Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 12: The Tale of the Crimson Clown

“What are you DOING?”- Betty Ann

Tonight’s episode is brought to us from my future ex-brother in-law The Gary. Tucker is being unusually obnoxious tonight as he has found a poem that The Gary wrote. But The Gary has something up his sleeve, and no it is not magic, it’s a story. Let get ready for a moral lesson in tonight’s tale of terror and it has a clown!

Betty Ann is thinking back off Sam, The Gary is mine!

We are taken to the clearing where once again it is up to the girls to make the fire. Betty Ann and Sam are the fire makers tonight, when Betty Ann gets up to presumably get more firewood (because lets face it, they must have an endless supply because she isn’t carrying an axe), Frank comes over to hit on Sam, who doesn’t like the attention. Frank says to Sam “I want to go out with you next Friday.” He kind of holds her hand when he says this and Sam doesn’t looked pleased. Sam replies ” Do you want to go out with me? Do I have anything to say about this?”

ayaotd 2
Kiki is all like yuck!

Kiki comes over at this point and makes a face. It is actually quiet funny. Frank replies “sure you can say what time.” Then Kiki mimes something and Frank turns to see it and she says “I’m not getting in the middle of this.” But it looks like she is trying to say “No Sam.” Maybe Kiki and Sam had plans for next Friday. Just than Tucker can be heard laughing while riding on top of The Gary’s shoulders. Tucker says “Whoa, big fella, whoa.” Betty Ann instinctively walks over and says “What are you DOING?”

“Dang Tucker you weight a lot”- The inner thoughts of Betty Ann

Tucker proudly tells her, “Gary’s my servant for a week.” She helps Tucker down because she is a good friend. Betty Ann inquires into why The Gary has agreed to such terms. The Gary tells her “we made a deal. Don’t ask.” Tucker turns to Betty Ann and says “I found a poem he wrote.” The Gary looks like he is going to implode. Frank who hasn’t gotten that far in his remedial English class says “A poem?” Tucker continues “I promised not to show it to anybody if he’d be my servant.” The Gary tells Tucker “Enough you little spud, one more word and the deals’s off.” Tucker mouths off to him and says he has dirty socks to wash when they return home.  Tucker goes to sit next to Sam and Betty Ann sits next to Frank, they might have a deal going on. Maybe Frank is going to be Betty Ann’s man slave for a week.

The Gary starts his build up by saying “There’s an old saying: What goes around, comes around. In my story a kid finds out that no matter what you do, good or bad, it always comes back at you. It’s great if you do something nice, but if you do something rotten, watch out– it;s coming back, and probably when you least expect it.” They all kind of look at Tucker. Then The Gary submits his story for approval of the Midnight Society and throws in the human sacrifice er I meant Midnight Dust, and calls his story: The Tale of the Crimson Clown.

The Gary narrates “Mike was a pretty average kid, who worked a paper route. It was the day before his mother’s birthday and he managed to save $70 to buy her a gift.”

Meet Mike the good son

Mike tells his brother Sam that they have to go to the store before it closes. They are going to pick out a gift for their Mom’s birthday. Sam doesn’t want to go as he is watching TV. Sam is an asshole.

Sam who should get thrown off a bridge

Mike and Sam tell their mom they are going Ice skating, which she doesn’t question. On their way out Mike almost forgets his skates, but grabs them. Once at the store, Sam rudely bumps into a lady with 2 trash bags full of stuff. She kind of stares at him. Mike is looking for a birthday gift when he sees this:

It’s trying to pierce my soul with it’s eyes

While staring at the clown he is greeted by this guy:

I’ll give you a deal in exchange for something…

He asks Mike if he can help him. Mike explains that he is looking for a birthday gift for his mom and that he can spend $70. The clerk picks up the first thing he sees and tells him for Mike it will be $50. Mike agrees and goes to pay for the trinket. But when he opens up his wallet his money is missing. Sam is caught in a staring contest with the clown. The clerk tells Mike maybe another time. Mike then asks Sam if he saw his money, and a video game falls out of Sam’s jacket. Sam stole the gift money and they try to go and return the game, but the store is closed.

Mike decides to tell Sam what happens to bad kids like him, he says “Whenever you get snotty with somebody, whenever you hurt someone, whenever your’re selfish or insult somebody–” Sam interrupts and says “Yeah yeah, I better not pout, I better not shout, ’cause Santa Claus is coming to town.” Mike says “Sam, whenever you’re bad, and that means when you steal…the crimson clown is watching you.” Sam doesn’t believe Mike, but all of a sudden the eyes glow blue and it kind of freaks Sam out.

They get home and Mike goes up stairs. Mom is pissed that they are late. Sam lies to Mom and says that it is Mike’s fault they are late. Mom gets mad at Mike and yells at him. Sam mocks him behind his mom’s back.

That night Sam is watching TV, when the crimson clown comes out of the TV set and tries to attack him, (This is honestly the best part in the episode, the clown has a funny voice and the scene is recommencement of Laughing in the Dark). Mike turns on the lights and the clown disappears. Then mom comes in and tells Sam it is bedtime and he asks to stay up later.But he ends up going to bed. He calls Mike a overgrown dirt-bag and a geek.

Sam tries to get into the bedroom, but the door is stuck. When he looks at his bed, the crimson clown is sitting on top of his pillow. Then it disappears. Maybe Mike’s goal was to make Sam go insane, if so he is doing a good job of it. Sam is laying in bed, when Mike comes up to apologize because he is the better brother. But Sam ignores him.

Sam is awoken by a bad dream in which this happens:

I’m going to steal your soul

The clown chases Sam in the store and then he does this to Sam:


Sam thinks it was a dream, but the clown is now climbing up Sam underneath the covers. Maybe this is clown foreplay? Sam runs over to Mike, but it’s the clown and his head explodes, which is cool. He then drags Sam into the closet (which could be a metaphor). Sam climbs back into bed and begs for another chance. Sam awakes the next morning, and is granted that second chance. He is overjoyed. Mike comes into the room and tells him to hurry as they run down stairs.

Sam and Mike wait for Mom to open her present, which is a trinket, but Sam think it is the clown since it has purple tissue paper on top. Mom thanks them and says she loves it. Then The Gary narrates “Sam got what he asked for…another chance. Every kid deserves another chance, and the crimson clown gave him his, with a little help from Mike.”

Betty Ann tells The Gary “That is a great story.” Sam turns to Tucker and says “Yeah. What did you think, Tucker?”

ayaotd 4
Should I or shouldn’t I?

Tucker reaches into his pocket and it looks like he is going to share the poem, while Betty Ann looks on anxiously. Instead he gives it back to The Gary. The Gary is happy and says “Yes.”

“Aw I can’t believe that The Gary wrote a poem about me”- The inner thoughts of Betty Ann

Betty Ann has a big smile on her face, which is kind of funny since none of this actually effects her one way or another, unless she thinks the poem is about her. Then The Gary witnesses Frank hitting on Sam again and throws the poem into the fire. Tucker says “What are you doing? You might need it.” The Gary says “Doubt it.” Frank says to Sam “So, are we going out or what?” Sam says to him “Well like Gary said, what goes around comes around. It’s a real hot offer, but…I just think you need to cool off.” As Sam pours the water bucket on Franks head. The Gary uses this opportunity to ask Sam if he can walk her home, she says sure. Then we see the poem was written for Samantha (Sorry Betty Ann). Nobody put out the fire so the forest burns down since the meeting was never declared over and it turns out that the Midnight Society were dead teenagers, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from inhaling all that smoke. (just joking)


Moira’s Thoughts:

I really liked this episode and I wonder if it is somewhat biographical to The Gary and Tucker’s home life. Also it is obvious to me that Tucker does care about his brother and does want him to get with Sam. Maybe he thinks Sam will get The Gary to loosen up a bit. Also I think this episode shows how close Betty Ann is to both The Gary and Tucker. Nobody puts the fire out and the forest burns down since The Gary never declared the meeting over.

  1. Good villain. It was a clown, but done right.
  2. So many parallels to Zebo in this episode, there is even a video game called Zeebo’s big house.
  3. The shopkeeper was creepy also.
  4. This marks the beginning of the whole Frank/Sam/The Gary love triangle (if you add in Betty Ann it would be a square and then Kiki is the odd one out).
  5. I noticed that The Gary never put out the fire or declared the meeting over.

So let’s give it up for The Gary, my future ex-brother in-law and his story: The Tale of the Crimson Clown. Up next is our final episode of Season 3, brought to us by my future ex-boyfriend Frank Moore and the classic episode: The Tale of the Dangerous Soup.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really): Blog 12 of season 3.

Photo credit: title card Sam   Mike  Shop keeper  Clown  big clown  Tied to the bed Screenshots


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