Midnight Society Tribute: Frank Moore

“So what’s your problem? You’re kind of gross and boring too.”- Frank

I do not normally write a tribute blog to the members of the Midnight Society who leave, but I felt since Frank made it to almost the entire series run, he deserves a tribute blog. So let’s break Frank down from season 1 to 4 and watch as he grows from tough-guy newbie, into a somewhat mature teenager.

Season 1

Frank plays a big role in season 1, not only is he the first one to tell a story (on screen), but we get to see the ins and outs of how the Midnight Society is run and the basic rules. In Season 1 Frank introduced us to one of his original characters; Dr. Vink, who is totally not a nut-bag but possibly a pedophile. However I think Dr. Vink is just an eccentric millionaire who is misunderstood.

His first and only tale of season 1
Dr. Vink with Denny and Buzz
A young Frank being guided by a prepubescent David.

Let’s not forget the Midnight Society version 1.0

L to R: The Gary, Eric, Betty Ann, Kiki and Kristen

Frank’s first story was good. It was a great set up for what we as an audience would come to expect from Are You Afraid of the Dark? as a series. Frank’s stories only grew for the most part from this point on. Also Frank is what brings everyone together is you really think about it. I’ll get more into that later.

Season 2

Frank told us two stories in season 2, one of which was on his anniversary. The first story he told us has a familiar character, Dr. Vink. In this story, The Tale of Midnight Madness, Dr. Vink offers a struggling movie theater one of his movies. The movie is a classic vampire story of Nosferatu, which uses some decent effects in the episode. The vampire basically terrorizes the patrons of the theater. I have to say it was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.

Frank’s second story


Nosferatu and Dr.Vink

Frank’s second and last story of season 2, also happens to be his anniversary episode. It is the tale of the Full Moon. This tale is about a boy who really wants a dog, and in the end not only does he get one, he also gets a step-father. I liked the ending with the Midnight Society as they came off as being cannibals. They mentioned how it was a special night and they has planned a surprise for Frank, roasted frank. Frank kind of freaks out (even thought he has known them for a year), but Kiki is quick to point out they are talking about frankfurters as in hotdogs.

Full moon

Roasting franks over an open fire, while the Gary has forgotten the buns

Season 3:

In this season Frank fell head over heels for Betty Ann’s friend Sam. He got some competition in the most unlikely person, The Gary. While both competed for Sam’s love and the chance to date her, Frank came up with some a great story. He only told us one, but it was great and it had Neve Campbell before she was famous for Scream, and Dr. Vink makes his third appearance in the series.

dangerous soup

dangerous soup 8
That time Frank finally admitted to the gang he was the only whose afraid of the dark.
dangerous soup 6
That time Tucker “almost” got thrown into the fire

Season 4:

This was Frank’s last season. The economy in Eastern Canada wasn’t doing so hot and his family decided it was time to head West, to Vancouver. Frank wouldn’t get to say goodbye to his friends, instead he left The Gary to do it, when the meetings commenced after the summer break. Frank, along with The Gary told one of my all time favorite stories during the series, The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure. This episode has it all, Dr. Vink (who is now a hairdresser), Sardo and Pirates! Not only did Frank tell the season opening story, he also got to close the series with his last story, The Tale of Train Magic. I think it’s fitting that he went out on top.

“Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, We call this story…”- The Gary and Frank
“Relax not everybody *runs* on the same schedule as you.”- Frank

I really like the tale of Train Magic as I felt it was a good story to end on for Frank. It was his way of saying to the rest of the members, hey I look at you all as my family.

Frank is the glue

I mentioned earlier that Frank is the glue that holds the Midnight Society together, as this is why I think it is so, Frank is first introduced as an inductee in the first episode. The Gary tells us briefly about the Midnight Society and how they go to different schools, but that has to be a somewhat false statement. Think about it, in what city would there be 4 different Junior high/ High schools within walking distance of each other? There cannot be unless Canada has very strange school borders, therefore I think this is what The Gary meant:

We all go to different school (some of us go to one the rest of us go to the other). The reason I came to this conclusion, is because Frank knows David, possibly from school, and it revealed in season 2, that both Betty Ann and Frank have the same homeroom teacher (and therefore both Betty Ann and David go to the same school as well). We can also conclude from this episode that it is possible that the first couple members of the Midnight Society were in fact: The Gary, Betty Ann and David. Each one sponsoring a new member. The Gary bringing Eric and Kiki and David bringing both Kristen and Frank.

Thus without Frank we wouldn’t know as much as we would about the Midnight Society. Frank also became good friends with both Kiki and Betty Ann, hanging out with them outside of meetings, for example that fateful trip to the movies, where both Frank and Kiki were pissed at Betty Ann, but ultimately made up with her in the end.

Frank also proved to have a healthy appetite for competition, especially if it was involving Sam. Ever since he met Sam, Frank wanted to date her, he took several approaches, from being chauvinist, to finally in the end just being up front and honest and asking her out on a date. While it appeared to be working, due to his moving to Western Canada (Vancouver), The Gary got the girl in the end.

Thank you Frank Moore the Midnight Society was lucky to have you as a member. You will be missed. And Jason Alisharan if you by any chance see this, shot me an email, I would also like to interview you!


I would like to interview *Cough* Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther *cough* for this blog. If this blog becomes big enough and word get out, I am hoping that it may someday happen. However I would also be happy with a comment from one or all three in the comments section, but in order for that to happen, I need people to tweet this blog out to them. Lets make my dream happen, together anything is possible.



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