Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 11: The Tale of Quicksilver

“No slick symbols. like signs? drawings? It showed how ancient Egyptians used symbols to communicate.”-Kiki

Tonight’s tale is brought to us from Kiki. (I say tonight like it is night but for me it is almost 2:00 PM, but hey it’s almost 8:00 PM in Montreal where this was filmed so that works right? right?) Anyway this is a great Kiki story, and it has a legitimate star: Tatyana M. Ali in a dual role as twins! Also Jason Alisharan’s brother Kyle is in it. So sit back and relax as we learn about a teenage poltergeist.

The night starts in the clearing with Kiki and Sam laying on the ground looking at the stars. Frank walks in with logs and the water bucket (because fire safety). I think Betty Ann is tending to the fire.

A somewhat bizarre shot of the Midnight Society

I wonder if they have a rotation for fire maker or if it is more like, first one there has to make the fire. Sam exclaims “Beautiful night.” Kiki says “Yeah, just right for a tale of terror.” I wonder when they became friends, they seems kind of close all of a sudden. Just than my future ex-husband Tucker comes up behind them and screams “Ha” really loudly, The Gary who is a killjoy says “What are you doing?” Tucker says “Getting ready for fright night, what else?” Both Sam and Kiki look angry and disgusted at Tucker. Then Tucker proceeds to play what I can only describe as a recorder and he does this very off-key much to the annoyance of Sam, Kiki and everyone else in a 5 mile radius. Sam says to Tucker “stop what is that?” Tucker says “It’s a magic flute from my dad’s shop. It’s supposed to make it rain” Tucker proceeds to play even more off-key. The Gary then reminds Tucker “You’re not suppose to take dad’s stuff.” Frank breaks a twig in Tucker’s face and says “enough”. This causes Tucker to stop and says “Dad’s magic never works.” Kiki tells Tucker “Never say never.”

“Never say Never”- Kiki

I wonder if Kiki wrote that Justin Beiber song, they are both Canadian so kind of makes sense. She tells him “Maybe you’re just doing it wrong.” Tucker responds “You think?”, then Kiki continues her build up to her story, she says “You never know the power of something magical until it’s been tested.” Frank who doesn’t have time for shenanigans says “I hope this is about your story.” Kiki says “If you believe in magic, than you know it can be very powerful, but only if your understand how to use it. Magical powers can be used for good, but if your don’t know what you’re doing, back off (I think she directed that to Tucker) because that same power can turn against you.” Kiki than submits her story and throws in the Midnight Dust, she calls her story: The Tale of Quicksilver.

The story begins in a house where a girl is reading how to trap a creature. She is drawing a door on the wall with chalk. She lays everything out and then says the magic words: “Arabarius, lokoradee, creature of darkness come to me!” The creature appears and she uses her shank to tell the creature to stay where it is.  The girl continues “arabarius, lokoradet, I command you enter this amulet!” Her room catches fire and the demon locks her in, as he does not enter the amulet.

2 years later the Johnston family moves into that very house (hey look Kiki favorite thing, moving!) We are introduced to brother, Aaron and Doug. They love their new house and try to convince mom that they should skip school to help unpack. But she isn’t buying it. Dougie notices that the room is unusually cold and he starts to get a fever.

quicksilver 2
Aaron and Doug Johnston

Later that night, they awoken when their beds start to move similar to an earthquake. Aaron thinks it is Doug and tells him to cut it out, but Dougie says it is not him. Aaron gets out of bed and turns on the lights, which makes the bed stop moving. Then they notice a pile of their stuff stacked up in the corner of the room.  Aaron thinks Doug did it to get back for the scary stories he told him at the hotel. Then they notice this:

The mark of Quicksilver

The next day at school Aaron is flirting hard with a girl he just met, her name is Connie. They have math class together. The teacher Mrs. Whatshername introduces him to the class and tells him to take a seat next to Connie. He is delighted. As he walks to his seat, papers from the desks of the other students start to fly off. Aaron goes to help Connie pick up the papers, but they bump heads.

Connie Turner, not to be confused with Ashley Banks

This is kind of like Sean and the girl he was stalking in Kiki’s other story, the tale of the Dream Machine. I wonder if Kiki thinks that is how people fall in love, they first bump into each other.

Anyway class proceeds and all of a sudden Aaron’s desk starts to float in the air, and none of the kids around him notice. Then the desk drops very loudly on the floor, which causes the teacher to say this “Are you a comedian Mr. Johnston?” Aaron says “No” and she basically tears him a new one. Then she tells the class they will be having a quiz and to take notes. Aaron reaches down to grab his pencil and it rolls to the front of the room. Then the bell rings.

Laura complements Aaron on his necklace. He tells her it was his grandfathers and that he was a pilot. Oh also it is pure silver. Laura tells both Doug and Aaron she will see him the next day. Doug kind of makes fun of his brother for flirting with Laura.

That night Aaron has a dream, where he is walking into his room and witnesses the events of what happened in the opening. Only he thinks it is Connie, when things go wrong, she turns to Aaron and says “I was wrong! I did it wrong!”

The mirror lies!

Aaron than wakes up screaming. He tells Doug about it. Then the necklace gets dragged from the nightstand to the closet. Aaron finds an old year book with a photo of Laura with the same Q that is on the wall. Then the creature of darkness appears to them and they scream.

Say no to drugs kids

The next day at school, Aaron ask Connie Turner if she is related to a girl named Laura. Connie tells Aaron that it is not funny. Aaron says he is not trying to be funny, but ask who she is and that he needs to talk to her. Connie says “Laura’s my twin sister. Who got you to do this?” Aaron says “Nobody is there a problem?” Connie tells Aaron “Laura’s dead.” Aaron shows Connie the yearbook and mentions it was Laura’s, then inquires as to where Aaron go it.

Back at home, Doug learns what a Quicksilver is, “which is a teenage girl poltergeist, known for leaving the letter Q where they haunt.” Doug realizes that the room is haunted by a Quicksilver and it freaks him out. Then there is a cool transition to the math class.

Connie tells Aaron that Laura had a secret hiding place, but before she can finish Aaron says “behind the wall near the floor?, Connie I live in your old house.” He inquires into how Laura died. Connie says “the room caught fire and then nobody knows what happened.” Aaron says he has an idea of what happened.

Connie comes over to the house and helps them with what Laura started. They draw a door with white chalk and place candle and herbs into the same thing Laura did. The creature appears to them, and Aaron is ready with the wand to keep the creature at bay. They read the magic words, but it does not work. The creature takes Doug. Connie says she doesn’t know what went wrong, they did everything the book says. Aaron says “Laura said she did it wrong. We must have missed something. We must have.” Then the creature comes back, and Aaron realizes that the spoon Laura used wasn’t silver but steal. He replaces it with his necklace and this time the spell works and the creature is transported into the amulet.

the fight
Finishing what Laura started

Doug returns to the bed and Connie is reunited with Laura. Laura takes the amulet from Connie. Connie apologizes to Laura for not believing her. They blow each other a kiss.

Reunited at last

Kiki narrates “Because Connie finished what her sister started, Doug got better, neither ghost was ever seen again. The End.” Tucker says “So if you’re going to use magic, make sure you do it right.” The Gary declares the meeting of the Midnight Society closed. As he puts out the fire, Tucker plays the magic recorder, which makes it rain on the gang. Tucker explains “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! Wait for me!”

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode, it was exciting from the beginning and moved very fast, which was appreciated. It was a good transition story, from Sam’s love story to another story about a different kind of love. However I will say that the sibling relationships in the story seem to good to be true, my relationship with my brother is closer to Tucker and The Gary. We did not get along as kids and I still have a lot of resentment toward him.

  1. I really liked this story and I think the casting was spot on.
  2. I liked that this was a Kiki story, but I would have like to see the reactions of the Midnight Society halfway through the story. I really miss the scenes where they go back to an explanation of what is happening.
  3. It was odd that the creature never made any noise.
  4. It was also odd that we saw reaction shots from all of the Midnight Society members in the beginning but Betty Ann, who said nothing the whole time.

Let’s give it up for our girl Kiki and her awesome story about a teenage poltergeist in The Tale of Quicksilver. Up next it my future ex-brother in-law The Gary with his story about a bad sibling named Sam in The Tale of the Crimson Clown (get ready for Zeebo references).

So until next time….Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’ s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), blog 11 of Season 3

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

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