Are You Afraid of The Dark? Season 4 Episode 5: The Tale of the Water Demons

“You went through Sam’s things?”- Betty Ann to Frank

Tonight Tucker is up. This is an interesting story that I think hits close to home for The Gary and Tucker. It’s about not taking what doesn’t belong to you, specifically stealing from the dead (I am not implying that The Gary and Tucker are grave robbers). Let’s get this summary started, so toast the English muffins and brew the coffee! (I’m back home and I really missed toasted English muffins and if you have followed this blog, you know that coffee is a vice).

The night starts when Frank being the last to arrive at the clearing.


He does not see anyone, but the fire is going to logically they are out gathering fire wood. Anyway Frank spots a backpack on the storytellers chair and notices a diary sticking out of the bag. Frank is curious and looks to see whose diary it is, and it belongs to Sam.

Frank should know better than to read a girl’s diary.

Frank flips through it until he sees a passage that reads “I don’t know how to tell him, how I special he is to me. I only give him a hard time because I don’t want anyone to suspect my true feelings for Frank.”

Frank likes what he reads.

Frank is happy with the revelation that Sam likes him, because he really likes her. As he finishes reading the passage of her diary, the rest of the gang arrives in the clearing, with Sam leading the way.

“We’ve come to rumble”- Sam Kiki’s inner thought: No we haven’t, you have.

Frank confronts Sam and says to her “Is there anything special you want to tell me?”
Sam replies “Yeah is that a fresh zit? Gotcha!” Frank says “That’s okay, I know why you give me a hard time.” Sam is confused by this and Frank basically admits to reading her diary in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Tucker and Betty Ann have appeared behind Frank and Tucker is kind of snickering the whole time silently.

Tucker’s inner thought: Oh god he fell for it.

Sam picks up the sky blue diary, with the name Samantha on the front and says “This isn’t my diary.” The Gary looks at it and realizes the handwriting is Tuckers. Can I just say that Tucker has beautiful handwriting, we do see Sam’s handwriting later on in the season and hers kind of sucks. This causes Frank to lunge at Tucker, with The Gary and Kiki holding him back.

demons 7
“You little squirt, I’m gonna tear you apart!”- Frank

This causes Tucker to duck behind Betty Ann (although I am not sure why, it is not like she is any stronger than Frank). Betty Ann is angry at this and says to Frank “You looked through Sam’s things?” Frank replies “It wasn’t even hers.” Betty Ann fires back “But you thought it was.”

And it was at this moment that Betty Ann lost all respect for Frank. This incident almost cost her, the break dancing championship as well.

Sam turns to Tucker and says “Why did you do that?” Tucker says “To prove a point.” Frank says “That you have a death wish?” Tucker says “No, for my story. You shouldn’t mess with others people’s stuff no matter how much your tempted, cause you can really get burned.” The Gary pipes up and says “You mess with my stuff all the time.” Tucker says “Your my brother, you wouldn’t hurt me, you’re alive. (and he glances at the others) don’t mess with the dead no matter what you do, don’t mess with their stuff.”

I am happy that Betty Ann got a seat this time instead of the ground, maybe they draw straws or whoever arrives last gets the ground?

Then Tucker submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society and calls it: The Tale of the Water Demons.

We are introduced to cousins, Dean and Shawn. Shawn was sent to live with his cousin and uncle for the summer since he has become a delinquent. Dean and Shawn are polar opposites of each other. Shawn steals money out of the cash register to “pay” for some gum he took, while Dean answers the phone.

water deamons
Meet Shawn, he is about to learn a lesson
water deamons 1
This is Dean, he needs excitement in his life.

When Deans gets off the phone, he tells Shawn that they need to make a delivery to the Westchester house. Dean does not like that place as it gives him the creeps, but Shawn is all about the tip money. Shawn asks Dean how Captain Westchester got so rich, and Dean tells him that he salvaged things from shipwrecks. They obviously do not like each other.

Anyway Dean and Shawn go to make the delivery to the Westchester house on the way home. When they arrive they see a note on the front door with instructions telling them that the door is open and to put the coffee in the pantry and to charge the Westchester account.

Water demons 3
Look a treasure map!

Turns out the front door is locked, so they go around back. It also happens to be a very foggy night or maybe the town has lots of fog machines they hook up at night? When they enter the house they set off an alarm bell. Shawn can’t keep his hands to himself, he wants to touch the treasure, but Dean is not having any of it. Once Dean leaves the coffee, he goes to look for Shawn, who jumps out at him. They stumble into a secret room where they see this guy:

water demons 2
Captain Abraham Westchester

He tells the boys he hasn’t had more than a cat nap in the last 10 years, which makes him kind of paranoid. He also kind of attacks Shawn for thinking what he did was cool. Shawn thinks he is loony. Captain Westchester mention how the water demons are after him and when he sleeps they come. I suppose that is why he drinks coffee 24/7, he would be good at staying awake for finals and university for senior citizens is free, so he could totally get a degree.

As Shawn and Dean leave, Westchester takes a cat nap. He always manages to wake up before they reach the front of the house. Back at home, Shawn and Dean are doing something and Dean’s father tells them lights out. Shawn tells him its still early and leaves. Shawn ends up back at the Westchester place and sleeps in a hammock.

Westchester falls asleep and the water demons come after Shawn, mistaking him for Westchester, meanwhile Dean goes out looking for Shawn. Shawn runs into a shed as the water demons approach him.

water demons 5
“There out to get you; there’s demons closing in on every side”- Michael Jackson “Thriller”

For some reason Shawn grabs an air horn and the demons call him a grave robber. Shawn tells them they got the wrong guy. Dean arrives and Shawn yells at him for help. Just than Captain Westchester wakes up. Dean asks Shawn what happened. Westchester mentions that Shawn has the mark of the water demons on his shirt.

The captain mentions he gave everything back, but they still keep coming, they want revenge not restitution. He mentions throwing what he sold into the water. Shawn thinks the idea is stupid, but Westchester, think it might just work. Westchester also reminds Shawn that the water demons are also after him. Shawn and Dean agree to help the Captain load the dingy with the treasure. Unfortunately, Shawn knocks out the Captain.

water demons 6.png

Shawn goes out in the dingy to return the stuff to the site of the crash. The water demons reach out until he gives them all the stuff back. Shawn then goes back to shore. He also laughs manically, which is kind of creepy. Dean reaches down to try and find his glasses, when a water demon reaches up and grabs him. Shawn yells at the water and apologizes to them for taking stuff. Dean is returned tot he surface, along with his glasses. Then the Captain wakes up.

It’s too early for a birthday card from Grams

The Captain thanks the boys and Dean receives a note from Shawn that reads “Please accept this $4.90 as payment for 5 candy bars and 1 pack of gum.” His father asks if it means anything to him and Dean says “yeah. It kind of does.”

We are then taken back to the clearing where Tucker says “The end.” Betty Ann says “Good story.” Kiki says “Alright”, she says it enthusiastically. Frank says “That still doesn’t get you off the hook for the diary.” Kiki sticks up for Tucker and tells him to lay off with Betty Ann in agreement. The Gary puts out the fire as everyone leaves, when Kiki finds a backpack. The Gary says “It’s Tuckers.” Then he goes through the backpack and realizes its all his stuff, including a pair of super specs. A letter falls out of The Gary’s magic book and Kiki reads it aloud, “Dear Gary, Thank for letting me borrow this stuff. Sorry I didn’t ask first. P.S. What are you doing in my knapsack? Didn’t you get anything out of my story? Tucker” They both kind of laugh and it a sweet moment between The Gary and Kiki. I have to say once again, Kiki comes in clutch with returning stuff that other members have left behind.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I liked this episode, it also keeps with the nautical theme that began this season, not that it is really a theme.

  1. I liked how Betty Ann stood up for Sam. I think it really speaks to her character and how she stands up for her friends.
  2. Tucker has really nice handwriting. I can’t write that nice, which is why I type.
  3. Kiki once again comes in clutch with picking up stuff that has been left behind by other members.
  4. Frank was a real ass in this episode.
  5. I suppose this was the start of the whole Frank/Sam/The Gary love triangle.

Lets all spray Tucker with our squirt guns and congratulate him on a job well done on his first story of the 4th season: The Tale of the Water Demons. Up next is Sam with her story: The Tale of the Long ago Locket, which has a guest star from Boy meets world, Will Friedle!

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog number 5 of Season 4.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

*I am not using my normal laptop, but a spare one I have when I go home, so it might take a bit longer to post as this laptop is running windows vista.

Photo credits: Title card  Shawn Dean Captain Westchester delivery  Can’t sleep Giving back Oh crap! Screen shots


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