Behind the Blog: A look at what goes into creating episode summaries

Since I have hit a certain amount of episodes currently at 32 in total, I thought I would give my reader a look at how I go about writing these summaries.

When I go to write a summary, I first watch the episode. But sometimes, I am just not in the right mood to watch the episode in whole. This is what happened to me when I was watching The Tale of the Midnight Ride, I just could not get into the story. I ended up having to stop and restart it about 3 different times before finally getting through the entire episode.

I was channeling my inner T-pain

After I watch the episode, I go in search of photos to put into the post, since I have noticed that my summaries are very detailed, I like to add photos as reading breakers. I have been using an AYAOTD wiki page for my photos.

Once I have done that, I upload them to WordPress. Then get started with writing. I tend to put a lot of focus into the interactions with the Midnight Society. In fact my favorite part of each episode is the opening and closing with the Midnight Society. In order to do this, I end up watching the episode for a third or fourth time.

Once that is done, I make sure to add the photo credits to all my posts and recently have added in the part about tweeting and or Facebook messaging the blog to Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther to make them aware of the fact I would like to interview them, since multiple voices are stronger than one.

Then when I am happy with it, I hit publish. I actually worked on my post for The Tale of the Bookish Baby-sitter for 3 days until I was happy with it.

Mahalo readers for your continued support, I hope I get the chance to interview the cast of AYAOTD, fingers crossed.


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