Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 13: The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

dangerous soup
“It’s no secret- I’m afraid of the dark” Frank

Tonight’s tale is from my future ex-boyfriend Frank. Frank’s story is a good one as far as season finale’s go. Plus they have a legitimate guest in this episode, Neve Campbell. Oh and Dr. Vink is back as a chef. Sit back and relax with some popcorn as we get into to the season 3 finale.

The night starts with the gang standing around the campfire. Frank has asked them all about their fears.

dangerous soup 6
Whoever is in charge of costumes for the series needs to be shot, seriously Betty Ann’s outfit is horrible and does not match at all.

The Gary goes first, he says “heights. I’m not good with heights. I uh, I get sick.”

dangerous soup 1

Then it is Kiki’s turn, she says “Dogs. I was bitten when I was a kid. Anytime I see one I cross the street.”

dangerous soup 2

Then Sam goes, she says “Birds.” Tucker is confused by this so Sam elaborates for his sake. She says “I’m afraid they’re gonna fly in my face or something.”

Dangerous soup 4
I think Sam got her love of bandannas from Kiki and Frank

Then it is Betty Ann turn, she says ” The attic. I can’t go up there alone. No way.” She actually looks like she might cry.

Dangerous soup 5
Betty Ann is probably thinking “Seriously green sweat pants again, what is this season 1?”

Then we get to Tucker, he says “Slasher movies”

dangerous soup 3
meanwhile Tucker is literary swimming in his outfit

But the others aren’t having it and The Gary says”that doesn’t count.” Kiki says “cheat.” Tucker than asks Frank what he is afraid, Frank says “It’s no secret, I’m afraid of the dark.”

Dangerous soup 7
Frank’s sleeves are freshly cut with the scraps given to Betty Ann.

This makes Kiki and The Gary celebrate with Kiki adding “Yes! He admits it!” and they high-five each other. Betty Ann is staring at Tucker like she is going to eat him or something and Sam is in shock. If I was there I would have told them that at the time by biggest fear was the space underneath my bed, but my current fear is the ocean, I feel that fish know we eat them and are seeking revenge. Oh and Frank is holding a black box.

dangerous soup 8
I’m going to eat your soul Tucker- Betty Ann’s inner monologue

Then Frank continues “We’ve all got something that scares us even thought it shouldn’t. You know there’s nothing in the attic that can get you. (except maybe rats carrying the plague). You know a bird can’t hurt you. But there’s still some dark place inside that makes your hands sweat…and your mouth go dry. (they have special mouth wash for that, my dad uses it). My story’s about fear, the kind that’s different for everyone, that kind that you have to face up to…or it’ll eat you alive. Then Frank submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society and throws in the Midnight Dust, he calls his story: The Tale of the Dangerous Soup.

The episode starts with a guy in a room that has two industrial fans. A man’s voice comes over a speaker and tell the guy to sit down. After the guy sits down a statue of a demon comes out of the wall and the man says “It knows what scares you.” Then the guy gets strapped into the chair and can not get up. The man repeats “It knows what scares you.” and then laughs manically. The guy looks down and there is a snake crawling near his crotch. And he is screaming “No.”

Party of Five? right this way!

Then we are taken to the Wild Boar, where we are greeted by our host Neve Campbell er I mean Noonie Walker. Everyone is raving about the soup. The soup is so popular that they can only order it one time and they are not allow to order seconds. The soup cost $100. One of the waitstaff Jersey tries to go in for a second taste of a customer’s soup, but Neve er I mean Noonie warns her she will get fired.

Then the chef Du jour comes out to many applause and it is none other than this guy:

chef vink
Dr. “I am not a nut-bag” Vink with a Vvv

He apparently has lost his passion for the natural sciences, so he has turned to cooking and is known far and wide for his delicious soup, called the dangerous soup. I sure hope he wears a hair net.

Now it is the next morning and it has apparently snowed the night before. Noonie is doing the books when this guy walks in:

He is kind of Emo

He inquires about a job. The guy introduces himself as Reed Hanson. He is kind of a loaner who keeps to himself. Neve tells him about the restaurant and tells him about Dr. Vink, which he thinks she says Dr. Fink. If you have seen one Vink episode, its the same song and dance number. Neve explains that he is the boss, he does the menu. Reed interrupts and says “So what is he? Is he a doctor or is he a cook?”  Vink enters and says “To those sage enough to know, I am a chef. A cook feeds the stomach. A chef…nourishes the soul.” Reed says to him “So what, am I suppose to be impressed or something?” Vink gives him the crazy eyes and says “Interesting, you may do.”  Vink invites them into the Kitchen and Reed remarks about how he seems like a nut-bag.

Once in the kitchen, Vink offers Reed a taste of the Dangerous soup, which Reed instantly likes by saying “That’s pretty good.” Vink feels offend by that and Neve mention that he sells it for $100 a bowl. Reed inquires about a another taste and Vink tells him “One taste…to educate the palette. Try to sneak another, and I guarantee…you’ll regret it.” Reed gets hired.

Frank narrates “Reed needed this job pretty bad. He didn’t have any family, so he was pretty much on his own. He mostly kept to himself, and never let anyone help him do anything…ever. It was an O.K. place to work, except every once in a while, somebody would just quit. For no reason, they’d suddenly take off and never look back. Strange. But Dr. Vink’s restaurant was the most popular in town. People came from all over just to sample the dangerous soup.”

Then one night while closing up, Reed tries to sneak a second taste of the soup, but is caught by Dr. Vink. Neve covers for him and says he wasn’t tasting the soup. Jersey complains about having to do dishes and Dr. Vink hates her voice. He tells Jersey that she is too loud for his guests, and she starts banging on pots with ladles. Reed kind of confesses his feelings for Nonnie. Vink tells Jersey he is making her his protege.

Jersey becomes the next victim of the demon statue. It turns out that the secret ingredient in Dr. Vink’s soup is fear.

Gargoyles will inherit the earth

Nonnie and Reed make Vink open the door, when they hear Jersey screaming and ask Vink what is going on.  Dr. Vink shares the secret to his soup with Noonie and Reed.

3-Tsp of Fear

Nonnie put two and two together and realizes that is why everyone quits, he scares them. Nonnie tries to talk Reed into leaving, but Dr. Vink mocks him, so Reed proves himself, that he isn’t afraid. Dr. Vink tells Nonnie to observe what is happening. Vink tells Reed “The stronger the subject, the more power the elixir.” So the statue does it thing and Reed is afraid of his uncle who was cruel man. Reed starts screaming like a little kid. Noonie than accidentally sets the demon statue free, so Vink goes after it. They realize that the demon never left. Reed tells Nonnie to clear her mind. Then it locks Nonnie’s in.

She’s afraid of closed spaces

Reed tries to talk her through it. She tells Reed that the thing that scares her is the room, she hates closed spaces. She screams for Reed to help her, he keeps telling her to face her fear. This gives Reed an idea to face his fear. Reed tells himself that his uncle is not real and that he is a nightmare and he that his uncle isn’t going to hurt him anymore. He is than able to set Nonnie free. Reed tells Nonnie that it is all over and he faced his fear. Dr. Vink tells Reed he is wrong and it still knows what scares you and that he plans on being in business a long long time.

Then we cut back to the Midnight Society, where Frank says “The End.” Sam says “great.” Betty Ann says “good story.” Tucker on the other hand says this “That’s weak, what if there’s nothing you’re afraid of? The room wouldn’t work.”  Frank says “That’s right. Nothing scares you, does it? Maybe you should be the first to, uh… reach into the unknown.” Tucker gets up and inquires “What’s in it?” To which Frank says ” What’s the difference? You’re not scared of anything anyway.” Tucker says “Yeah that’s right. and he walks over toward the box like he is going to put his hand inside and Betty Ann has a huge grin and then says, Forget it.” Then Tucker walks away and Betty Ann still has a big grin on her face (and I am now convinced she is going to eat Tucker’s soul). The Gary asks Frank “So what’s in it?” Frank replies “Exactly what Tucker’s afraid of. he opens the box, and says Nothing.” They all laugh as The Gary puts out the fire for the last time of season 3. Betty Ann walks up to Frank and says “very good.” Kiki says “Awesome story, Frank.”  The Gary doesn’t declare the meeting over yet again.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really liked this episode. It really feed into the whole concept of fears and how they cannot really hurt us. I think it was an excellent story to end season 3 on.

  1. I was glad they had a legitimate guest star in Neve Campbell.
  2. I wonder if what they told us as their fears is there actual fears in real-life. I shall inquire this to Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther if I get to interview them.
  3. Dr. Vink doesn’t seem to be able to hold down a career, maybe he is going through a mid-life crisis.

Let’s give it up for my future ex-boyfriend, who I think could actually be my future ex-fiancee Frank Moore and his tale about fear: The Tale of the Dangerous Soup. Up next will be my top 5 episodes of season 3 and a special blog on my observations of villains in Are you Afraid of the Dark? Season 4 summaries will comes sometime after finals, possibly Friday.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog 13 of season 3. (Episode count 39 and going strong)

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

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