Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 3

Season 3 cast minus Sam

Well I needed a study break and what better way to distract myself than with this blog. I can’t believe that it has been only a month since I have started this blog and I am already on season 3, at this rate I might surprise myself and summarize season 6 and 7. I was planning on summarizing the Tale of the Silver Sight since The Gary is in that episode, so yeah.

This season bring us a new Midnight Society, I use this term loosely as we really only get two new characters, but hey it is a shake up and what a shake up it is! Plus I am almost certain the shows budget went up since the cast got better clothes, well most of them did, Kiki is kind of another story. I also feel that the stories got better and the group as a whole seem to bond better (as a watcher, I think the chemistry between the Midnight Society comes out a lot better in the later seasons, than earlier seasons.)

As the saying goes out with the old (Eric, Kristen and David) and in with the new (Tucker and Sam). In a way with the introduction of these two characters, we get to know the Midnight Society a little better from an outside perspective, Sam being a friend of Betty Ann’s and Tucker being The Gary’s little brother.

I kind of wonder who Kiki would have sponsored to join the Midnight Society, if they gave her a chance. (I hope she would pick me).

Little update: I sent off the letter, so hopefully will hear back soon. Also I have been told that I am hilarious and should be an MC, so maybe I will conduct the interview in a podcast format. Maybe I should try reaching out on Twitter if Facebook fails. Apparently the reason I am hilarious is because I am unaware that I am funny and I have been told I use deadpan speech very well. I get away with a lot of stuff and my nickname is the golden child.

Here is an example of some of the stuff I have said recently: The password for the RAC karaoke night is : Bondage. Then our pro-staff asked me why and I replied without missing a beat in deadpan. “Bondage- the act of old and new RAs coming together in the action of bonding forming a new and lasting relationship.” The just looked at me like I was weird (which is why I think I would get along with Betty Ann cos she was consider the weird one). Then he asked what our last would be and I said “You are not alone by Michael Jackson”. They asked me why again and I said to create the illusion of us supporting one another when on call.

So just to reiterate: I hope to interview Ross Hull if he gets back to me, I’ll give it a month before I hit him up on the twitter. Then maybe see if I can contact the other two (Jodie Resther and Raine Pare-Coull). But right now is a busy time as finals are just around the corner, my first one is May 8th at 9:45 AM (well technically tomorrow at 3:00 PM for IP 360, its my leche flan report).

Anyway summary to come soon.

Until Next time…. Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The introduction to season 3 blog.

Photo credit: season 3


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