Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 7: The Tale of the Carved Stone

carved stone

Tonight my future ex-brother in law is up, that is right The Gary is up for the first time in ages. I hope he isn’t rusty.

The night starts with Betty Ann, Frank, Kiki, Sam and Tucker walking to the clearing. It appears to be a windy night. Someone has stepped on Tucker’s heel. Tucker thinks it was Frank, but Frank says “I’m in front of your dork.” Tucker than says “Then who stepped on my—” Then Kiki suddenly stops and Sam almost falls on top of her. It is kind of funny.  Sam asks Kiki, why she hushed them.

carved stone
“We got company”- Kiki Betty Ann: Where I don’t see anyone

Kiki says “We got company. look.”, they all look and see a person in a dark cape and hat. Frank says “Maybe it’s Gary.” Kiki says “Do you think?” Sam says “Yeah. It’s probably some costume he got from his dad’s store.”

carved stone 3
The Gary?

Tucker says “Yeah. He’s probably just trying to spook us.” (Finally they are using logical to realize if they see a “stranger”, it is probably just the one person who is not there with them). Frank calls out “Yo Gary!” followed by Kiki who says “We know it’s you. Cut it out.” Then Gary pops out from behind and says “Cut what out?”

carved stone 4
Whaaa?! That isn’t you!  Kiki: Here is our sacrifice take Betty Ann

Sam says “I-i-if you’re here…” Tucker finishes “Then, then who’s the guy with the hat?” The wind blows the hat off and it is revealed to be nobody. Sam asks The Gary, “Did you do that?” The Gary says “Yeah O.K. I confess.”

carved stone 6
Betty Ann: Lol The Gary you can’t fool me! Kiki: I’ll cut you

Kiki says “Man you really had us going.” (correction Kiki, he had you going, the others were not as freaked out).

Carved stone 7
The Gary: So much for not being scary

Sam asks The Gary “What is all this?” The Gary says “I found it in a trunk in my dad’s store.” He then gets Sam to help him put on the cape and hat. The Gary tells the gang “It was supposedly worn by a strange order of monks hundreds of years ago.” Betty Ann thinks it is cool. The Gary continues “Yeah legend says these guys were truly evil. The stories say they had this magical power to take over people’s minds, and control the forces of nature.” Then The Gary does this lame thing where he pretends to disappear with the cape.  The Gary continues “Obviously, they’re not around anymore. But I had this idea, what if these mystical monks had so much magical power that they learned how to control the one thing that would make them dangerous forever? Time!” Then The Gary submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society as The Tale of the Carved Stone.

Also there is a guest star in this episode: Frank Groshin, he played the Riddler in the Batman TV show from the 60’s.

We are introduced to Alison Denny, she just moved to the area and has no friends. She hates her new home and doesn’t understand why they had to move. She talks to herself and watches the other kids through the window. She sees a group of kids walking and one of them drops a pair of super specs.

Meet Alison

She accidentally breaks the super specs and ends up at this guys store:

“Have you seen our vomit?” Sardo

Sardo tries to sell Alison stuff and then tries to interest in her popularity potion. She is excited and inquires about the potion. He pulls out an “Egyptian” friendship stone, which he pulls out of a treasure chest. Alison asks how it works. Sardo explains “You just hold it in your hand, close your eyes and recite the ancient Egyptian spell: amrak…vitulin…Ra.” She says “And then what?” Sardo says “That’s it. Presto you ‘ll have more friends than you’ll know what to do with.” I am surprised he did get her to do the hooky poky. Sardo tries to sell it to Alison for $40, and she says no. He ends up taking $17.75 and tells her, he is losing on the deal. If you seen one episode with Sardo in it, they are all kind of the same wheel and deal spiel.

When Alison is leaving the store, this guy is standing outside:

Brother Septimus an evil monk

He is looking for an amulet that Sardo had bought that morning (remember the treasure chest from earlier).

Alison goes back home waiting for the kids from earlier to come around and get their funny glasses back. When she sees them, she tries using the Egyptian friendship stone to make friends. They belong to a guy named Don who seems O.K. but his friends are complete bitches who make fun of Alison for calling them to come over and get the glasses back. Alison tells them she was hoping they could hang, but before she can get the words out they leave. The stone did not work, so Alison decides to go back to Sardo’s magic mansion to get a refund.

When she arrives at the Magic Mansion, everything is turned over and it looks like there was a confrontation in the store. Sardo is being held in the back by brother Septimus, who wants to know where the amulet is. He makes Sardo look into his eyes (not like in a romantic way, but I think to hypnotize him) and he grills Sardo about whereabouts of it. When Alison calls out to Sardo, brother Septimus impersonates his voice and tells her to leave as the store is closed. Sardo, then tells Septimus that he sold the amulet to Alison earlier that day.

Alison than somehow figures out how to use the Egyptian friendship stone and sees a boy from the 1890’s in her current room. Then Brother Septimus shows up outside and tries to get her to look into his eyes to give him the amulet. She backs into the mirror and time travels back to 1890’s. There she meets Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw and her current house is his grandma’s house. Alison sees the carving on the table, but it is a fresh carving this time. She tries to explain the stone to Thomas Jefferson. He doesn’t believe her, and she takes him back to her time to see the house in its current year.

Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw

TJB is super exited to see his house in the 1990’s. He explores the future and opens the door when the bell rings, but it is just Sardo. Sardo tries to warn them about Brother Septimus. Unfortunately, Brother Septimus is also there and threatens Sardo with getting the amulet back.

A battle ensues and Sardo is kind of freaking out. Sardo realizes that the amulet could be worth a lot of money since it allows one to time travel. Sardo puts the stone up to the mirror and gets sucked into it by Brother Septimus. TJB tells him to leave Alison alone and that he has his rock. Alison warns TJB not to look into Septimus’s eyes. But he does and Brother Septimus decides to make TJB his next victim, but Alison saves him and TJB breaks the mirror, sending Septimus somewhere in a different dimension.

Alison sees the carving on her table, that now read:  Alison and Tom friends forever inside a heart.


Then we cut back to the Midnight Society, where The Gary says “the amulet was gone and Brother Septimus was never seen again. Alison would never forget the first friend she made in her new home.” He doesn’t say the end, but I guess it is implied. Then The Gary says “I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed… until next time.” He puts out the fire and they congratulate him on a good story. Betty Ann asks him to try on the hat and walks out of the meeting with it on. The hat made The Gary look like a padre with a cape.

Carved stone 8
Sènior The Gary el padre de amor

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really liked this story, but it had an really odd religious overtone. As a person found it difficult to make friends as a child I could relate to Alison a lot. For me it wasn’t due to moving it was due to being shy, in fact my shyness got worse the older I got. I am a very shy person today and it takes me a while to feel comfortable to talk to people. I have to spend about 15 minutes preparing myself for just calling the doctors to make an appointment. While this could play into me interviewing Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther, my friend would kick my ass if I missed the opportunity to do it since that is my goal with this blog. Plus I think I could do it just fine, as I could prepare myself and calm myself down in time.

  1. I liked how the gang was somewhat freaked out by the figure in the beginning. I also liked that both Tucker and Sam used logic to remind the others it could just be The Gary.
  2. I liked that The Gary dressed up in this episode, it really added a new element to his story telling.
  3. This would have been a story that would have benefited from a cut back to the Midnight Society halfway through to give us the viewer some clarification about what was going on in the story.
  4. The shots with the Midnight Society, seemed to be very clear or even done with a live recorder or maybe the budget got bigger and they just make the film better quality.

So lets give it up for my future ex-brother in law, The Gary for his tale of friendship, The tale of the Carved Stone. Up next is our third story from my future ex-husband Tucker, with my favorite Tucker story: The Tale of the Guardian’s Curse.

Until next time….. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 7 of Season 3.

P.S. this blog took me over 3 days to complete as I just couldn’t concentrate. But better late than never!

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: title card  Alison Sardo Brother Septimus  Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw  Tom and Alison


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