Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 7: The Tale of the Silent Servant

“Silence is power. The power of the unknown, the unspoken. It can be a blessing – a welcome moment of peace. Or it can be evil. The trick is to know when to welcome it, and when to be very afraid.”- Betty Ann

Wow we are a little over halfway done with this season, can you believe it? It is cool and sad at the same time, since we will say goodbye to Frank and obtain a new member for the final season of the original series. Anyway, I have noticed a trend among this seasons themes and I don’t know if it is intentional or just a coincidence, but the theme I am noticing is Silence. Kiki was all about silence in the quiet librarian and tonight Betty Ann is using silence in her story, but it is more or a less a moral lesson she is giving to Kiki and Frank. So let’s get ready for our first Betty Ann story of the season by eating the fried chicken and drinking the tang.

The night starts with The Gary and Sam being cuddly near the fire. Tucker is on the storyteller’s chair reading what appears to be blue prints to a building or possibly a comic book. The Gary and Sam are poking the fire with sticks.

The Gary was impressing Sam with his fire making skills.

Then Frank and Kiki arrive. Frank says “figures she’s not here.” Kiki says “She’s probably too afraid to face us.”

“You guys, we just saw Betty Ann practicing for her big break dancing competition and she can really bring it!”- Kiki

Sam and The Gary are confused and ask some clarifying questions, meanwhile Tucker is in his own world. Sam says “What are you guys talking about?”

“No way? I knew I should have tried to go see her practice”- The Gary

Kiki replies “Betty Ann.” The Gary says with concern “What did she do?” Almost like he thinks they are going to say “She robbed a liquor store.” But remember this is Betty Ann and she lives by strict morals. Betty Ann is walking alone tonight and must have super good hearing as she replies to The Gary and says angrily “She wouldn’t let her friends sneak into a movie.” I have to say this is the first time we see Betty Ann with a backbone and it is refreshing to know that even the kindest Midnight Society member has a breaking point and gets angry. And props to Betty Ann for referring to herself in third person.

” We should all road trip it to watch her at Nationals in Toronto.”- Frank

Frank and Kiki kind of roll their eyes at her when she  arrives. Frank says “we’re coming out of one movie theater and the next one is right there. The door was open we’re in.” Then Betty Ann speaks up and says “But I didn’t want to do it.” Kiki continues with “So she yells out, Hey guys this the way out. The usher sees us bang were dead.” Then Frank coldly says “If you didn’t want to go, you should have stayed quiet.”

The Gary and Sam don’t want to take sides, but feel they ought to be loyal to Betty Ann since she is the reason they are together. Plus they want free tickets to the movies and her break dancing competition.

Hmm if they want me to take a side, it is kind of difficult at this point. I understand where Betty Ann is coming from on a moral perspective, but at the same time the movie theater would have it in their accounting to account for a loss (If we take the average price of a ticket which is approximately $10.45 CAD and multiply it by 2 the theater stands to lose $20.90 CAD, but if Frank and Kiki get concessions, it more than make up for the cost of their tickets). However Betty Ann is also dressed like she might be a movie theater usher, with her dark blouse, pants and sparkle gold vest, so maybe she was afraid of getting fired?

“Thank for coming to my practice guys, do you think I have a chance?”- Betty Ann

Also look at the glare Betty Ann is giving Frank, it is almost like she wants to punch him.

“It really means a lot to me that you’re coming to watch the competition next weekend.”- Betty Ann

Well Betty Ann has had enough of this and moves to the side and says “I’m not so sure about that. I really thought it was wrong. So I had a choice, should I stand up for what’s right or stay silent? ”

“I am so beat from practice guys. I just hope I place within the top 3 break dancers in Canada.”- Betty Ann

Tucker isn’t having it and doesn’t want to know about Betty Ann’s personal life and says “I hope this is about your story.”

“Don’t worry Betty Ann, we’ll be there to cheer you on!” Tucker
“Really you guys will come to my competition? That would mean so much to me.”- Betty Ann

Betty Ann replies “It is kind of. Silence is power, the power of the unknown, the unspoken. Silence can be a blessing a welcome moment of peace or it can be evil. The trick is to know when to welcome it or be very afraid.” Then she submits her story as: The Tale of the Silent Servant (also I am wondering if Betty Ann sees herself as the silent servant…).

The story opens with two men in a barn (and no it is not a reference to broke back mountain). One is an evil farmer named John Earlstead and Crazy George. Earlstead walks in on Crazy George sleeping in the barn clutching a talisman. servant8Earlstead says “What have you done?” Crazy George replies “It’s here. Calevactor Sellemnos. The words don’t work!”  Then he gets up and leaves.

servant5.pngThere is a rustling in the barn closet and Earlstead says “I told you never to reveal yourself. I command you be still. I’ll return for you later. After I take care of our friend George.”

Then we cut to 20 years later and Betty Ann narrates ” Jared Conner was visiting his cousin Anne’s farm for the summer. Jared’s greatest love was baseball, all he wanted to do was play. Unfortunately for Ann, baseball was not her favorite past time.” I wonder if Jared is suppose to be one of Betty Ann’s cousins who is staying with her and is annoying her and if Anne is actually Betty Ann or is it just a coincidence?

Anyway Jared and Ann are playing catch in the front yard and Jared throws the ball to Ann, but she misses it and Jared grow impatient with her. He yells at her to throw the ball. Ann eventually does throw the ball to Jared and Jared throws it back, only to break the window on the screen door.

This is Jared. He loves baseball.
This is Anne, she doesn’t like baseball and lives on a farm.

After he breaks the window, uncle Pete confiscates the baseball gloves. He asks Mark, Anne’s older brother to take the gloves, much to Jared’s protests. Uncle Pete tells the kids “The way I see it, it take two to play catch. There will be no more baseball until you can show some responsibility.” Talk about a buzzkill. Mark likes the feel of Jared’s glove and says he might use it at his softball tournament. Jared says “You better not.” Mark says “Hey hey I was only joking!”

Uncle Pete before changing his name to Flynn and being kill by Dr. Vink.

Uncle Pete makes Jared and Anne run errands for him like delivering beans to Mr. Galloway and building a fence to keep out deer. On their way to the other farm, they stop at Earlstead’s farm. They go into the barn, where Jared wants to use the boards for a dugout. Jared and Anne pull off some boards and open a storage door and out falls a scarecrow!

“Come along, Dorothy. You don’t want any of those apples! “- Scarecrow

Mark arrives and asks them what is up. Jared tells Mark that the scarecrow will help with keeping the deer from eating the vegetables (Jared is not familiar with how scarecrows work since he did not grow up on  a farm). Mark tells them that they still have to help build the fence and inquires if Mr. Galloway gave them the scarecrow and they confess they never went to Mr. Galloway and delivered the beans (good job kids, now what is he  going to eat for dinner). They go back to Earlstead’s farm and locate the beans they dropped from earlier, only to be harassed by town drunk Crazy George (I keep wanting to type Chicken George, but this is not Roots).

His reaction in the scene reminds me of Sid Caesar in Vegas Vacation, when he wins Keno.

Crazy George tells the kids that the dragons been stolen. This episode has a lot of references to Opium. He says “have you seen my dragons?” Anne says “We haven’t seen any dragons.” Crazy George rambles on and says “I used to see rainbow colored lights, but now darkness, such sweeping blackness. He made me this way, his evil was contagious.” Then he mentions the silent servant and the dragon talisman and how the evil can be broken.

They go back home and Anne find the dragon talisman that Crazy George was rambling about. Anne wants to bring it back, but Jared was able to open it and their is a scroll and he reads it out loud. The scroll reads “Ye who recites that which is written shall summon the silent one hither.” Jared refers to it as Shakespeare like writing.  So basically the scarecrow is a Golem, and it doing the chores of the children. 

Mark asks them if they want to go to his softball game, since they fixed the window. Jared commands that the scarecrow finish the fence, which it does.

This is Mark.

Mark comes back and the scarecrow has built the fence, so Mark gives them the afternoon off. Jared next commands the scarecrow to build a dugout. Unfortunately for them, the scarecrow doesn’t have a brain so it used the wood from the fence to build the dugout, which creates more problems for Ann and Jared.

They try to convince Mark it was the scarecrow, but he is not buying it and tells them they can not go to his game that night. He hands them a bag with their gloves. Later that night Jared looks in the bag, but it does not have the gloves, it has tractor parts. This makes Jared say “I’d like to kill whoever did.” Once again, the scarecrow misunderstands Jared and goes in search of who has the gloves and once he finds them, he will kill them.

Anne is worried about the wish, and tells him to take it back. Jared tells her it wasn’t an order, but the scarecrow is missing. They decide they must go and find Mark before it is too late and also destroy the talisman, but alas only the true master can do that.

They run off to warn Mark, only Mark doesn’t have the gloves, uncle Pete does. And for some reason, he is driving his tractor at night.

You must die, you took the gloves.

Mark drives the kids to Earlstead’s farm. Once their Ann takes charge and is able to summon the scarecrow. Once the scarecrow is there she breaks the talisman on Earlstead’s grave.

The true master separated them!

Once she breaks them the scarecrow dissolves into a pile of fabric.

“I’m melting”

Mark asks if they can explain to him what happened. Ann tells him sure thing, tomorrow while Jared rebuilds the fence. Then they walk away and Crazy George reappears and rejoins the dragons.



We are then taken back to the clearing where Betty Ann says “The End.”

“And is how I got into break dancing”- Betty Ann

The Gary says “great” as he stands up and declares the meeting over, while putting out the fire. Sam says “good story Bet.” and Betty Ann thanks her.

“Thanks for your support guys, I am glade that I will have people cheering me on at the championship next weekend.”- Betty Ann

So Betty Ann awkwardly watches The Gary, Tucker and Sam leave as she sits in the dark still on the storytellers chair. Meanwhile, Frank and Kiki are having a little meeting of their own.

“I am telling you, she will love the banner we made.”- Kiki

Kiki and Frank, who have cooled down walk up to Betty Ann and Frank says “We were thinking, you want to go to a movie tomorrow?” Betty Ann says “Your joking? You make me feel like shit and now you want to pretend it never happened?” Okay she doesn’t actually say that, but I presume that she wanted to, instead she says “Your kidding!” Kiki says “No and we’ll buy the tickets.” Betty Ann replies “I expect you would and get the popcorn and drinks as well?” Okay she did not say that either, she says “You don’t have to do that.”

“I am just so happy your coming to cheer me on at the brake dancing competition.”- Betty Ann

Frank says “yeah we do.” Betty Ann is impressed and says “Wow thanks guys.” Frank says “No problem, expect I pick the flick.”

“We have a banner we made and I am bringing balloons”- Kiki

Then Kiki and Betty Ann just kind of look at each other like oh great. Frank says “What I pick good movies!” Betty Ann says “yeah right.” Frank goes on to describe the movie, he says ” It will have action and car chases.” Betty Ann says “Uh huh.” Kiki kind of says the same thing. The three of them walk out together with Frank putting both his around around the girls.

“You should go on So They think They Can Dance, because you can.”- Frank

Moira’s Thoughts:

I can’t help but feel that both Frank and Kiki were the inspiration for Jared in Betty Ann’s story. I like how Betty Ann always puts some kind of moral lesson into her stories. Overall I really liked this episode and I really like the whole Betty Ann/Frank/Kiki conflict as I found that interesting.

  1. Good story, I liked the villain Earlstead as he was creepy and Crazy George was crazy.
  2. I liked that Betty Ann stood up for herself, too bad she didn’t do that to Eric, also I am surprised that she didn’t says “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, expect for Kiki and Frank.”
  3. I wonder how often Betty Ann and Kiki hang out with Frank and does Kiki go to the same school as the them? I feel like there are several continuity issues within the Midnight Society.
  4. I liked that The Gary and Sam had some alone time and that Tucker was respectful of it.
  5. Apparently I am keeping the who Betty Ann as a brake dancer story line within the story. If I get to interview Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull, I will ask them how they feel about me making Betty Ann a brake dancing champion.
  6. The quotes I used on the Midnight Society photos are either quotes I have found or just quotes I have made up out of boredom aka the brake dancing story line.

So lets give it up for Betty Ann and her story about silence and how it can be evil, The Tale of the Silent Servant. Up next is a Sam story and the terrors of being a landlord in her story: The Tale of the Room for Rent.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog 7 of Season 4

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: Jared Anne Uncle Pete Mark Earlstead Crazy George Servant Talisman watch out Breaking free defeat Crazy and powerful


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