Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 8: The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse

Title card
“I’ll remember that”- Tucker

Tonight’s tale is brought to us from my future ex-husband Tucker. This is my favorite Tucker story in the entire first run of the show. Tucker’s stories are mostly themed around families that have siblings that do not always get along, kind of like him and my future ex-brother in law The Gary. Lets sit back and relax as we hear his tale of terror: The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse.

The night begins with Tucker laughing and running away from The Gary. The Gary yells at Tucker “Come back here you little toad.” Tucker than runs into Sam making her drop the logs she was carrying. (Wow Sam really pulls her weight as for log duties, she only joined 5 episodes ago, and I swear in each episode she has been the one getting logs).  Sam yells at Tucker “Hey!” and The Gary yells “Grab him!”

guardian's curse
Stop you little toad

Frank is all like with pleasure, so Frank grabs Tucker. Frank says to Tucker “Yo slow down chief.” Kiki and Betty Ann go over to The Gary, who tells them “he stole my ankh.” to which Betty Ann says “Your what?” The Gary repeats “My ankh.”

guardian's curse3
“Your what?”- Betty Ann (Kiki got distracted by a space ship)

Frank says “what’s an ankh?” Tucker says “Back off Godzilla and I’ll show you.” Frank puts Tucker down and he shows them a necklace.

guardian's curse2
Frank as Godzilla

The Gary lunges at Tucker and Sam is left to play moderator. Tucker says he needs the ankh for his story. The Gary says “You stole that our of my private drawer.” (So do The Gary and Tucker share a room? Is that why The Gary has a private drawer, why not get a pad lock for it or better yet put it in a footlocker). Sam tells them to stop and then thanks them when they do stop (which honestly seems kind of pointless).

guardian's curse 5
The first of many family fights Sam would have to stop

Sam turns to Tucker and says “Now why did you take it…and then turns to The Gary, What is it?” Tucker tells her “it’s an ankh.” The Gary says “You should of asked. Your always taking my stuff.” (family drama alert) Sam then turns back to Tucker and says “Tucker ask him.” Tucker is annoyed by this and rolls his cute eyes and says to The Gary “Can I borrow your ankh?” The Gary kind of glares and Sam says “Don’t make this any harder.” (If she only knew the amount of future fights she will evidently have to break up) The Gary is reluctant but says “Oh alright.” Tucker says “Thank you”, but I am not sure if he is thanking Sam or The Gary. Sam then takes Tucker by the shoulder, and goes to sit next to Betty Ann.

guardian's curse 4
Betty Ann admiring Sam’s moderating skills, or thinking of something nostalgic?

Tucker says “I need the ankh because it’s an ancient symbol everybody knows, (that is not true, I had no idea what an ankh was and neither did Betty Ann) it means life. My story’s full of  ancient symbols (this was before the Da Vinci code was a thing) but ya have to know how to read them. Like the ankh it means life, and that’s good, but ya have to be careful because sometimes life could be far worse than anything you can imagine.” Betty Ann is staring at Sam, which is kind of odd. Tucker continues “including death.” Tucker than submits his story and calls it: The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse.

This kind of has a guest star, Danny Cooksey from Salute your shorts fame, that is right Bobby Budnick himself.

The story begins in a museum, where some construction workers find a hidden room. In that room they find a tomb. The tomb belongs to Mina the Guardian. The construction workers decide they need to call someone once they see that their is in fact a tomb in the crate they found. We are then introduced to the Dugan family. The dad, professor James and his son and daughter Josh and Cleo. James is an expert in Egyptology at a museum along with his colleague, Dr. Capel-Smith. The Dugan’s were suppose to go on a ski trip for the weekend. But they know that they won’t be going since they discovered Mina the Guardian’s tomb. Also professor Dugan is a single father.

Josh and Cleo
Meet Josh and Cleo Dugan

Professor Dugan tells Dr. Capel-Smith they must take the mummy to his lab immediately. Cleo and Josh know all to well, that means the vacation is off. Professor Dugan wants to return the mummy to Egypt, but Dr. Capel-Smith has other plans. Dr. Capel-Smith looks like he is going to ejaculate in his pants he is so excited. Cleo thinks it is cool.

Later on the Dugan’s are back at home, and Cleo makes their dad dinner. Josh thinks their dad needs a girlfriend. He is excited to tell Cleo all about his translations and learned that the Egyptians made blood sacrifices to ensure Mina would have a fruitful harvest. He tell his kids about how everyone knows about the ring, but that there is also an elixir of life (something tells me this will be important later on in the story).  He tells them “The elixir brings life, the ring brings eternity.” Josh sarcastically says “Wow totally blown away.” Then he tells the kids about the curse, which was about death and torture for anyone who disturbed the tombs. Professor Dugan sends Josh and Cleo back to the museum to pick up some photos. Cleo asks if this means the vacation is officially off, to which Professor Dugan seems unfazed by.

Josh and Cleo go back to the museum, when they are in their father’s office Josh accidentally knocks the tomb and a secret pocket opens up. In the pocket they find the elixir of life which has a symbol of an ankh and the ring of eternity. Cleo says that they need to show their dad. They fight and some of the elixir of life spills onto Mina’s hand, which brings her to life. When they go back to get the pictures, the mummy has gone missing.

“Bring me to life”- Evanescence

Josh and Cleo race home to tell their father that Mina has gone missing, and that they found the ring of eternity. Only when they get their, the house has been ransacked and their father is missing. (At this point in the story, it would have been nice to cut back to the Midnight Society, so they could ask the questions we have and we could get some answers.) Also the phone is off the hook. The kids find a note that says “I’ve got to go to the museum after all.” Somebody is in the house and they think it might be the mummy, so they decide to go back to the museum and find their dad.

Once back at the museum, they cannot find him. Cleo doesn’t believe that the curse is real, Josh tries to tell her it is, but Cleo isn’t buying it. They fight about whether or not the mummy come to life. Cleo says ” what are you saying that a 10,000 year old mummy just hopped off a table and …” Then they see the mummy’s hand from behind a wall. Josh and Cleo run into the basement and plan to go out the fire exit. They end up going through an Egypt room.

They wonder what the smell might be, and run when they hear foot steps. They find their dad on top of some crates passed out. He wakes up and asks them what is going on. Dr. Capel-Smith tells Professors that his kids have something he wants. Josh Dugan says “What?” Dr. Capel-Smith says “I want the ring of eternity.” Professor Dugan says “I didn’t find the ring.” Dr. Capel-Smith says “But your children did.” Dr. Capel-Smith reveals he was the one who ransacked the house as he didn’t want the ring to go back to the Egyptian authorities. He also reveals that he has soaked the crates in kerosene and that he is willing to make the museum go up in flames. Cleo says they got to do it and to give the ring to Dr. Capel-Smith. Cleo ask the Dr. to show them if the ring works or not before torching the museum. And this happens:

“Behold you are now gazing at an immortal”- Dr. Capel-Smith

He turns to stone to get eternal life. She got the idea from the translation. Josh points out that he knew they had the ring, he didn’t know that they had the elixir. Then the mummy shows up and asks for her ring back. Josh places the ring on Mina’s finger transforming her into a beautiful woman. Josh wonders if she likes to ski. Their dad sort of falls in love with her and this happens:

A new love
“She blinded me with science”- Thomas Dolby

Then we are brought back to the clearing. Tucker says “So the true guardian’s curse was immortality and Dr. Capel-Smith was the final victim. The End.” Tucker says this while getting up and backing up like he is going to leave. Betty Ann and Sam both look impressed, as Tucker leaves the clearing. Sam turns to The Gary and says “See now wasn’t that worth letting him borrow it?” The Gary says “Yes the story was pretty good. Hey the little toad still has my ankh!” Sam yells out “Tucker!” Betty Ann says “Here we go again” and Sam puts out the fire as The Gary goes to chase Tucker to get his Ankh back. Also The Gary never declares the meeting over.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really liked this episode, as I found it exciting. I also really enjoyed the ending.

  1. I liked how we got a glimpse into the life of Tucker and The Gary at home.
  2. I think it was clever that Sam was the one who played moderator to The Gary and Tucker.
  3. I would have liked to see The Gary and Tucker back at home and possibly with the rest of the Midnight Society to see if The Gary would get Frank to pound Tucker.
  4. I wonder what else The Gary keeps in his private drawer.

Let’s give it up for my future ex-husband Tucker and his story: The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse. Up next is Betty Ann with The Tale of the Curious Camera, which has one of my favorite openings since we get to see childhood photos of the Midnight Society.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Until next time…..Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 8 of Season 3.

Photo credits: Title card  Josh and Cleo  Cursed  A new love Mina Screen shots’


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