” This is directed at Stig (can you feel the sexual tension).  Stig who apparently grew a backbone replies “No don’t you ever mind your own business?”




“Tucker wants to ask you to Prom Kiki.”- Stig

This response impresses The Gary and Sam who reply with “OOh”. Tucker and Stig then take seats, with Tucker next to Betty Ann.




“Oooh burn Kiki”- The Gary

Betty Ann says to Tucker “What’s the problem?” Tucker tells her “I’ve been going nuts because I was going to tell you guys something, and I can’t remember what it is. It just went out of my mind”


“Don’t worry Tucker. I’ll talk to Kiki for you. I know what it’s like to ask someone to prom.”- Betty Ann

Betty Ann tells Tucker “If you stop trying to remember, then you will.” This sounds like something she possibly has done in the past. Maybe this is how Betty Ann studies for exams.

Sam gets up and says “That’s sort of what my story’s about.” As she walks to the storytellers’ chair. The Gary says “What Tucker going out of his mind?”


“Yeah Tucker let Betty Ann help, she brought me, Samantha.”- The Gary

Sam says “No about memories.” She then reaches into her bag and pulls out some objects. Sam continues to say “But not any memories, it’s about the kind we share. These are things that have inspired some of my stories, this is my grandmother’s, it helped me come up with the tale of the long-ago locket. and this is my brother’s school ring, it helped create the tale of the dream girl. And this…” Tucker yells out “Watcher’s Woods!” as excited as someone who got all the test question correct.


“The future is grim Tucker, let Betty Ann help you.”- Sam


Sam says “Watcher’s Woods exactly. And that’s my point a lot of memories are shared we look at this stuff and we think of the same thing. That’s important because it brings us together as friends. But can you imagine if we didn’t have these memories? It would be like we had no past and no friends and the future would be just as empty and lonely.

Then she submits her story as The Tale of C7

Now admittedly I thought this story would be a chemical spill but I was wrong. The reason for that is because, on another Snick show, the secret world of Alex Mack, the main character gets dowsed in a chemical known as GC-161 and it gave her powers (well she could turn into a pulled and create electricity).

Anyway, we are introduced to Jason, Lisa, and Ellen, the mom. Ellen has just bought a lakefront house, with dreams of turning it into some kind of guesthouse (pre-Airbnb). The kids complain about moving. But they are happy she is going to be her own boss.

This is Jason

One day while cleaning, Jason stumbles upon an old jukebox. He goes to try and play it, but it shorts out. Mom complains about how much it will cost to rewire the place. Jason tells her that the jukebox is cool and might be fun to re-wire. She is happy he is willing to put in the free labor needed to get it up and running. Plus she has no clue what child labor laws are. Then Lisa wants to explore the dock. The Mom quickly tells her no, she does not have a life vest.


This is Lisa

Lisa complains but Mom is quick to point out that she was the one who did not want swimming lessons. Mom puts Jason in charge of his sister.

Ellen- A single mom with two kids

That night Jason hears the voice of a woman singing and it brings him out of his room. He goes downstairs and bumps into mom, which frightens him. Lisa is also there because she also hears the singing. Mom brushes it off and tells them there is no such thing as a ghost. The next day while mom is at the bank trying to get capital for her new business, Jason is in charge. He is washing windows and fixing the jukebox.


Play C7 I dare you

Mom also mentions that the realtor gives her a great deal on the lakefront property due to the stories. She tells Jason that there was a party for a soldier who was coming home from war, but the day of his party they got a telegram saying he wasn’t coming. His girlfriend from across lake was coming in her canoe, but there was as a storm, and when the canoe washed up it was empty. Jason says that must be her the ghost. Mom walks away to go get her money.

Later when Jason is trying to fix C7,  Lisa goes into a trance. She is oddly enough reading the Ghastly Grinner comic that is in Betty Ann’s story of the same name, with an Ad for an Are You Afraid of the Dark? book. Subtle marketing AYOTD. Anyway, Lisa looks outside and sees a storm coming and says she must go warn her. I am assuming her is the ghost who likes music.


Playing C7


So Lisa goes to warn the ghost, Jason panics and he decides the ghost must want him to play C7. Jason is then transported to the welcome home party for Tommy.


This is Tommy

His friends and family are overjoyed to see him, he asks where Iris his girlfriend is because she promised to wait for him. The gueest do not say anything, but look sad and Tommy looks sad as well until Iris shows up.


It’s the girl from the window!

Iris walks over to Tommy and they hug. He tells her that he would always be waiting to dance to their song. Tommy and Iris dance together finally.



After they are done dancing everyone applauds and Iris thanks, Jason. They then turn and leave. Jason then runs into his mom and quickly remembers Lisa is missing, They find Lisa on the dock. She tells them that everything is ok. The girl and her boyfriend, aka Iris and Tommy, brought her back. Jason tells his mom his ideas for the main room of the guest house.


iris and tommy

We are then brought back to the campfire where Sam says “Nobody ever saw another ghost around the homestead inn, but Jason would always remember Tommy and Iris and the song from their past that finally brought them together. But memory was all he had because after that night Jason could never get C7 to play again.”


“So Tucker are you going to let Betty Ann help you?”- Sam

Tucker than chimes in, as he has remembered what he needed to tell the other members. Tucker says “That’s it!” Betty Ann, who is the only one to take an interest in Tucker says “What’s it?” Tucker says ” The thing I can’t remember. I heard there is a big storm coming tonight.” Kiki replies “Now you remember”.


“Sure, Betty Ann will you help me win Kiki’s heart?”- Tucker
“Yes I will help you for the low price of $25.00 CAD”- Betty Ann

The Gary quickly declares the meeting over as the members get drenched in rain. It is the second time it has rained on them, the first time was cutter treasure part 1.


“I declare this wet t-shirt contest a draw”- The Gary


Moira’s thoughts:


  1. This was a decent story, but was also rather bland I think the reason for this is that there is no villain.
  2. This is the second time the Midnight Society has gotten rained on, the first being The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure
  3. The kid who played Jason was also in The Tale of the Water Demons
  4. Betty Ann really took an interest in Tucker, I often wonder why we do not see more of the Midnight Society interactions after meetings, I feel that would be a good change.

So let’s give it up for Sam and her tale of a haunted jukebox in The Tale of C7. Up next is Tucker with The Tale of The Manaha.

I  would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credit: C7 Photos


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