Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Season 4 Episode 1: The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure Pt.1

“No two stories are alike that’s because no two of us are alike”- The Gary

Tonight we are getting started on season 4, the epic story so big that it takes both The Gary and Frank to tell this tale. This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. It’s such an epic tale that they got none other than Charles S. Dutton to play the role of Captain Jonas Cutter. Plus it brings together two epic characters into one story, Dr. Vink and Sardo. Pop the popcorn and chill the beverages, we are about to embark on one of the best stories that has ever been told around the campfire: The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure.

This episode is unusual as it is told by two people, The Gary and Frank. The Gary starts the meeting off by saying “Tonight’s a special night. Normally, when we meet around this fire to tell our tales, each one of us has our own special brand of terror.” (I am not sure who he is talking too since, nobody has arrived yet, so I guess he is breaking the fourth wall) The Gary looks at Tucker and says “Some of us tell stories of adventure.”

Tales of Adventure

Then he looks at Betty Ann and says “Others have tale of macabre and grotesque. (I did not know what macabre was nor can I pronounce it correctly, so I had to look it up, I learned it was gruesome, ghastly, grim. Which fits with Betty Ann’s storytelling.)

Macabre and grotesque (I guess Betty Ann decided to go with bangs again)

Then he looks at Kiki and says “Some tell stories about real people trapped in an unreal world,”

Stories of real people (kind of like Judge Judy, I like that Kiki seems to be color coordinated all the time)

and then Sam comes and he says “Or heroes searching for the truth.

I would have said lost love but that is me.

No 2 stories are alike. That’s because no 2 of us are alike.” (The Gary is talking about diversity.) Then Frank comes in and adds “That’s why 2 of us are telling the story tonight.” Sam looks surprised and says “You’re kidding? why?” Frank says “Because it’s so major it needs the best of both of us.” The Gary says “It’s got magic.” and Frank says ” and mayhem. It’s about an evil so power so strong…” The Gary and Frank are finishing each others sentences “that it survived for centuries waiting to rise up and spread its terror.” Well Sam and Betty Ann are sold. Sam says “Excellent.” Tucker says “What are we waiting for?” (Tucker must have co-written that Gwen Stefani song). They shrug and Frank takes the seat of the storytellers chair with The Gary sitting on the arm.

The Gary looks like he is holding in a fart.

Frank hands The Gary the midnight dust and says “Your honor.” Then The Gary and Frank submit their story as The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure.

The opening to this already makes me excited, we first see a treasure map that burns up and then are taken to a pirate ship.

Ian Keegan

We meet Ian Keegan (he will be important later). Ian says “I use this dagger in the name of all who fell to your sword, you devil.” He kisses the dagger than then looks like he is going to stab the person in the back, but wait the person is already dead!  Then he hears some sinister laughter and turns around to see Captain Jonas Cutter. Ian says “I warn you, others will come.” Then Cutter says “I plan to guard my treasure until the day I die, Ian Keegan.” Then Ian places a curse on Captain Cutter, he says ” A curse upon you Jonas Cutter, May this treasure never bring a moment’s peace to your greedy soul!” Then Cutter kills Ian.

Captain Jonas Cutter (Not Forrest Whitaker)

We now cut to current day, and see Max Keegan playing pirates with his friend. They then spy o his older brother Rush, who is wooing a girl named Sandy and invites her over to watch TV or something (I think he wants sex).

Max Keegan

They are about too kiss, when Max turns the sprinkler on them. Max comes out from behind some trees and says “Arrgghh! Victory!” Rush is pissed and says “Max, you little…” Then Sandy says “I am going home.” Rush turns to her and says “Sandy, wait!” Rush them chases Max and his friend before going home.

Rush Keegan

Once at home, Mom and Dad are packing the car for a bike trip. Also the home is very nice looking, like if Airbnb was around back them, I would suggest they do it. Mom hands Rush a check for the babysitter (who is not Belinda). Rush says they don’t need one, he can take care of them. The parents tell them to be good and to wish them luck as they are biking 75 Miles a day for the next 3 days.

She is forcing me to bike 75 miles

Max and Rush come up with a plan to get rid of the babysitter, they tell her that they are sick and contagious. Then slip her the check via the mail slot. Rush impersonates his father and tells her the boys have the measles. She takes the check and leaves in a rush.

Max tells Rush that if he gets him the Shandu magic kit, he will leave Rush alone all weekend. I bet you cannot guess which magic store he ends up at, that is right he goes to the magic mansion to see Sardo.

“Have you seen our vomit?”

Once at the shop, Sardo tries talking Rush into buying a passion potion. Sardo says “A single drop f passion potion and … (the thing magically explodes) Perhaps I added too much ginseng.”

As Rush is about to leave he sees the sign about opening the treasure chest and winning a prize. Rush opens the chest, and Sardo is ecstatic. The prize is everything in the chest. Rush is angry because the spy glass appears to be broken, but he gives it to Max and tells him that maybe he can fix it. Then Sandy comes over.


Max notices the spy glass start to move around on its and and freaks out. Rush and Sandy are on the couch and are awkwardly talking before Rush proposes to make out. Just as they are about to go in for a kiss, they are interrupted by Max.

Rush makes Max go back up stairs. Sandy says “He’s cute.” Rush says “A teddy bear is cute, Max is a festering sore.” He tries once again to make out with her, but she says “Maybe I am hungry.” I think she is being a tease.

Max notices his bedroom window is open and goes to close it, which causes the door of the closet to also close. Then he is scared by Rush who is getting CD’s. The spy glass starts to move again and Max yells for Rush. But Rush is finally in make out vile population him. The spy glass rolls on to the floor and just as he is about to grab it, a hand reaches out from under the bed!


The glove then turns into a skeleton arm! Max screams for Rush to help as he is in make out town with Sandy. Rush runs up stairs. Max tells him there is a skeleton under the bed, he checks and Rush does not believe him. They have a huge fight where Rush tells Max he hates him (I wonder if this is what The Gary feels about Tucker sometimes). Then Rush has a foggy dream or trip and runs into Ian Keegan, who is his ancestor. Ian tells him “It is you, you are the one.” Rush says “Who are you?” Ian says “What he wants is not what he desires.” Rush says “What?” Ian says “What he wants is not what he desires. Do not be fooled”

Rush wakes up as it was all a bad dream, but Max is missing. Cutter basically challenges him to a battle. Rush also realizes that the spy glass is showing him imagines of what he dream about.

Sardo is meeting with a mysterious man, who says “The items belong to him now. He’s just not ready to accept them. The boy will be back. and when he returns send him to me.” Then he pulls out a wad of cash for Sardo, but quickly takes it away from him.

That night we are taken back to the Keegan house, where Max’s is searching for Rush. The bedroom window suddenly opens again. Rush is yelling for Max, but Max is outside. Max sees a mysterious boat appear out of nowhere. Rush goes up stairs and looks in the closet. Once up there he sees a note from Cutter that reads “This is no dream, The boy is mine “. Rush goes off in search of Max, when he runs outside to find him, Max appears to be in a trance.

The person on the boat tells Max “I’ve come for the boy.” He follows them into the house, where Captain Cutter appears and Mr. Noise. Cutter says “Did you really think you had a chance against me, son?” Then he calls for Mr. Noise.

Mr. Noise

Max goes off with Cutter. He appears to be in a trance. Cutter laughs as he takes Max away. Rush goes outside only to see Cutter, Max and Mr. Noise in a boat where Cutter says “You should have known Skipper, I always win ’cause I make up the rules!”

We are then taken back to the clearing, with the Midnight Society. The thunder starts rumbling and Sam says “I think we’re gonna get dumped on.”

Betty Ann is totally in to it, meanwhile Sam is all worried about rain.

Betty Ann says “Talk fast. What happened next? (She is really into the story). Frank says “Rush could only think of one thing to do. So he decided… (Big flash of thunder)”

The Gary has not attended weather school yet, and could not get an accurate forecast

Then it starts to pour and Tucker says “It will pass, keep going!”

Tucker isn’t worried, but Kiki looks pissed at the weather

The Gary in a rush says “I’m sorry, guys. We gotta Finish next time.”

I like how the girls are the first to leave. Kiki is sprinting followed by Sam and Betty Ann.

As Frank puts out the fire. Tucker says “Aw man the story was just taking off!” Then they all run to the nearest Tim Horton’s to get hot beverages.


Moira’s Thoughts:

I really like this episode, as it has everything, it has magic and mayhem. I think it was brilliant that it was told by The Gary and Frank and I wished they would have done this for a couple more stories, maybe team up The Gary and Betty Ann, I bet that story would have been good as well or Kiki and Sam since they tell similar types of stories.

  1. I really liked the villains in this episode.
  2. I would love to see more episodes with two stories tellers as it is a good mix-up for strengths from both. I think a team up of Betty Ann and The Gary would make an awesome story.
  3. It was refreshing to see Dr. Vink and Sardo team up and actually be the good guys for once.
  4. I wonder if this means that the Vink and Sardo stories take place in the same universe since they are in a story together.

Wow I hope your as pumped up as I am about season 4, and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure Pt. 2.

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark (But not really) Blog number 1 of season 4 .

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo Credits: Title card  Frank and The Gary Rush Max Parents Sardo Under the bed Ian Cutter Mr. Noise Sandy Rain out


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