Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 Episode 4: The Tale of the Quiet Librarian

 “So when grown-ups say they want it quiet, there’s no way. Because there’s no such thing.”- Kiki

In celebration of moving back to the continent and passing all my finals (including calculus and getting my certification in Hotel Industry Analytics)  I will be marathoning AYAOTD, from now until I have to pack up my laptop! Also cool thing happened to me on twitter, I tagged Ross Hull in a tweet and he liked it, so yeah I shall request an interview via Twitter once I get some courage to do so.  So sit back and relax with whatever you like to eat while watching TV and open up the champagne, we are watching a Kiki story tonight!

So we are taken to the clearing where Kiki and gang are, only Kiki more or less tells the gang to shut up.  First to walk in after Kiki is Frank, who has Tucker in a headlock. She walks up to Frank and shh-hes him, but Frank misunderstands her and says, “I’m not hurting him.” Kiki says “I know. Just–shh.”

Kiki doesn’t care if Frank kills Tucker, as long as he does it quietly

They think she is on drugs and Betty Ann asks Kiki “What are you doing?”

Notice how they stand from tallest to shortest. Why does Betty Ann look so short in this shot?

Also what is up with all the high wasted pants? Was that a 90’s thing? I don’t remember that but I was also only 10 at this point. This is also a special night, as Kiki is not wearing  her bright orange hat or a bandanna. Frank lets Tucker go and Kiki says while staring at Tucker “Everyone settle and just listen.” Sam speaks up and whispers “What are we listening for?”

Kiki knows where to hear complete silence.

Kiki replies “Silence. Total silence.” The Gary says “That’s impossible absolute silence doesn’t exist.” Actually it does exist, just not on earth, you would have to go to space in order to hear and experience complete silence.

Sam backs The Gary up and says “Yeah, there’s always something making noise.”  Kiki says “Exactly.” which she says with a smile on her face. Kiki continues “So when grown ups says they want it quiet, there’s no way, ’cause there’s no such thing.” Tucker says “I’ll remember that.” Then The Gary smacks him upside the head. Kiki continues “But what if there could be total silence? What if you could stop every sound, every buzz? Every breath? (Then I would sleep better at night)

Betty Ann is thinking about her up and coming break dancing competition the next morning.

The Gary once again counter acts Kiki and says “You couldn’t. Where there’s life, there is sound.” Kiki says “Say that another way. You take away sound, and you take away… life.” And she just totally blew their minds.

Everyone’s but Betty Ann inner thought: No way Life= Sound? Betty Ann “Break dancing is life”

Also how do they decide who sits on the ground and who doesn’t? I would think Betty Ann would have seniority over Tucker and Tucker should sit on the ground, but that is just me. Then Kiki submits her approval to the Midnight Society and calls her story: The Tale of The Quiet Librarian.

Kiki’s inner thought: They are eating out of the palm of my hand.

The story opens with a group of children getting a tour of the library. The tour guide than introduces them to the librarians. There is a ginger kid, who is bouncing a green ball walking around. He drops the ball down stairs and goes after it. He ball goes kind of under a door, that is hidden behind a shelf. The boy then knocks the ball further into the room and notices the door says quiet reading room. He ponders about opening the door to retrieve the ball. The kid screams and then becomes a mute.

We are now taken to a classroom. We are taken to history class. The teacher has assigned partners. In my experience that sucks, because I always got stuck with someone who thought I was a stereotypical Asian, but I am not. Two girls are talking and the one is happy, her partner is named Jace and his nickname is Jace the face.

My name is Jace, I have a face

Laurie (the girl) friend tells her that Jace is conceited. She says “trust me, if his head got any bigger, they’d put him in a parade.” Damn girl, would like you a tree with that shade? Laurie also has a nickname, it is Icicle. I guess someone else got Ice queen.

Laurie “icicle” Napier

Good news for Laurie, Jace likes her, but his friend is quick to point out that Laurie has too many brains. He makes the same remake about how her head is big and a parade. Then Jace’s ginger friend makes fun of Laurie while walking down the hallway. Laurie overhears it. She confronts Jace and Co and she is pissed.

Then we are taken back to the library where someone is singing the alphabet song, and the library looks like ‘Iolani Palace. It’s a two girls who appear to be sisters, the older one yells out don’t go too far, with younger ignoring her. The older girl, who is named Natalie, gets sucked into the quiet reading with the other kid from earlier. I have to say you can tell this is a Kiki story, because the first kids to die are white, in any other TV show, it would be the other way around.  The younger girl goes looking for her.

Then Jace and Laurie are studying in the library, well Laurie is studying and Jace is being a typical jock. Laurie sends Jace to get the books, since she already knows that she is going to be stuck doing the project solo. Jace goes to get the books.

Jace leaves Laurie notebook in the basement and they go back at 7:00 PM, but the library is closed. Jace breaks into the library. Laurie and Jace fight yet again. Then a window mysteriously opens and Jace climbs up, Laurie follows him.


Laurie opens the quiet reading room to find shelves filled with cobwebs and books. There are also ghost children and they silently scream. Then they run into this woman:

I was rejected from Little House on the Prairie

The librarian says she has room for two more and she steals Jace’s voice. Jace thinks they should look for a phone as the librarian steals even more sound. At this point the librarian is kind of chasing Laurie around.

Jace find an old timely record player and starts to play it, the librarian approaches him and says “I’m going to teach you a lesson, just like I do to all loud children. My reading room is so peaceful and quiet. You’ll grow to like it just like all the others.” Then she corners Jace and he starts breaking stuff and the sound gets absorbed and Laurie loses her voice.

They play the video game noise and it drives the librarian nuts and her box breaks.

No I need silence!

This causes a psychedelic swirl of children. Then a cop comes down to Laurie and Jace. He asks then what they are doing in the library. Then he notices the pile of ashes and sees the purple glasses on the ground. Jace starts to tell him what happened but is too happy to talk again.

Jace “Wanna make out?”

They lead the police to the reading room and to the missing kids. The cop mentions how the reading room hasn’t been opened in years. Then he tells Laurie and Jace to stay there because he has to call it in.

Were saved!

Back up stairs they see this:

Mercy MacGregor

The cops find Laurie’s notebook and let them leave. Laurie reminds Jace that they still need to write the paper and they kind of become friends.

We are then taken to the clearing, where Frank says “Cool story.” and Sam says “Yeah. I never knew silence could be so creepy.” Kiki never said the end, but The Gary declares the meeting over. Then Kiki speaks up and says “Speaking of libraries, I have books to return. Does anyone want to keep me company?”

quiet 8
Come on someone just walk with me

Betty Ann must know the hours of the library because she says “But it’s way past closing.”

Betty Ann’s inner thought: Oh if only I didn’t have that break dancing competition tomorrow

Kiki says “I was going to drop them in the night slot. Whose with me?” The Gary says “I got to go.” Sam must be going with The Gary as she also needs to go and says “Oh and look at the time.”

The Gary is teaching Sam how to play Magic the gathering after tonight’s meeting

Betty Ann says “Got to roll. See you guys next time.”

“I can’t, I’ve got a break dancing competition in the morning.”- Betty Ann

I guess she means at school?  Frank speaks Spanish and says “Hasta La Vista.” Kiki replies “Hasta la luego”, well she doesn’t but Kiki strikes me as a polite person. Then she asks Tucker and he is all bye. Kiki call out “Come on! Just leave me at the corner. You don’t have to go near the building. Guys?”

quiet 10
Kiki’s inner thought: Good job Kiki you scared them off of reading.

Then she congratulates herself on a job well done.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I liked this episode, but it turned me off of going to the library. I used to only go on hot days to cool off in between classes or to take a nap on the couch.

  1. I liked how they reacted to Kiki’s request for an escort to the library.
  2. Logically speaking I would have guessed Betty Ann would have accompanied her, but you know break dancing competition in the morning so she needs her rest.
  3. The Gary and Sam seem awful cuddly in this episode.
  4. I wonder if Kiki and Tucker have a close friendship, since she asked him to go with her.

Lets all give Kiki a sign language hand clap *waves hands in the air* for a job well done with her story: The Tale of the Quiet Librarian. Up next is my future ex-husband Tucker with his story: The Tale of the Water Demons.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really): Blog number 4 of season 4

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: title card  Laurie Jace Librarian Capturing voices Defeated Freed Relationship? Mercy


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