Are You Afraid of The Dark? Season 3 Episode 2: The Tale of Apartment 214

“I’m dead”- Frank

Tonight we are treated to our first Kiki story of the new season and it is about moving! Kiki loves moving (well not the act of it, but the idea of it). I should clarify, moving as in houses not like dancing, but I am sure Kiki likes dancing. Her friends think she is cray cray. Buckle up and get ready for a Kiki story (also guess the ethnicity of the protagonist: hint: she is not white).

**It looks like winter outside right now, lots of rain and kind of windy. I bet I will get a flood warning tonight. I phone is telling me it is  a 10% chance of rain (it lies).**

The night begins with Tucker snooping around the storytellers chair. He wants to know what the midnight dust is made of (dude it is human bones duh). Betty Ann catches him and tells him to put it down or The Gary will freak (The Gary must hold a tight leash if Betty Ann is afraid of what might happen). The Gary tells Tucker “Hey don’t touch the pouch.” Tucker in true Canadian form says “Sorry.” Then The Gary turns his wrath on to Betty Ann and says “Well what about your friend Sam, are we getting a new member or what?” (The Gary must have forgotten that he told Betty Ann just last week, no rush). Betty Ann says “next week, Kiki is up tonight.” (I wonder if they have a Vice President of the Midnight Society, if so I bet it is Betty Ann since she knows the rotation better than The Gary). Frank walks in and announces “Man I am dead.” Tucker says “Yeah from the neck up.” Frank says “You want to be dead from the neck down?” (Lol my future ex’s lol). Tucker’s smile quickly fades away. They all go and sit down. Frank explains he was helping his brother move. The Gary says “I hate moving.” Betty Ann says “Moving is the worst.”

Who has two thumbs and likes to move? This girl!

Kiki looks at them like they be crazy. It is actually a hilarious look on her.  Kiki speaks up and says “I love it!”, Franks says “say what?” The Gary says “What?” Frank says “How can you like moving?” Kiki explains “Moving stuff around isn’t fun, but moving to a new place is like a mystery. You always wonder who lived there before (especially if it is a dorm room), you know what they were like, why they left.” The Gary says “Sounds like a good story.” Kiki says “It is.” Kiki is beaming with confidence. You go girl! The Gary gives Kiki the pouch of Midnight Dust, and she takes her seat as the storyteller. She starts by saying “My story is about moving, and about promises a promise is a pledge, something to be relied on. You should never break a promise, cause if you do it might come back to haunt you.” (actually according to Webster’s dictionary a promise is: a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specific). Betty Ann is looking all intense. Then Kiki submits, but the pouch is empty, Tucker is just sitting there with a grin on his face (if this is what our marriage will be like, than I can see why he will be my future ex-husband). The Gary angrily turns to Tucker and says “Give it back bozo.”  Tucker hands the bag of Midnight Dust to Kiki, and Betty Ann smiles. Kiki kind of glares at Tucker, and she is finally able to submit her story as The Tale of Apartment 214.

I just want to say that the music in the opening background reminds me of a retirement home. Anyways we are introduced to Stacy Cooper, her parents are getting a divorce and her and mom have moved across town to an apartment. She is lucky as they are able to bring the dog (who is a cute little fur ball). She complains about the apartment being small.

Was that an earthquake?

Later on Stacy and her mom are getting stuff out of the trunk, when the apartment manager tells them to move the car. They drop what I can only assume is their life savings on the ground. The manager is an asshole. Stacy goes to get the broom to clean up the mess of broken glass (it is like a metaphor for her life situation right now).

Also Stacy is kind of being stalked by whoever is in apartment 214, they are constantly opening and closing the door when she is near and looking at her when she is sitting on the fire escape.  One night Stacy goes to see who lives in 214, but is stopped by her mom.

Stacy goes to knock on the door, but than decides not too, and she meet Angela from 211. The next day, Stacy finally goes and knocks on 214’s door. She is greeted by an elderly woman who invites her in to drink tea. The woman is named Madeline Koegel, she was a painter. Madeline tells Stacy her life story about how her nephew Frank abandoned her and broke his promise to take care of her. Stacy offers to be friends with her as long as she does not mind being friends with an old woman.

Kiki narrates “As the days went by Stacy and Madeline spent a ton of time together (really missing the cutaways to the Midnight Society). Stacy helped Madeline with the tougher chores around the apartment. Madeline told Stacy really cool stories about her life. It was perfect, Madeline wasn’t lonely anymore, and Stacy found her first new friend.”

Then one day Madeline is talking to Stacy and tells Stacy she would like her to come by tomorrow. Stacy says sure, what is up? Madeline says ” Nothing. It’s just a day on which I prefer not to be alone.” Stacy says “No sweat. I’ll be here.” She promises and Madeline tells her she has a surprise for her.

The next day on her way into the building, Stacy runs into Angela. Angela shows her concert tickets for battle of the bands. She offers Stacy the extra ticket to come. Stacy says “Really? When?” Angela says “Right now.” Stacy’s excitement dies down as she remembers she made a promise to hangout with Madeline. Angela even offers to let Stacy meet her friends, but Stacy says she can’t go. Then Angela convinces her to come to the concert and to blow off Madeline. Madeline watches as Stacy gets into the car.

I love MC Hammer

Later that night, Stacy hears crying from Madeline. Stacy feeling guilty goes to visit her and to say sorry. But Madeline freaks out on Stacy and says “Why did you break your promise?”

“Why did you break your promise?”- Madeline

This scares Stacy who turns on the lights, only to reveal that Madeline’s apartment now looks empty. Stacy then briefly gets locked into the apartment and knocks on the door asking someone to open it so she can escape. Stacy runs to her apartment and her mom says she probably moved out.

The next day, Stacy with mom in tow go to ask the apartment manager about the lady in 214. He claims nobody lives there and Stacy says, yes a woman named Madeline Koegel lives there. The manager says “No one live in 214, no one live there for years.”

Then Kiki narrates again “It just didn’t make sense. All Stacy know for sure was that Madeline left and she would have to live with the guilt of a broken promise. As time went on she realized that Madeline wasn’t coming back and she would never get the chance to apologize.” Once again a cutaway to the Midnight Society would have been nice to see the reactions on their faces as Kiki was explaining the situation would have been appreciated. Maybe they couldn’t do this for budget reasons?

Anyway one night Stacy’s mom is going to meet up with her father to try and sort through their difference (I think she wants to give Stacy to him to live it up as a single lady for a while or maybe get back together).

Stacy tells her mom to go and not to be late. She tells Stacy that just because they are talking does not mean they are getting back together. Also there is a thunderstorm going on. Stacy is ready a book and cuddling with her pup, when Madeline comes up and knocks on the door, but when Stacy opens it, she is gone. Madeline is just playing with Stacy and I think emotionally abusing her at this point. Stacy walks into Madeline’s apartment only to see it still abandoned, but this time with a painting of her and Stacy sitting on the couch drinking tea. Then all of a sudden Madeline’s furniture returns and she once again confronts Stacy. Madeline says “I didn’t want to be alone on that day. That day is the worst day, and you didn’t come! It was a very lonely day for me Stacy, and do you know why? It was my anniversary. 10 years ago on that day, is the day I died!” Stacy throw down the painting and runs for her apartment.

Stacy runs inside and locks the door, only for Madeline to slip a note underneath it that reads Why did you break your promise? Then Stacy backs up and the curtain goes up to reveal Madeline standing outside on the balcony. Stacy screams and runs to Angela’s apartment asking for her help. Then the power goes out and she gets scared by the apartment manager, who she thinks is Madeline. He tells her to go home.

Stacy’s dog goes into Madeline’s apartment, he doesn’t listen to Stacy when she tells him no. Madeline keeps harping on the broken promise. Stacy apologizes and explains why she did not come and then Madeline then suddenly become less angry. Madeline tells Stacy “It is very important to make friends.You shouldn’t have to be alone. I won’t bother you anymore.” Then Stacy says “Madeline are you really dead?” To which Madeline says “I’m afraid so.” She basically tells Stacy, that she isn’t moving on since the apartment is her home. She says she has nowhere to go and nobody wants her (it could be the whole forcing people to visit you thing Madeline). Also wouldn’t she go to heaven or purgatory? Or was she evil and is afraid to go to hell?

Kiki narrates again “When Stacy and her mom moved into apartment  214, she made up for her broken promise… because Madeline wasn’t going to be alone anymore. The end.” Tucker says “Good story.” and then The Gary says “Where’s the pouch?” Betty Ann (who I think may have been asleep or doesn’t know what a pouch is), says “The what?” The Gary says “the pouch with the….it was right here before we started.” Kiki kind of looks like she wants to say  oh man not again. Tucker reaches behind and shows The Gary he has the pouch. The Gary says “You’re getting on my nerves.” to Tucker. They all kind of laugh and The Gary declares the meeting over and remind them that Betty Ann’s friend is up for initiation and not to miss it. Then he cannot find the water-bucket so the forest burns down. Just joking the forest doesn’t burn down, he asks Tucker where the bucket is and it is behind the storytellers chair.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really liked this episode, as a person with divorced parents, I could really relate to Stacy and her situation.

  1. I liked that there really wasn’t a villain, just a misunderstood ghost.
  2. I did not like the apartment manager, he was a dick,
  3. When I was researching this episode, some people think that Kiki is Stacy as the shirt Stacy is wearing the same shirt Kiki wore in in the previous episode. So they have concluded that maybe Kiki is going through the same stuff Stacy is: parents divorce. I don’t think that is the case, I think it as just a coincidence.

So lets give it up for our girl Kiki. This is one of my favorite episodes of season 3 as it has some really good jump scares. So give Kiki a hand for her story: The Tale of Apartment 214. Up next, is Betty Ann’s friend, Sam (Samantha), with her initiation story: The Tale of Watchers Woods.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Until next time…..Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 2 of Season 3.

Photo credit: Madeline title card Kiki Stacey and Mom  Angela and Stacy


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