Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 6: The Tale of the Long ago Locket

“You’re kidding why?”- Sam circa 1994

Tonight we are in for a Sam story and it is her third story overall so far in the series and guess what it is about? Unrequited love, big surprise am I right? (feel the sarcasm be the sarcasm) So as always pop the corn and open up a cold one, because in the words of Kiki,”looks like we are in for a fun night.” Also on a side note, I found my Zune HD and it still works, so I am happy and apparently I had volume 1 of AYAOTD on it, go figure!

Also this episode has a guest star, Boy meets world star, Will Fridle aka Eric Mathews aka Mr. Squirrels.

The episode opens with Sam, sitting on the storytellers chair.

“This book on how to get a guy in 40 days is awesome!”- Sam

She is reading a book and is really into it. Like really into it. Betty Ann and Kiki come in and Betty Ann says “Hi Sam. Sam?” She doesn’t answer, maybe she is angry at her? Kiki says “Looks like we are in for another fun night.” So did Kiki and Betty Ann hang out with Sam the previous night?

“If we stare at her long enough, she might answer.”- Kiki “Sam I won my break dancing competition last week…Sam?”- Betty Ann

Then The Gary and Tucker show up, and Tucker decides to pour the water bucket over Sam’s head to get her attention. But The Gary stops him.

“Hey hey hey, It’s Skinny Tucker”- Tucker

Tucker looks like he is ready for a Christmas party with that sweater. The sweater budget on this show is amazing, and must rival that of The Cosby show with the amount of sweaters worn on each episode.

“This isn’t how I wanted her to enter a wet t-shirt contest O.K.”- The Gary

Then Kiki waves her hand in front of Sam’s face and says “Yoohoo earth to Sam.” Leave it to Kiki to bring Sam back to earth, she finally realizes that her friends are surrounding her and says “Oh hi. When did you guys get here?” The Gary replies “must be a pretty interesting book.” Way to avoid the question The Gary. Sam replies “It is. It’s a history book.”

“You can’t spell History without His and Story”- Frank

Frank who is too cool for school responds with “History could you find something more boring?” I bet she could Frank I bet she could. Sam responds with “You didn’t think it was boring when you asked me to study with you after school.” Once again, how did Frank never notice Sam before she joined the Midnight Society? She must hang out with Betty Ann at lunch or in the hallway or something during school. They all kind of make fun of Frank with Kiki adding “Frank study?”

Betty Ann’s inner thought: I hope I win the Canada wide Break dancing competition next month. Fingers crossed.

I guess this would be why Frank has poor grades (I am making assumptions here based on the reactions of the members). Also does Kiki attend the same school as Betty Ann, Frank and Sam? Frank says “I admit it, I thought it would be fun to hang out. I am not much for History, but uh I am a fun to hang out with, unlike some guys.” That was directed at The Gary. Ooh a burn, Betty Ann would argue that The Gary is a fun to hang out with as well.

“I am the definition of Fun”- The Gary

Tucker of all people breaks the tension by saying “Can we start?” and they all grab their seats around the campfire. Then Sam starts her build up to the story with this “Some people think that History is boring because it’s all about stuff that is gone or forgotten. My story is about a guy, who find out that is the old saying is true, history always repeats itself. And if you don’t learn from the past you’ll be doomed to repeat it.” Then they all kind of look at each other and Sam submits her story to the Midnight Society: The Tale of the Long ago Locket.

The story begins in history class. We see a disinterested student named Jimmy. He has a crush on April and stares at her constantly (I think in this case April = Sam) Jimmy is a good student, but he loses focus when April is around.

This is Jimmy, He has a crush on April (or This is The Gary, he has a crush on Sam)

Jimmy walks home from school via a park. Some weird stuff happens on this particular day as he is walking home, he hears a horse and runs into this guy:

LT. Williams

This freaks Jimmy out and he runs home. Later on at school the next day, he goes up to April and tries to talk to her. He mentions how boring Greek History is, but April mentions she enjoys it, so he tries to convince her that he just wants to learn more. Then he tells her the ice rink is opening on Saturday (That is totally a Canadian thing to say). There is an awkward conversation about their mutual love of ice skating. Which ends with Jimmy finally asking April to get together and go skating sometime.

This is April. Jimmy awkwardly loves her.

Then Josh shows up and mentions Tower of Blood 4 is opening on Saturday night and asks April to go, while Jimmy awkwardly does the moonwalk. April mentions that Jimmy was inquiring about going ice skating on Saturday night. But Jimmy tells her to go to the flick and says we can get together another time.

This is Josh. He also likes April.

On his way home Jimmy watches two people making out at the park. He is kind of a creeper! Jimmy walks through the woods and the weird stuff happens yet again and he sees the same guy from the day before and tries to talk to him. The guy reaches out to Jimmy and asks him if he knows the way to Harrisville and begs for directions. He tells Jimmy to tag along because they will hang him if they catch him. He is fighting the British red coats.


Then as Jimmy ducks, April and Josh appear and ask him if he is O.K. He tells them he is fine, he just lost a contact lens. April offers to help him find it, but he tells them it is O.K. He finds a button and takes it to an antique shop to be appraised. The Shop owner tells him he must have found it in the bog, since that is where the battle of Harrisville was fought. The button is over 200 years old.

It looks brand new.

Later on that day, Jimmy, Josh and April are playing Frisbee in the park and Jimmy is still out of it. Josh telling him to wake up. April asks him if he is sure he is fine. He reassure her he is, Jimmy throws the Frisbee into the woods and tells them he will go get it and that he will meet them at Molly’s and to get him a cheeseburger.

As Jimmy reaches down to get the Frisbee, he hears gun shots and the red coats think he is an American spy and try to capture him.

I surrender!

He tells them it is not a funny joke. LT. Williams comes to Jimmy’s aide and fires at the red coats. They run away and LT. Williams tells him to guide him to Harrisville. Then Jimmy asks what is important about Harrisville. Williams says to Jimmy “Have you ever cared about somebody and didn’t have the courage to tell them?” Jimmy replies “yeah” Williams continues ” What is her name?” Jimmy says “April.” Williams says “My love is Emeline. I once tried to tell her I loved her, I looked into her eyes, but the words weren’t there. Tonight in Harrisville, she is marrying a man she doesn’t love. I must get there and give her this locket as a sign of my love. ” He continues for a while longer, its very sappy to be honest.

To bind our friendship.

He hands Jimmy his dagger to honor their friendship. Jimmy inquires about the year and learns it is 1780. Jimmy kind of freaks out, and the Red coats reappear and fire at them. Jimmy runs away and almost gets hit by an oncoming vehicle. He goes back to the antique dealer yet again to get information for the dagger. The guys offers him $150, but Jimmy declines the offer and asks about the inscription.

He is given a history book and the guy tells him the information he needs is in the book. The book gives him more information about LT. Williams. He abruptly gets up in class and is told to sit down.


Josh and April ask him why he never showed up at Molly’s but he kind of ignores them. Then he tells them he was running from Red coats, but they do not believe him. He asks to borrow the boombox. He is kind of angry and frustrated.

As Jimmy arrives in the woods, he starts to play the boombox, which makes the Red Coats chase him and he is able to guide LT. Williams to Harrisville.


Jimmy sets LT. Williams free. The Red Coats are confused and realize that the “Spy” is back and setting him free. He gives LT. Williams directions to Harrisville. LT. Williams thanks him and tells him to tell April that he loves her.

Then Jimmy sees April and tells her to run, but the person on the horse wearing a red coat is a horse rider. Jimmy asks April why she came, and she says she cares about him. He tells her he feels the same. Then the dagger changes from LT. William to Captain William. Jimmy also finds his locket and gives it to April.

He made it and got promoted!

Then Sam narrates “That night Jimmy checked the history books, the antique dealer had given him. The paragraph about William had changed. It said that he made it to Harrisville, proved his love for Emeline, and married her. As for Jimmy and April, well I’ll let you figure that one out for yourselves. The End.”

Kiki is impressed and now likes History

She has a big smile on her face. Kiki says “Cool, I guess history can be interesting.”

“Babe I got us tickets to the Phantasmagoria show”

Frank stands up and says “Yeah I guess. I got a couple of ticket for the Phantasmagoria concert, I was wondering if maybe…” Then Sam cuts him off and says “I am sorry.”

Betty Ann decided she earned a break from break dancing practice to go to a concert.

With Betty Ann adding “She’s already going with me.” Then The Gary adds “and me. I had three tickets, so ladies.” Then Sam and Betty Ann follow The Gary. Frank is just kind of left standing there with his tickets dumb founded.

“Don’t worry Frank, you have your looks to fall back on.”

Tucker goes up to Frank and says “I guess that means you’re history.” Then Frank goes to chase after him. Leaving Kiki to put out the fire by herself.

Kiki’s inner thought: Why am I always the third wheel?

The Gary never declares the meeting over.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I have noticed that I do not really care for Sam’s stories and it is because they all tend to be about unrequited love and that is just not my thing, but the bookends with the Midnight Society are really good, so I enjoy that part the most. I can’t help but feel bad for Kiki as Frank could have invited her to the concert, but did not. I wonder if Kiki feels like a third wheel now at the meetings.

  1. Not really my kind of story, but I like the bookends with the Midnight Society.
  2. You can feel the sexual tension between The Gary/Sam/Frank
  3. I wonder what kind of band Phantasmagoria is, based on the name some kind of goth industrial band would be my guess. Also Lewis Carroll has a famous poem entitled Phantasmagoria.
  4. I felt bad for Kiki because the poor girl cannot catch a break, it is almost like Frank doesn’t realize that she likes him.

Let’s give it up for Sam’s first tale of the 4th season: The Tale of the Long Ago Locket. Up next is our first Betty Ann story of season 4, her story: The Tale of the Silent Servant. I have to say it has a great opening and closing bookends with the Midnight Society.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really); Blog number 6 of season 4.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: Book The Dagger button Locket Spy Title Card Jimmy and LT. William Jimmy  April Josh  Red coat 



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