Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 Episode 1: The Tale of the Midnight Ride

midnight ride
“Well, friends come and go, and I am sorry to say that two of our good friends, have gone. David and Kristen’s families have moved. We won’t hear their stories anymore (thank god), but they will always be members of the Midnight Society. We’ll miss them”- The Gary

Buckle up folks, not since the second season have we lost members of the Midnight Society. But lets not be too shaken up, we only lost Kristen and David, they will be replaced with two new members, one of which is on tonight. Our first new member is The Gary’s younger and arguably handsome/ dapper brother Tucker also known as my future ex-husband. Yes Frank might be my future ex-boyfriend, but I see Tucker and I for the long haul. Tucker is going to amaze us with his version of the classic story of sleepy hallow.

The night begins with sadness, as The Gary tells the surviving members of the Midnight Society, Betty Ann, Frank and Kiki about the loss of David and Kristen. Quiet frankly they do not look that sad, in fact they look kind of relieved. Also The Gary is dressed like he is at a funeral and Betty Ann’s sweater looks like the flag of the Philippines. The Gary tells them that they have room for two new members, he then turns to Betty Ann (who doesn’t have a seat and is kind of squatting beside Kiki, she must have strong leg muscles). Betty Ann says her friend Sam, wants to join the Midnight Society, but is still working on her initiation story (Sam will grace us with her presence in episode 3). The Gary tells Betty Ann that it is cool and no rush. This was before he met Sam, and if he saw a picture of her, I am sure he would have said something like this “It’s cool, tell her not to worry we need to fill the hot blonde of our group so she is almost certainly going to get in.” Or at least this is what I imagine the Gary would have said. The Gary says hes got someone he wants to sponsor and he is ready. Frank isn’t impressed and says “So bring him on.”

I might be small, but I am taller than Betty Ann. Betty Ann’s inner thoughts: No your not, at least not until next season.

The Gary brings out his 11 year old brother Tucker to the group complete with potato sack on head. Kiki says “Kind of small isn’t he?” She is smiling when she says this. (I find this statement funny as Tucker is only 1 inch shorter than Betty Ann). The Gary takes off the bag to reveal it is Tucker and they all kind of lose their shit. Tucker is offend that Kiki called him small. Its actually quiet funny. Frank says “Oh man not a kid.” Kiki says “No way.” Frank says “Come on man, not your little brother.” Betty Ann has her hands on her hips, its actually the first time she actually  angry. The Gary explains to the gang that he’s got no choice, but to bring Tucker. The Gary says “I either got to bring him or I can’t come anymore.” Kiki says “Your kidding.” Frank says “We are not babysitters, members got to tell stories.” (I am laughing on the inside).  Tucker says “If you scabs would lighten up, maybe I could tell one.” (look out people we have a bad-ass on our hands). The Gary says “Give him a chance.” Betty Ann says “You’d really have to quit?” The Gary shakes his head yes. (It is almost like they are weighing the pros and cons of having The Gary quit). They all go and take their seats. The Gary raises the steaks and says “Tucker this better be good, or I am going to let Frank pound you.” (Both of my future ex’s fighting, a girl can imagine!) Tucker sits down to tell his story. They all slightly intrigued. Tucker submits his story as: The Tale of the Midnight Ride.

betty ann_buzzfeed
Betty Ann’s inner thought: I thought to myself, how can I honor the people of the Philippines? And then I saw this sweater.

So Tucker basically tells us the legend of Sleepy Hallow before actually getting to his story. Once the story finally starts we are introduced to Ian Mathews, a new resident of Sleepy Hallow. He runs into Katie a girl from his lit class, was dating a guy named Brad. Brad is a dick. Ian tells Katie that he can help her set up for the Halloween dance.

Katie the girl of Ian’s dreams

Brad thinks he is still dating Katie, but Katie tells him they are not and then Brad gets a little abusive. He also threatens Ian about Katie. Katie tells Ian to save a dance for her (Oooh!)

Ian Mathews new guy

That night at the dance, Ian and Katie kind of dress alike. Brad is pissed that Ian is hitting on Katie and takes him outside. Once they are outside, Brad tells Ian the legend of Sleepy Hallow. He dares Ian to cross the bridge and grab the pumpkin. Brad plays a prank on Ian and has one of his friends dress up as the headless horseman, chase Ian on the bridge.

Pirate Brad

Katie invites over for a cup of tea. Ian accepts and says he is happy the night is over. Seriously was AYAOTD sponsored by Lipton’s? Why are the characters always drinking tea, not coffee or even hot chocolate. As they are walking over a bridge we see what appears to be the actual headless horseman off in the distance. We hear his cackle.

Katie flirts with Ian and tells him she thinks he is brave. She tells him that it was brave of him for standing up to Brad at the dance. That night they run into Ichabod Crane, he asks them for directions and thinking it is someone in the costume, they give him the correct ones and he doesn’t run into the headless horseman.

Brad and Co playing a prank

They both flirt and Katie says “I am glad I met you.” Ian says “I am glad too, I mean I am glad I met you.” (smooth Ian smooth). Ian basically asks Katie out on a date, she accepts. (their relationship is like a mirror to the Sam/ The Gary/ Frank love triangle). Ian goes in to kisses her, but backs out at the last minute and goes back to the school to retrieve his bike.

Once at the school, he sees the headless horseman come out of the shadows. The headless horseman starts to chase Ian and Katie, they take off on their bikes. They changed the story since they gave Ichabod the correct directions. Katie tells Ian they must play out the story and cross the bridge since he cannot pass it.

The real deal!

Katie distracts the headless horseman, while Ian crosses the bridge. The horseman goes after Katie and then Ian distracts it. He runs tot eh bridge and the horseman goes up in flames. Ian and Katie are safe. Ichabod Crane reappears and tells them that they shouldn’t be out so late since the woods are rumored to be haunted and says “Happy Halloween.”

Ichabod Crane

Tucker says “The end”. The Gary looks for signs of approval from the gang. Kiki walks up to Tucker and says “You’ll do.” Betty Ann walks up to Tucker and smiles, gives him a high-five and says “Excellent.” She is like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, only not 100. Frank says to The Gary “Just keep him out of my face.” Tucker and The Gary celebrate a story well told. Tucker tells The Gary “you put out the fire. I’m gonna catch up.” The Gary goes to put out the fire and says ” I hope I’m not gonna regret this.” (Oh you might).

Moira’s Thoughts:

I thought that members were suppose to tell original stories or stories based on legends. Tucker obviously got in on a technicality. But I feel that they should have made him tell an original story, Sam didn’t just retell a story to get into the Midnight Society, she created her own. I felt that when The Gary told the gang that he would have to quit if he couldn’t bring Tucker, Betty Ann was really sad (maybe she was almost ready to tell The Gary how she felt about him and saw it as her last chance).

  1. It was an O.K. story to open the third season.
  2. The gang really seemed unfazed by the fact that two members moved away. I think they secretly did not like David and Kristen.

So I give my future ex-husband Tucker a thumbs up for his first story The Tale of the Midnight Ride.  He tells a much better story later in the season in my opinion. Next up is Kiki with The Tale of Apartment 214.

This is the Filipino flag. Compare it to Betty Ann’s sweater and tell me it doesn’t look the same.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Until next time….. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), blog 1 of Season 3.

Photo credit: Google images Flag title card Ian Brad Prank Ichabod Crane Headless Horsemen Katie


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