Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Season 4 Rewind

AWWW Season 4


Well like all good things, they must end. End it did, Season 4 was a great one wasn’t it? Full of surprises. Lets break down this rewind shall we?


A list of Awesome guest stars:

Will Friedle- The Tale of the Long Ago Locket

Tyler Labine- Tale of the Silent Servant

Melissa Altro and Walter Massey- Tale of the Room for Rent

Amos Crawley- The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner

Jewel Staite- The Tale of the Unfinished Painting

Gregory Smith- The Tale of Train Magic

Not a lot of guest stars this season, but lots of great acting. Now lets talk top 5 episodes and honorable mentions: 1= best 5= must watch

  1. The Tale of Cutters Treasure (both parts)
    1. Reason: An Episode with both Sardo and Dr. Vink as told by The Gary and Frank, need I say more?
  2. The Tale of the Silent Servant
    1. Reason: I really liked the Midnight Society in this episode. I thought it brought a realness to the episode.
  3. The Tale of Train Magic
    1. Reason: I really like trains and this is Frank’s last episode
  4. The Tale of the Quiet Librarian
    1. Reason: This was a different kind of creepy and I feel it is one of the darkest episodes of the entire series.
  5. The Tale of The Unfinished Painting
    1. Reason: It has a headhunter and she is cray cray.

Looking forward with Season 5:

“I hope you shower Stig”- Kiki


This season was great, but also sad as we lost Frank due to the economic crisis of Eastern Canada. His family had no choice but to move. Lets all take a moment to remember Frank Moore and his awesomeness. Let us never forget the character he created for the first ever episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Dr. Vink with a Vvv, who is totally not a nut-bag, but an eccentric millionaire

Prepubescent Frank Moore
Puberty was kind to Frank Moore



Season 5 we gain another member, this one is an outcast named Stig, which I think is short for Stigmatism or Stigmata. He is apparently known to Kiki and our girl hates him, but he has a crush on her.

He is not Frank Moore

As always let’s give it up for season 4, and give Frank a round of applause for his run as a Midnight Society Member.

I would like to interview *Cough* Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther *cough* for this blog. If this blog becomes big enough and word get out, I am hoping that it may someday happen. However I would also be happy with a comment from one or all three in the comments section, but in order for that to happen, I need people to tweet this blog out to them. Lets make my dream happen, together anything is possible.


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