Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 4 Episode 2: The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure Pt.2

“I’m *not* a nut-bag”- Dr. Vink

Is everyone ready for the thrilling conclusion to the epic story that is The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure? I know I am! So get the popcorn popped and the beverage chilling as we embark on the second part of the season opener as told by Frank (my future ex-fiancee) and The Gary (future ex-brother in-law).

Frank and the Gary arrive at the clearing together

I think they are talking about who will lead when dancing.

and are shocked to see the girls waiting with anticipation for the continuation of the story.

They kind of look like they are going to jump them.

Then Tucker rushes in.

He  must have stolen The Gary’s clothes.

The girls start to ask them questions. Kiki says “Let’s go don’t leave us hanging.” Followed by Tucker who says “I wanna know what happened!” Frank says “I think we got them.” (You’ve got them and Me Frank, trust me I sat through 2 pirates of the Caribbean movies and this is way better). Sam says “Who’s the guy that brought he chest to Sardo?” Followed by Betty Ann who says “Yeah. And where was the cemetery?” (Of course she would ask about the cemetery). Kiki follows up with “How come only Rush could open the chest?” So many questions ladies, don’t worry I am sure Frank and The Gary will be able to answer them. The Gary says “Let’s have a little recap here, to get you back up to speed.” Frank starts by saying “O.K. Rush and Max were brothers who didn’t really get along. All Rush wanted to do was grow up, Max was always keeping him down (kind of like The Gary and my future ex-husband Tucker)”. Then The Gary continues “Rush and Max had different ideas of what fun was. Rather than pound Max in the dirt, Rush bought him a magic set (from Sardo) to keep him busy and far away. But there was an odd treasure chest at the Magic Mansion that no one could open expect Rush. Inside was a strange spy glass that showed Rush images of a spooky cemetery and played tricks on Max. The spy glass was haunted and lured some horrifying ghosts. One of the ghosts kidnapped poor Max, and only Rush knew.” Then Frank takes over and says “Rush didn’t know what to do. Max was gone, and he couldn’t contact his parents.” Sam speaks up excitedly and says “That’s where we left off.”

Sam is excited.

Then The Gary and Frank throw in the Midnight Dust and continue with the story only this time naming it, The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure Pt. 2.

So Rush goes back to the Magic Mansion to find Sardo. Sardo lets him into the shop and Rush corners him into giving him and explanation. Rush explains to Sardo that his brother got kidnapped by two ghosts. He tells Sardo if he doesn’t start talking he is coming back with the cops. Sardo says “I’m not so sure the police would believe you any more than I do.” Rush confesses that he already tried and they don’t believe him. Sardo looks somewhat relieved. Rush tells Sardo, all he wants is his brother back. Sardo hands this to Rush:

I did not know what a Coiffure was, so once again I had to look it up. It’s a person’s hairstyle usually an elaborate one.

Rush is understandably confused and says “The Wild Boar Coiffure, a barber shop?” Sardo tells Rush it is run by the same man who gave him the chest and he suggest that Rush goes and talk to him.

Rush goes to the sketchiest part of town I have ever seen. He finds the Wild Boar Coiffure, where he runs into this guy:

I really do think he is going through a mid-life crisis.

Rush is able to say Dr. Vink’s name’s correctly the first time and he looks surprisingly happy and replies with “Precisely”. Dr. Vink explains that he has been waiting for Rush to show up. Vink tells Rush about his business and says “Patrons are less interested in Coiffure, than they are in my unique hair tonics.” Vink gets overly excited at the prospect of massaging some drops of a hair tonic into Rush’s scalp. Rush is kind of creep out and I don’t blame him. Vink says he knows all about his brother and he can help t find him. Then Vink says “As long as you understand one thing. I am Not a nut bag!”

Then Vink tells Rush about Captain Jonas Cutter. He mentions that he is called cutter because of his love for the blade and what it could do to flesh. The Vink mentions the treasure that has bee sealed in a vault that has not been found. Rush realizes that Cutter is the guy that kidnapped Max. Vink says “The police cannot help you lad, because Jonas Cutter has been dead for 200 years.”


Vink also says “This chest belonged to the one man who tried to defeat Cutter, but instead met with a grisly death.” Rush says “That’s from the magic mansion!” Vink reveals that he was the man who left it there, he was hoping to find the one person who could open the chest. Vink says “Before he died, this brave soul vowed that one day a champion would come to avenge the deaths of all of Cutter’s victims. These tools were empowered by the souls of those victims. Legend says that whoever opened the chest to retrieve them would be the one to do battle.”

Vink flips the chest over and reveals that the chest belonged to his ancestor, Ian Keegan. He proclaims Rush as the one. He is the chosen one who must defeat Captain Jonas Cutter in order to get Max back. Dr. Vink tells Rush to accept his destiny and Rush grabs the dagger out of the chest.

More painless than being part of Destiny’s Child

The Spy glass leads Vink and Rush to the cemetery, Vink than hands Rush some tools to use and he tells Rush that when the time comes he will know what to do.

It’s your destiny!

Rush realizes what is happening is his dream. Than the ghost of Ian Keegan shows up and says “Sir, you know who I am.” Rush guesses Ian Keegan and he points to a crypt that Rush must go into.

“Sir, you know who I am”- Ian Keegan

Rush tells Ian all he wants is his brother back, Ian tells Rush “The dagger has the power. Grandson, do not be fooled. What he wants is not what he desires.” Rush asks Ian “What does that mean?” Ian replies “All our hopes go with you.” Then Ian fades away as Rush goes into the crypt to find Max.

Rush opens a coffin and the skeleton inside says “Welcome aboard Skipper!.” Then laughs. It is very freaky. Then Rush fall through the floor boards and into a net.

Once down in the crypt, Rush hears Cutter, who tells Rush “Let’s see if you can find me.” But Rush gets trapped by a gate and Cutter says “It’s not a good start.” Cutter is really just being a tease. Rush steps on a booby trap and spikes come out from the wall almost killing him. Then he sees Max, but it is not really Max, it is Mr. Noise.

“Sorry just doing me job.”- Mr. Noise

Then Rush defeats Mr. Noise with the dagger as it glows. After defeating Mr. Noise, Rush stumbles into Cutter’s treasure room, where he sees Max in a giant bird cage. Max is happy to see his brother and says “I didn’t think you were gonna come.” Rush says “What are you talking about?” TO which Max says “You said you hated me.” Rush feels bad and says “Look Max, I said a lot of supid things I didn’t mean.”


Then Rush asks to be on Max’s team again. Captain Cutter appears and says “Touching, very touching. I was so moved I can almost die! But than again…I am already dead.” and he points to his corpse. Rush says he doesn’t want any trouble and Cutter yells at him about all the trouble he has caused coming to get Max.

Rush and Cutter have a sword fight, which isn’t fair since Rush does not have a sword. Dr. Vink comes into the room to watch it go down as Max tries to escape the bird cage. Dr. Vink tells Rush to use the dagger. Cutter asks the boys who wants to go first and Rush says “You do!” and the dagger glows and vines come out and wrap around Cutter’s wrist forcing him to a chair.

Dr. Vink says “Good show lads, there is only one thing left to do. You must run him through with the dagger and fulfill your destiny.” Cutter taunts them from a chair and says “Come on skipper, use the bloody dagger!” Just as Rush is about to stab Cutter he remembers what Ian told him “What he wants, isn’t what he desires.” Rush figures out that Cutter wanted one last battle because he has been guarding his treasure for 2 centuries. Rush breaks the dagger in two and the three of them escape with Cutter still bound to the chair.

After they escape, they see Ian’s ghost again who says “Grandson I am proud of you.” Rush says “Did I do the right thing?” Ian says “The dagger was meant to punish Cutter for his evil ways. And that’s what was done.” Ttoctptwo12

Ian fades away again, leaving the spy glass, but this time it shows them what they are looking at. Dr. Vink reappears and tells the boys “No matter, treasure doesn’t last. It’s the adventure the excitement, the game! That’s what stays with you a lifetime. Though a little treasure never hurt right?” Then he hands them some gems.

Ttoctptwo29Then an angry Sardo shows up as Rush says “I guess you didn’t get away empty handed.” Sardo says “No but I did! We had a deal, I delivered. Now I expect you to. ”  Dr. Vink says “Please, I intend to double your fee.” Sardo is happy with that.


Then Mom and Dad come back home and Rush and Max run over to great them. Rush says “I don’t know who you guys are, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget you.”

The parents tell the kids they had a wonderful weekend and Max asks Rush if they will tell them what happened. Rush says “I don’t think so.”

We are then taken back to the Midnight Society, where The Gary says “Rush and Max never told anyone their adventures because they were afraid someone might look for Cutter’s treasure.” Frank adds “If they found it,  they’d also find the ghost of the pirate captain, lying in wait for one last battle.” Then they both says “The End.”

cutterpt2.2 Tucker says “Awesome story!” Kiki says “excellent!”

Kiki and Tucker Cutter Sam is impressed and says “That was a really awesome story.”

Cutterpt.2.3Then The Gary declares the meeting of the Midnight Society closed as Frank gets to put out the fire.

Moira’s Thoughts:

As I’ve mentioned before this is one of my favorite episodes. I really liked how Sardo and Vink were portrayed in this episode. I also liked that two people told the story because I felt it really played to their strengths. I only wish that we had more teams ups for stories. I also liked this story more than I liked the movie Pirates of the Caribbean from Disney. I liked the pace of the story and the action. Frank and The Gary definitely delivered on their promise of an epic story.

  1. I am convinced that Dr. Vink is an eccentric millionaire and that is the reason he keeps changing professions. I also have to question his obsession with boars.
  2. This episode proves that Sardo is money hungry.
  3. It would be great to see another Sardo and Dr. Vink team up, but maybe done as a Vs. against each other.
  4. The villain was great.
  5. The acting in this episode was also great.
  6. This was the second time in this episode I had to use a dictionary to look up a word and how to pronounce it. So good on AYAOTD for making me learn new words.

Thank you for joining me on the thrilling conclusion of The Gary and Frank’s story: The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure. Join me next time for episode 3, which is another The Gary story, The Tale of the Renegade Virus.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Episode 2 of Season 4 blog.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Me as a Pirate in Ocean Shores Washington

Photo credits: Dr. Vink  The Dagger Vink and Rush Ghost Ian Brothers screen shots The card chest Gems Sardo and Vink


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