Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 11: The Tale of the Unfinished Painting

“Having fun guys?”- Betty Ann

Tonight (or in my case early afternoon) Tucker is up, but alas young Tucker is having writers block! So Big brother The Gary is stepping up to the plate to tells us a story instead. Come and gather around the campfire as we learn about the evils of inspiration. Also shout-out to M&Ms for creating caramel flavor, it is the best new candy out there!

The night starts out like any other night. Frank and Sam are making the fire, while Kiki instructions them on the proper way to stack the logs.

“Good, make sure there is enough oxygen for it to burn, but not enough to go out.”- Kiki

Then the Gary swiftly comes into the clearing, but someone from the bushes calls to him (I wonder who it could be). It is Tucker! The Gary asks Tucker “What’s the matter?” Tucker confesses to him “I still haven’t come up with a story.” Not sure why Tucker thought he should hide in the bushes, but I’ll give him a pass on that this time. Tucker continues “I’m empty, blank, drained…” Then The Gary says “Hallow, shallow, brainless?” Tucker is full on panicking.

“Tonight is the night of the surprise for Betty Ann right?”- Tucker

But The Gary tells Tucker that he is trying too hard and he just needs to relax.  Then The Gary reveals that he knew Tucker was having trouble and tells him to go next week.

“Shhh no it’s next week Tucker! Remember its a surprise.”- The Gary

Just as The Gary finishes reassuring Tucker that everything will work out, ninja in training and Canadian break dancing champion, Betty Ann appears and says “Having fun guys?”

“Guys did you have fun at my competition last night?”- Betty Ann

Tucker nervously says “No. I mean yeah…” Betty Ann kind of shakes her head like she knew she was going to have to deal with bullshit tonight. I think she more or less just wanted to have a normal meeting like they use to have before the changes happened.

“Uh can you teach me to break dance?”- Tucker

They all enter the clearing, and then Kiki asks who is up tonight, Sam replies “Tucker right?” To which Frank says “It better be good.” Then The Gary cuts Frank off and says “Tuck, I know this is unusual but would you mind if I go tonight instead?” Tucker says “when inspiration hits you gotta go with it.”  Then they seek approval from the gang and they are all like Okay! Tucker goes and sits next to Kiki. They all intensely at The Gary. The Gary then submits his story as The Tale of the Unfinished Painting.

We are introduced to Cody who is an artist. She is sitting in a park, that kind of looks like Stanley Park in Vancouver BC or Queen Elizabeth park.

This is Cody, artist with a lack of inspiration currently

She complains to her brother Lucas about how she is lacking inspiration by asking what he sees. Lucas replies a tree, and she says that is the problem, all she sees is a tree.  Then she says something about drawing lines, Lucas reassures her she is talented.

Anyway the next day (or at least I am assuming it is the next day) Cody is sitting on another bench at a park, probably in North Vancouver BC based on the fact she appears to be near water. When she hears someone saying “Hello” and she turns around to find this girl:

She likes Cody but is playing hard to get

Cody inquires about drawing her picture, but before she can finish her sentence the girl takes off, dropping her hat along the way. Cody follows her to an art studio called The Hunter gallery. Cody goes inside and looks at the paintings, where she meets this lady:

Mrs. Briar
Mrs. Briar

Cody tells her the little girl who came inside dropped the hat (But she looked like a teenager to me so yeah…). Mrs. Briar looks around and notices there is no little girl, but promises to keep the hat in case she comes by. Also part of me was hopping Dr. Vink or Sardo would make an appearance in this episode, but I guess I hope too much.

Cody is impressed with Mrs. Briar’s paintings and tells her she wishes she had her talent. She also explains that she is going throw a block. Then Mrs. Briar shows her some unfinished paintings. Cody being the smart girl she is, questions Mrs. Briar how she knew her name, but Briar doesn’t answer her question. She offers Cody a chance at finishing a painting. Cody looks around and Mrs. Briar goes and reprimands Jenna for using her own brush.

“Inspirations comes from the artist, not from tools”- Mrs. Briar

Then Cody finish a painting that she likes, and walks over to it. She impersonates the pose and get sucked into the painting, before Mrs. Briar comes by again asking her if she is okay. Mrs. Briar also offer to let Cody finish the painting, and tells her Jenna is finishing one up now. Cody agrees to finish the painting.

Cody’s painting

Mrs. Briar tells Cody she can start tomorrow and Cody is very happy. Mrs. Briar also tells Cody that she must work in the studio so she can help her. After Cody leaves Mrs. Briar walks over to her wooden cupboard and this happens:

“Another lamb has wondered our way.”- Mrs. Briar

She curses a paint brush to give to Cody. The next morning, Cody arrives and Mrs. Briar tells Cody she prefers it if she uses her simple brush, and gives her the same speech she gave to Jenna earlier and goes to get Cody some paint. Cody then paints, but soon realizes she needs more and wanders off to get some, where she opens the cupboard and sees this:

Shunken head
Its Mrs. Briar’s ex-husband

Cody just kind of laughs it off, but I would have been like this is a major red flag, I need to GTFO of here now! Cody sees other brushes and touches them, and has like a flashback to the painter of the painting. Later that day while sleeping on a bench on a part, she has a dream, where the girl from the painting warns her not to finish her painting or she will be trapped.

She wakes up on the ground, where Lucas finds her and he kind of yells at her. But he does offer her words of advise, when she tells him, that she is having second thoughts about working on the painting.

I like your art.

The next day Jenna finishes her painting, and Mrs. Briar forces her to sign it. Once Jenna does she is absorbed into the painting.



Cody inquires about the painting and asks if it is the one Jenna was working on, Mrs. Briar quickly says no and that Jenna will not becoming back. Mrs. Briar is a horrible liar, she also tells Cody to hurry up and finish her painting.

While working on her painting, Cody notices the painting from her dream and finally puts two and two together and she is forced to also sign her painting, and she too gets sucked into it. Then Lucas come into the art gallery looking for Cody, who had called him earlier, asking where his sister is. Mrs. Briar tells him she doesn’t know of a Cody and goes out back to burn the painting. Lucas follows Mrs. Briar outside, as as he does, Cody breaks her paint brush and is released from the painting.

I am immortal!

Once Cody is free, she goes to the cupboard to release the others from their paintings.

“It’s the brushes”

Then Mrs. Briar turns into the little girl from earlier and tries to seduce Lucas, who is kind of creep out. The head talks to Cody and tells her to become a hunter. Then Cody throws the paint brushes into the fire.


Jenna comes back and asks Cody who Mrs. Briar was, and Cody answers she doesn’t think they will ever know.

The Gary then narrates ” Cody’s artist block soon vanished because she was able to draw inspiration from all the spirits she freed from their living nightmares. The end.”

“Remember guys, next week…”

Tucker is impressed and says “Nice job.” Betty Ann says “cool.” Kiki says “So you going next week?” (well actually Kiki your going next week).

“Don’t forget the cake for next week”- Tucker

Tucker says “absolutely.” The Gary then grabs the water bucket and declares the meeting over.

“I’m bringing the beer and pizza right?”- Frank

Then Tucker turns to big Bro The Gary and says “I owe you one.” The Gary responds with “No problem, you gonna be okay for next week?” Tucker says “Yeah because Kiki is up!” Okay Tucker doesn’t really say that, what he does say is “I think so, I just gotta look around for some inspiration, what made you think of that story?” The Gary responds with “You.” Tucker says “Get out of here.” The Gary says “I am serious, you were having trouble being creative and I saw a story there.” Tucker thinks it is awesome and the they walk home together. It is kind of a sweet moment between them.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I liked how The Gary got his inspiration for this story and the way it played out. I feel this episode has a shift in characteristics for Tucker and The Gary. They are both kind of caring towards one another.

  1. The villain was okay, but I think it would have been cool to see Dr. Vink own an art studio or maybe Sardo selling magical paint brushes that open the portal to hell.
  2. I guess I am continuing with the break dancing story line within the captions of the photos.
  3. It was nice how Kiki was pulling for Tucker, I really wonder what their friendship story is and it intriguing to me.
  4. The inspiration for this blog today was that I had a weird dream that Ross Hull told me my blog was mean, however in the same dream Cinnabon told me I was also mean and I woke up really confused.

So this was a good story about inspiration as told by our fearless leader The Gary in The tale of the Unfinished Painting. Up next is our girl Kiki, who dresses up for the occasion in her Sunday best for her story: The Tale of the Closet Keepers (which is not a coming out story, just thought I would put that out there since it is pride month).

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), Blog 11 of Season 4

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credit: All story photos


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