Are You Afraid Of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 8: The Tale of the Room for Rent

“”He’s not coming. did he call you?”- Sam

Tonight (and for once it is actually nite, almost tomorrow) Sam is up for her last story of season 4. This story is also about love and not putting off telling someone something important. So the title is strangely misleading, as I thought it would be about a ghost who tries to rent random rooms in a haunted community, but whatever it is her story not mine. So get in the car, drive to your nearest 7-Eleven get a Jones Soda (I always gravitate towards green apple or fufu berry) and a bag of smoked Gouda chips, as we indulge Sam into thinking her story is scary, you want to know what is scary about renting? Waiting to for the people to leave so you can turn in their completed paperwork and take the night off!

The night starts with the gang minus Kiki in the clearing. Sam is by herself writing her grandmother a birthday card.

“Come on Betty Ann tell me again about how you won your competition?” Tucker “I am too tired to keep retelling that story, Tucker.” Betty Ann
Dear Grandma, Sorry I almost forgot your Birthday. Frank sends his love

I wonder why Sam is writing in pencil, does anyone else remember those pencils? They were cool until you lost a lead and couldn’t write anymore. Anyway eventually Kiki shows up out of breath, because running?

“Alright I successfully snuck out of the house, lets get going before my parents realize I am gone and I get grounded again.”- Kiki

Tucker asks who is up tonight, and Sam says she is up. Frank gets impatient with her and says “Yo lets get with the program.” Sam tells him “Hold on I am almost finished.” Then The Gary chimes in and says “You kind of said that five minutes ago.” But Sam ignores him and continues writing until she is done. They all look kinda pissed at Sam and tired. Once finished Sam goes to sit in the storytellers chair. She says to them “Sorry my Grandmother’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been putting off writing that card for weeks.”

“Sam your always so busy, it’s like you don’t want to hang out anymore or come to my break dancing competitions.”- Betty Ann

Betty Ann decides to stir the pot and says “How come?” almost like she is saying “Why did you blow me off last week Sam?” Sam responds with “I’ve been very busy, I do volunteer work down at the library and hospital and I just kind  of forgot.” Then Frank shares some wisdom with the group “I hear you, why do what you have to today, when you can put off until tomorrow.” But Sam realizes that Frank missed the point of what she was saying, and replies “No, it’s never good to leave something undone. Because you never know if your going to get a chance to finish it.” Frank shares more wisdom “Uh nothings so important it can’t wait.” I can think of something Frank taxes, if you wait on them, you go to Federal prison. Sam responds with “that’s not true, what if there was something really important that you had to do? But something big kept you from doing it.” Frank takes the bait and says “like what?” Sam says “Like maybe death… (then all the members kind of look around at each other. I’ve never understood that part, why they stare intensely at one another.) Always say what you have to say, and do what you have to do, because if you don’t, you may not get a second chance (If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Sam may have written the John Mayer song “Say”). Then she submits her story for the approval of the Midnight Society and calls it: The Tale of the Room for Rent.

So Sam narrates “Jessie Dickson was the kind of girl who liked to keep busy. She did a lot of volunteer work in town and she took all sorts of odd jobs. Taking care of Miss Simpsons yard was one of them. Sarah Simpson lived alone and most people in town thought she was a little bit eccentric. Jessie lived with her Grandpa Samuel. They were good buddies so long as Jessie didn’t track mud into the house or leave the windows open in the rain. Grandpa Samuel had been a little sick, so he move his bed down stairs. .”

Jessie Meet Jessie

Miss Simpson is some kind of psychic who also does hand readings. Jessie finishes her yard work and tries to go get payment from Miss Simpson, but she can’t since Simpson is in the middle of a session.

Miss Simpson, for the right price she will tell you your future!

Jessie gets home and her grandpa, show her the arts and craft project he has been working on a room for rent sign. Jessie is disappointed and doesn’t want a stranger living with them. But grandpa need to bring money in, so renting a room it is!

Meet Alex, she is kind of annoying

Jessie’s friend Alex comes over and they going to some kind of monster movie that night. On the way home, Jessie stops by Miss Simpson’s house to collect her lawn money, only to find the house all dark, but decked out in candles (looks like someone has a hot date tonight!). Moments later a man comes out of her ceiling and walks through the wall and outside. Jessie and Alex scream and run to Jessie’s house to tell Grandpa.

The room is big!


Once back home they tell Grandpa what they saw, he of course doesn’t believe them. They all go to bed and the next morning the man from Miss Simpson’s house appears and wants to rent the room. He tells grandpa his name is John Browning.

“I don’t drink…tea.”

He kind of gives Jessie an odd look, and she reluctantly shows him the room for rent. As she leaves the room, she see the man try to grab a photo, but his hand goes right through it. Alex and Jessie go over to Simpson’s house and they ask her about the man coming from her ceiling. She explains it is a ritual done by psychics. The girls try to convince Simpson to come over, but there is too much sexual tension for her to come over. The man moves into the house and later that night this happens:

“A fresh human body”

The girls disturb the ghost in action and he turns to them, they run up stairs and he follows them. He slips through the door and tells them not to get into his way. Turns out the ghost in question is an ex-boyfriend of Sarah’s named Jacob. He was in the army with Grandpa Samuel and is seeking revenge for his death, as he believes Grandpa was responsible for it. Then Jessie sees some photos on Miss Simpsons fire place and the pieces fall into place.

The good ‘Ol days

The next night Jacob in grandpa’s body comes over to Sarah’s house. Sarah calls Jessie and asks her why Grandpa is standing outside her house. Jacob as Grandpa tells her that they could finally be together. Jessie begs him to let grandpa go as it wasn’t his fault he died. Jacob doesn’t believe her, but Jessie tells him it is in Samuel’s journal.

Jacob is reluctant, but decides to go back, as he leaves he tells Sarah that he will always love her, and Sarah finally tells him that she fell in love with someone else, Samuel. As Jacob leaves, Samuel comes to in the arms of Sarah.

“Lets make out Samuel”- Sarah

Then Sam says “Grandpa and Miss Simpsons renewed their love affair. Proving that it’s never too late for true love to be rekindled. The End.” Kiki says “good story.” Maybe Kiki is secretly a hopeless romantic.

“I hope I didn’t miss out on love due to my break dancing practice schedule.”- Betty Ann

Betty Ann has a grimmer take on the story and says “But it’s sad. They lost so many years together.” Maybe she is thinking about her unrequited love of The Gary. Sam responds with “They nothing is ever lost, it just comes back in a different way.” Then The Gary declares the meeting over and puts out the fire. And Sam stand up and announces that she has to get the card in the mail and bails on them. Then they all leave.

“Bye losers!”- Sam

Moira’s Thoughts:

Wow this episode took me a long time to summarize, and I think it is because I really do not care for Sam’s stories and in order to watch or summarize them, I have to be in the correct mood. It is nothing against Sam or the actress Joana Garcia, I am just not into love stories as a scary story, it doesn’t work for me.

  1. I liked the characters in the story. Miss Simpsons was cool and I am surprised that Sam did not do a follow up story called the Tale of the House for Rent.
  2. Kiki appears to be a hopeless romantic, which shows a different side to her character. Also I wonder what took her so long to show up, was she eating dinner and lost track of the time?
  3. Betty Ann seemed sad at the ending and she also appears to be a hopeless romantic. Maybe she thought of her grandparents during the story.
  4. Sam has really bad hand writing and why did she use a pencil? Everyone knows that you need to use a pen!

I hope you enjoyed the Sam’s tale of a renewed love affair between two geriatrics in her story: The Tale of the Room for Rent. Up next is our last Betty Ann story of season four, which features a classic character, in her story: The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner.

On a side note, you all should check out Big Orange Couch it’s a podcast about 90’s Nickelodeon shows. You can also follow them on Twitter, tell them I sent ya!

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog number 8 of Season 4.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo Credits: title card Jessie Grandpa Alex The Simpson Ghost boyfriend old times haunting  Sara and Gramps together at last!


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