Observations: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Villains edition

I last brought you observations of the Midnight Society, I now bring you observations about Are You Afraid of the Dark? Villains edition. While each villain is unique I have made some notes on similarities, so lets take a closer look shall we.

  1. They look like they might have jaundice. Having yellow skin is not normal.demon carney
  2. They have messed up teeth. The good characters all have nice teeth, just look at the Midnight Society they practice good oral hygiene, but villains give no f**ks.   Midnightmadnessescaping
  3. They have try to look normal, but just cannot pass as a regular person. Midnightmadnessvink5crimclownshopkeeper
  4. They try to lure kids into their place of work. 16crimclownlifesize
  5. Whatever you do, do not take anything from them or you will regret it. watchers 2Carvedbrotherseptimus
  6. Don’t break promises or there will be hell to pay. grandma
  7. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is…Cursed
  8. Don’t trust the new neighbors who move in during the night…Thebrauns
  9. If a group of random kids approach you on bike and invite you to play hide and seek in a graveyard, just say no!  14oldmanthegroup

And if all else fails, realize your in an Are You Afraid of the Dark story and your probably SOL if the storyteller is Betty Ann, Frank or Kiki. And if it is Sam realize that your lover is probably dead. If it is The Gary, Sardo is probably to blame. If it is Tucker, then your probably safe.

Nice teeth and clean appearances= trust worthy

Do you agree with these observations about villains? Comment below!

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!


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