Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 11: The Tale of The Fire ghost

“Are you sure you locked it?”- The Gary

Tonight Tucker is up for storytelling. His story is about fire, which could go two ways, it could be awesome or lame. This is also an episode I do not remember watching when it aired on TV, the original air date was December 10th. I think when I missed episodes, it was due to the fact that I spent my summers in Hawaii, so there was a chance I watched a lot of reruns. Anyway lets get settled in with our lilikoi passion juice and some fried spam as we watch Tucker’s story: The Tale of the Fire Ghost.

There is tension in the air tonight as Kiki and Sam are having a verbal disagreement.

“I did not take the last piece of cake from the cafeteria!”- Sam

The Gary walks by and asks Sam if she is sure she locked her locker, to which she says she is sure, but her face tells me she is uncertain. Also I really like Kiki’s hat, it’s a nice change from her usual bright orange see you from 2 miles away hat.

“Sam, Kiki it’s Okay, my mom made us special brownies”- The Gary

Anyway Frank walks in at this point, and sits down next to the only sane person around the fire, Betty Ann. He inquires as to what is going on between Sam and Kiki.

“I’m meditating to get ready for my break dancing competition this week.”- Betty Ann

Betty Ann says “Kiki loaned Sam her favorite sweater, but it got stolen out of Sam’s locker.” This makes me think that sweater were popular in Canada back than because who the hell steals a sweater? That is just lame. Anyway Sam and Kiki continue to exchange angry words and Tucker comes in. The Kiki says the best line ever, she says “Sorry doesn’t get my sweater back.” This makes me think, this sweater must be magical.

“Look why don’t we just carpool to Betty Ann’s competition next week?”- Kiki

When Tucker arrives with the water bucket, he trips, while asking what is going on. This causes him to spill the water (mostly on Kiki) and causes Frank and Betty Ann to laugh at his expense.

“We all fall down, like toy soldiers”- Markita

The Gary responds with “Nice work graceful.” To which Tucker says “It was an accident.”

“I’ve decided on a stage name for my break dancing career. I’ll be known as Uptown Betty Ann.”- Betty Ann

Then The Gary and Tucker fight, along with Sam and Kiki still yelling at each other. Frank gets into the action. This all becomes too much for Betty Ann, who presumably is having flash backs to her childhood when her parents and or sibling would fight, so she stands up and whistles (I wonder if Raine Pare-Coull can whistle like that is in real-life).

“This must stop, too many memories from childhood.”- Betty Ann

They stop once she does this, and she thanks them and tells them “Why don’t we all settle down and start the meeting.” This proves that Betty Ann has to put up with everyone’s bullshit. They have never asked her how her day is going or if she has any problems, she is merely there to be peace making. The Gary than turns to Tucker and says “Okay bucket boy, your up.”

“Guys there is enough room in my van for you all, I can give you a ride to my competition next week.”- Betty Ann

After they take their seats, Tucker starts, he says “It might be kind of hard to cool down because my story has to do with fire. Look at our fire, it’s got a life of it’s own; give off light and heat and makes a nice warm crackling sound. But given the chance it can cause horrible destruction. I’m not talking about the damage it can do while it’s burning, I’m talking about the damage it can do after it’s put out. (They all look him like he is crazy, especially Sam). Then Tucker grabs the Midnight Dust (or the bones of Eric who went missing after season 1 without any explanation) and submits his story as: The Tale of the Fire Ghost.

The story begins with people walking in fire station and pulling the alarm. I just want to point out that pulling a false alarm is a federal offense. They are throwing a surprise party for Jimmy and Roxy’s dad. Jimmy is angry at his dad since his parents has split up. Jimmy’s mom works at a hospital.

This is Jimmy, he has daddy issues

The men at the station mention something about a fire ghost. The dad is all like don’t listen to them. Jimmy really lets his dad have it and tells his dad that he is never around and it is his fault.

This is Roxy, she got her dad a nose ring for his birthday

Anyway halfway through the party, the guys get called out for a fire. Jimmy is disappointed. Roxy picks up the phone to call their mom, but the phone is dead. Then they approached by this guy:

Jake Griffin, he watches the place when the other are gone.

The kids ask Jake if he has heard of the fire ghost. He warns them about the fire ghost. Jake tells them not to look directly into the flame. Roxy doesn’t believe Jake. The kids eventually end up going upstairs and Jimmy asks his sister who she thinks is to blame for their parents break up. She tells him to let it go.

Roxy falls asleep and Jimmy goes around the fire station and runs into a fire in the equipment room and his candle does this weird pyrotechnic thing. Then the phone rings and the guy on the other end sounds like Billy Baxter from the tale of the phone police and says “Jimmy your the son of a murder, and your time has come.” Jimmy tells Roxy he doesn’t think they are alone and then the hose grabs Jimmy by the leg. They get chased by a fireman who attacks them with an axe and run up stairs looking for Jake.

But the fireman turns out to be Jake. He tells them he wants them to get out fast and Roxy asks Jake how he knows so much about ghost, to which Jake says it takes one to know one and then disappears.  When they run outside, they run into this guy:

He is not up for tom foolery

They bring the officer into the station to check it out and to see if anyone is there. But they do not find anyone and he doesn’t believe them. The officer forces them into the equipment room, because he doesn’t want to babysit them. He get very angry and aggressive and then turns into this:

It’s the fire ghost!

Then he disappears and Jake finds them and tells the kids, that the fire ghost is full of ticks. He says that he is disappointed at Jimmy since he looked at the flames. Jimmy has to put out the fire. Jake explains who he is and he died that recusing a woman. Jake says that is where the fire ghost came from and the firefighter who was with him was Jimmy and Roxy’s dad.

They set a trap to get the fire ghost with Jimmy as bate. The fire ghost comes out of hiding and keeping telling Jimmy that he is a son of a murder and it is his time. The fire ghost basically says he is going to kill Jimmy and then the fire fighters. Roxy pull an extinguisher on the fire ghost, but it doesn’t work and they do not know why. The fire ghost and Jake have beef. Jimmy says “I don’t like fire.” The ghost says “I am fire!”

Then the fire ghost does this:

He is flaming!

When this happens it causes this to also happen:

Water + Fire = No more fire ghost

Jimmy and Roxy saved the fire station. Jake turns off the sprinkler and says his job is done. Then the fire fighters return and the dad asks Jimmy and Roxy what has happened, but all they do is run up and hug him. Then we are shown this:

In memory

Tucker than narrates “The fire ghost was never seen at the station again and Jimmy and Roxy started spending a lot more time with their dad. The end.” Frank says “nice job bucket boy.”

“Here is the money I owe you from when you bought me tacos last Tuesday”- Sam

Then Sam gets up and so does Kiki. Sam says “I was going to give you this before but, we started yelling at each and well here.” Sam hands money to Kiki, but it looks like it was only $3.00. Sam continues “It was my fault that your sweater got stolen and I hope that’s enough to buy you a new one.”

“Your short by about $6.00”- Kiki

Kiki is touched by this gesture and says “Well it wasn’t all your fault, let’s split it. Friends?” Sam smiles and says “Friends.” Then Frank has to go and ruin the moment by saying ” Oh how cute.” Kiki tells him “Get bent.” As Kiki, Sam, Frank and Betty Ann leave the clearing.

“Do you think Betty Ann will like the surprise we are planning for her?”- The Gary

The Gary and Tucker are left, and The Gary says to Tucker “now what?” To which Tucker says “We’ll throw dirt on it, no big deal.” They start throwing dirt and the fire goes out. Tucker says “See it dead already.” To which The Gary says “Yeah not a bad idea.” Then they leave. But the fire is it really dead?

Smokey the bear is disappointed in you The Gary!

Moira’s Thoughts:

This was a decent episode. I liked that there were two ghosts. I also liked the back story about Jake. However I felt that the ending was rushed. I wished the fire ghost got more screen time as the fire ghost.

  1. I liked the conflicts within the Midnight Society in this episode.
  2. I think Betty Ann felt conflicted between Sam and Kiki.
  3. This makes me wonder if Kiki transferred schools or if she moved into the same area as Frank, Betty Ann and Sam and now attends the same school.
  4. What is the obsession with Canadian teens and sweaters, I just do not get it.

Let’s give it up for Tucker and his story about how fires can burn in more ways than one in his story: The Tale of the Fire Ghost. Up next is our dear leader The Gary with his story about inspiration called: The Tale of the Unfinished Painting.

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 11 of Season 4.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: All episode photos but Midnight Society


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