Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 5 Episode 6: The Tale of Prisoners Past

“Don’t Move!”- The Gary

Season 5 is at the almost halfway point. Tonight Tucker is up. I want to say this was AYAOTD way of scaring kids straight. Also this has a guest star: Christoper Castile, from Step by Step fame and Bethoven. I wonder did AYAOTD asked ABC’s TGIF line up for guest stars, as the also had the Mowry Twins this season.

Tonight starts off like any other night, and at some point Tucker and Kiki became good friends. They walk into the clearing with his arm around her. That is until The Gary catches up to them and yells “Don’t move” to Tucker.

Before they became Facebook official

So Tucker does what any normal person would do, he runs or at least tries to runaway from The Gary. The Gary says to him “I can’t believe you blew me off.”  Kiki tries to lighten the mood and says “What’s with the paint Picasso?” I guess Kiki took art classes at school. Good for her.

“Dead man walking coming through.”= The Gary
“Gary you do know that Picasso cut his ear off right?”- Kiki

The Gary explains to Kiki that Tucker was suppose to help him pain the den and he never showed up, which meant The Gary had to paint solo and only finished 10 minutes prior to the meeting. If that’s the case, then you know they must be meeting on The Gary and Tucker’s property or else The Gary should be on the track team.

“Really you think I should join track?”- The Gary

Tucker apologizes and tells The Gary he got hung up. The Gary says “I’ll hang you up by your feet, you little –” Kiki wanting to see where the relationship with Tucker goes, says “Easy, boys, easy. Save it for home.”

“Yeah if you can run here in 10 minutes, then join track. It’s fun.”- Kiki

Then it cuts to the clearing where Stig is wringing out his nasty socks into the fire, Betty Ann and Sam are also there. They must have made up or are working on their friendship. Betty Ann says “I hate it when I step in water.” I am inclined to agree with her, I hate it also, the insides of my shoes get wet and then I get blisters on my feet. Stig says “Who says I stepped in water?”

“You know, they have machines that will dry clothes”- Betty Ann
“I’m being sassy tonight Sam. I’m going to tell it as it is, no more sugar coating from Betty Ann.”- Betty Ann

After Stig mentions it might not be water, this makes Betty Ann and Sam look at each other discussed.

“That’s kind of mean Betty Ann”- Sam

Then The Gary, Kiki and Tucker show up and Sam runs up The Gary excitedly and says “Yes absolutely I can’t wait!” The Gary has no clue what Sam is talking about, and Betty Ann breaks the sexual tension by asking one important question “What happened to you?” I honestly think Betty Ann is secretly jealous of the blossoming Sam and The Gary romance.

“I haven’t told him yet Sam.”- Tucker
“Hold up are you asking Sam out on a date?”- Betty Ann

Tucker breaks the awkwardness by saying, “He’ll tell you later, I want to start.” Stig asks The Gary if he wants to wipe up? and then throw him his wet sock. The Gary thanks him, until he realizes what it is and throws it back at Stig.

“WTF Stig this is a sock.”- The Gary

The Gary’s night has gone from bad to worse. Tucker is sitting on the storyteller’s chair tonight and he starts his build up “My story’s kind of fitting. It’s about 2 brothers that don’t get along. For a lot of reasons, but mostly because they’re so different from each other.” This prompts The Gary to say “Is tonight nonfiction night?” Tucker continues “And it’s about trust. It’s about knowing that when your’re in trouble and your back’s on the wall, you got to have somebody to rely on. And it may be the one person that you least expect.

“So you take a potato and you add bacon, cheese and sour cream.”- Tucker
“Kiki, you knew I had a crush on Gary.”- Betty Ann
“I had no idea Betty Ann”- The Gary

Then Tucker submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society and calls it The Tale of Prisoners Past

This episode starts off in a prison, they are recreating a prison riot. Tucker narrates “Jason and Scott were complete opposites. Jason was president of the chess club– small, smart and kind of a loner (I assume he’s The Gary). Scott was a jock– Big, tough, and popular (this is how Tucker views himself). They never had anything to do with each other, until Jason’s mother married Scott’s father. Big trouble.”

This is Jason. He is learning about life step by step

Jason is at the souvenir stand picking out something to take home. He is being indecisive about a t-shirt, when Scott walks over and decides for him and also decides Jason should buy a shirt for him as well.

This is Scott. I predict he will end up in a prison one day

This makes Jason angry and he demands that Scott give him, his money back. Then Jason says the best line in the entire episode, he says “Listen, jock itch, you stole half my room and I’m not going to let you steal half my money, too.” I bet Betty Ann can relate to this, but it would be to Sam and we would replace money with The Gary.

the prison tour group

Scott tells Jason all he has is $10, and he holds it up. At first Jason hesitates to take it, and then yanks it out of Scott’s hand at the last moment and runaways with it, with Scott following. They separate from the tour and end up finding this guy:

One-eye Jack

He says to them “I made one mistake in life — robbed a bank. But I done my time, and more.” The boys believe he is an actor and Scott asks him if he sell t-shirts as well. One-eye Jack then tries to get Jason to open the cell, and Scott does it. One-eyed Jack is happy to be free and then disappears. He orders the boys into the cell. They escape only for this to happen:

Oh shit it’s a ghost!

They runaway and are met with Mr. Clarence, who asks them where they have been. They reply “Mr. Clarence, there’s a guy– like a ghost– he had a patch–” Mr. Clarence isn’t interested in what they have to say, he tells them the bus is leaving with or without them on it.

Then in the middle of the night guess who makes an appearance, One-eyed Jack. He begs them to return to the prison.

Prefacebook people finding

The next day, they find articles about One-eyed Jack and learn that he has a daughter named Erma Briggs. They decide to go and find her to ask her questions about her father.

Irma Briggs

Once they find Irma, she tells them to get lost and to stay off her property. She says to them “Why can’t you let me live in peace? Where’s the patch over your eye, boy? Didn’t you bring it with you like all the others? Don’t you want a good laugh? ” (So many question and no answers)

Later that night, Jason mentions how he wishes his mother was there. Scott kind of teases him. Once again One-eyed Jack shows up, but this time he kidnaps Scott.

Oh shit kidnapped by a ghost

So Jason does the only thing he can do, he returns to the prison to find Scott. Once inside, Jason goes straight to One-eyed Jack’s cell, where he finds Scott. They get locked into the cell and Scott asks why Jason came to the prison. Jason says he was trying to save Scott. Scott ask him why and Jason says to prove that he isn’t a wimp.

Then they remember that One-eyed Jack escaped his cell, and they find a tunnel behind the toilet. They decide to use the same path to escape. Once in the tunnel they come face to face with this:

One-eyed Jack!

One-eyed Jack has been trapped in the vent for 50 years. He says ” No one herd me. No one even knew I was there–till now. Sorry for putting you though all that, boys.”  Then One-eyed Jack asks the boy to do him a favor, he wants them to tell his daughter what happened to him. The boys tell One-eyed Jack she won’t believe them, but he gives them a photo to prove to her that they are telling the truth. Then he thanks them and vanishes.

One-eyed Jack and his daughter

The next day, the boys return to Irma’s house and give her the photo. She is very happy to finally know what happened to her father.

Peace at last!

Then Tucker narrates the ending “After all those years One-eyed Jack’ daughter finally found out what happened to her father, and she too found some peace.” Irma thanks the boys and they leave, with Scott repaying Jason the $5.

Meanwhile back at the campfire, Tucker says “And Jason and Scott found that in spite of their differences…they really were brothers (just from different mothers).” Well this story impressed Kiki and Betty Ann.

“Cool Tucker”- Kiki

The Gary bitterly says “How sweet.” Then sensing the tension, Betty Ann and Kiki get up to leave. Presumably to get ice cream.

“Let’s get Ice Cream. Your Treat Kiki”- Betty Ann

Then Sam gets up and says “Saturday night– I can’t wait.” To which The Gary asks her “What is going on Saturday?”

“Get ready for Saturday”- Sam

Look looks disappointed at him and Tucker pull The Gary aside and says “We gotta talk.”

“Um right Saturday…”- The Gary

The Gary tells Tucker “You must have a death wish.”

“This better be good Tucker”- The Gary

Tucker then tells The Gary “I didn’t help you paint today ’cause I got stuck in line for 5 hours waiting to buy tickets.” The Gary inquires as to what tickets Tucker bought. Tucker pulls them out and says ” Happy Birthday.” He got The Gary tickets to Lollapalooza ( yes this does date this episode).

“Happy Birthday Gary, who you gonna take? Betty Ann or Sam?”- Tucker

Then Tucker explains the rest “And I told Sam you wanted to take her. I knew you’d be too chicken.” This leaves The Gary speechless and he says “Tucker, sometimes I want to wring your neck, but other times I wonder what I’d do without you.” Then Stig puts out the fire.

Moira’s Thoughts:

This episode was good as I felt the story mirror what was happening around the campfire. I liked that you can see who The Gary is in the story (Jason) and who the Tucker is (Scott). It was also refreshing to not really have a villain. I think this story showcases Tucker’s theme in his stories.

  1. I really enjoyed the Midnight Society in this story. There was drama, but it wasn’t over the top.
  2. I really liked how the One-eyed Jack story and how it had closure at the end.
  3. This story really sets the tone for the rest of Tucker’s stories in the series.
  4. This was really the beginning of The Gary and Sam love story line of will they or won’t they get together.
  5. Kiki and Tucker seemed to have gotten close, which makes me think she is closer in age to Tucker than The Gary.

Overall great story tonight for our boy, Tucker. Let’s give him a hand for his story:  The Tale of Prisoners Past”. Up next is Sam and her tale: The Tale of C7. Which is about a haunted jukebox!

As always…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), Blog number 6 of Season 5.

Photo credit: Photo The screen shots are bad since I took them off my screen on my Iphone

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