Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 3: The Tale of Watcher’s Woods

watchers woods
“It’s Samantha, my friends call me Sam”- Sam

Tonight we are in for a treat, Betty Ann has finally come through and her friend is now ready to be initiated into the Midnight Society. As far as initiation stories goes, this is a great one, however totally different than a normal Sam story. Anyway without further ado, I give you the summary of Sam’s first tale: The Tale of Watcher’s Woods.

The night begins with Betty Ann in what appears to be a hostage negotiation, no wait apparently now they must cover the persons head until the others arrive. This does not make sense to me, I understand keeping the location of the clearing secret until they get there, but why did Sam have to keep the potato sack on her head until the others arrive? Maybe Betty Ann wanted to build suspense, at any rate, Betty Ann tells Sam once the others arrive she will take the bag off her head. Also I thought Betty Ann was wearing a sweater until she got up, her t-shirt sleeves are as long as her arms, I hope she knows that she can get a smaller size shirt.

Betty Ann: Your lucky when I joined, I had to take a blood oath

At any rate the gang arrives and Tuckers tells the new person (who they all think is a guy, and possibly a guy Betty Ann has a crush on, given how they talk about it). “This better be good cause we could get electrocuted.” Kiki seems rather impatient tonight and says “So who is this mystery guy we’ve been hearing about?” Maybe Kiki is angry that she did not get to initiate anybody into the Midnight Society. Betty Ann says ” Guys my friend Sam and takes the bag off Sam’s head to reveal this:

“Birds”- Sam

Kiki is confused with the unisex name and says “Sam?”, Sam explains that her real name is Samantha but her friends call her Sam (I presume this is due to laziness). Frank, tries to hit on Sam right away with this smooth line “Yo Sam I’m Frank and I think you’re the hottest thing around this campfire.” Kiki’s reaction to Frank hitting on Sam is priceless, she actually rolls her eyes. Sam is not impressed and tells Frank “Thanks, you can call me Samantha.” Then she squeezes his hand very hard until he says mercy. Tucker is impressed by this and says “The babes got bite!” The Gary can barely contain his erection long enough to get the meeting started. He tells Sam that he thinks she is perfect for the group (before even hearing her story, Betty Ann must be stewing since she probably has feelings of unrequited love towards The Gary). Anyway The Gary asks Sam if she knows the rules, she says “Sure, I tell you guys a story and if you like it I am in, if not I am on the highway.” Kiki doesn’t seem to like Sam, maybe she is angry that Betty Ann has another friend outside of the group. Kiki says ” let’s get going O.K.?” Sam takes her seat at the storytellers chair, with Betty Ann, who wishes her good luck, by her side (because she isn’t a member yet, so Betty Ann has to throw in the Midnight Dust). Sam starts by saying ” I have lots of stories I could have told, but I picked one that kind of fits the setting. There are tons of ancient legends about the woods… legends of spirits like the Manitou or the Windigo, but whatever happened to these spirits once people showed up to hack down their world? Many moved on, but some say the truly evil ones clung to home, with twisted hearts full of revenge for all who dare disturb their home.” Then Sam submits her story for the Midnight Society as Betty Ann throws in the Midnight Dust: The Tale of Watcher’s Woods.

Also this episode has a guest star: Jewel Staite, from the show Firefly. Firefly was a favorite show of mine and I still cannot believe it never got a season 2.

We are introduced to Camp Grindlestone. We learn about Sarah an overachiever and a first time camper. She has a run in with another camper named Kelly. Kelly hates camp, and her parents only sent to her Grindlestone to get her out of the house for a couple weeks. They are staying in tent 6, and Kelly mockingly tells Sarah they can be pals.

Later that night, they steal Sarah’s trail makers vest. Sylvie is playing the piano and apparently bats hate music. Sarah sees a plaque that mentions Watcher’s Woods and asks about it. Kelly explains, that if you get into watcher’s woods, you get blipped and disappear. They say the woods is like a shark looking for victims. Kelly tells Sarah that the campers went missing 1919 and it has been 75 years to the day tomorrow. Then Kelly asks Sarah if she wants to go for a hike in watcher’s woods and calls her a superstar. Then a rat, goes near Kelly, who hates rats (I’ve noticed that whoever is in charge of animal supply on AYAOTD, lacks basic animal knowledge as the rats are in fact mice). Sarah says “It’s just a little rat.”

Sarah and Kelly

The next morning the camp is gathered for a nature hike, Sarah is teamed up with Kelly who is not happy about it. Sarah tells Kelly “Maybe we’ll find watcher’s woods” and Kelly mocks her. Once in the woods, Kelly wants to smoke, but Sarah stops her because of a fire ban. Kelly also wants to ditch and go back to camp, but Sarah says no she enjoys the woods. Kelly decides to show Sarah a bird nest if she agrees to go swimming. Sarah agrees, but Kelly ditches her and takes her backpack.

They both get lost and end up in watcher’s woods. Kelly ends up as a prisoner of the three missing campers who believe she stole their whistles. They trap Kelly in a cage with a bucket of “rats”. Then Sarah runs into this guy:

“Hello Sarah, welcome to my woods”- The watcher

She screams and runs off. She later finds Kelly with the three missing campers. She asks them to let Kelly go, but they refuse and then Sarah offers to go and get their whistles for them in exchange for letting them go. They do not believe that Sarah will come back, but let her go anyway. Sarah uses the stars to find her way back to camp and grab the three whistles.

When she goes back to the area with the missing campers, she trips and falls and one of the whistles ends up in the bucket of “rats”. The three campers tell Sarah in order to break the curse, they must have three whistles and it was mean to play a trick on them. Sarah tells them the third whistle was with her but she must have dropped it. They tell her it is too late and strap her to a wooden bench where they plan to cut off her head. Kelly tries to tell the campers that the whistle is in the bucket, but they do not believe her. Kelly is then forced to reach into the bucket and retrieve the whistle. Kelly reaches into the bucket and grabs the whistle and gives it a blow to then tosses it to the campers.

watchers 2
Finally able to leave the woods and take showers

The campers stand in disbelief that they finally got their whistles. They blow on them three times and then fade away. In there place stand three trail markers that mean I am going home. On there way back to camp, Sarah and Kelly are passed by a car, that has the now younger campers in the back. They wave as a thank you for setting them free. Then the whole camp comes out and are happy to see Kelly and Sarah alive.

Sam then ends her story. Then Sam says “So what did you guys think?” The gang must now decide is she can join. Sam looks very nervous. It takes them all of 1 minute to decide that Sam can join the Midnight Society. The Gary says to Sam “Um I don’t know how to tell you this…” Sam then interrupts him and says “that’s O.K. I understand thanks for the shot.” The Gary continues “What I mean is it’s gonna be real hard calling somebody that looks like you Sam. Welcome to the Midnight Society” Sam smiles and then Frank goes to shake her hand, but pulls it away. Betty Ann gives Sam a high-five and says “you did great.” Once again the meeting is not declare over and the fire is not put out. But I assume this is because they are congratulating Sam on a job well done. Even Kiki looks happy that Sam got in.

Moira Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. I think along with Frank’s story it is one of the better initiation stories told throughout the series. I also liked how the members thought Sam was a guy and possibly that Betty Ann saw Sam as a potential boyfriend.

  1. The villain was great. The concept of the story was good as well. It is a scary thought to get lost in the woods and not be able to find your way out.
  2. I feel like Sam did research before crafting her story and I appreciate that a lot.
  3. I liked the chemistry with the main characters in this episode.
  4. I think Sam was a good fit into the Midnight Society, she is a cross between Kristen and Kiki.

So what a way to get into the Midnight Society, with such a great story. Lets all give Sam a round of applause for her story: The Tale of Watcher’s Woods. Up next since I seem to be going in episode order again, is my future ex-husband Tucker with his story: The Tale of the Phone Police, which is told via an old school cell phone.

Until next time…Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 3 of season 3.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo credits: title card  Betty Ann and Sam  Sam revealed   The Watcher  Sarah and Kelly  The three hags


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