A random thought: Fairy tales and Vampires

So I had a random thought a while ago, and it was when I watched the tale of the nightly neighbors. We learn that vampires need permission to enter a home or place. This makes me wonder, can a vampire acquire written permission in order to enter a house or club (because lets face it, the venues that cater to vampires are few and I think they would like clubbing since it is dark and only open at night).  An example would be an open sign on a door or a written invitation to a party, does that count as permission for the vampire to enter the house or club? Granted traditionally, we only see them granted verbal permission, but logically speaking written should work as it could be seen as a legal binding contract.

What does everyone else think?

My next one has to do with fairy tales, specifically Snow White. This stems from the Tale of the Final Wish. So the evil queen forces Snow White to eat a poison apple, but what if she just made a pie out of the apple, would that not work better? Or does the poison not work when heated to 350°F for 40 minutes in a conventional oven (I don’t know how to make a pie, but most recipes are at 350°F for 40 minutes). If I was Snow White, I would be more inclined to eat a piece of pie than an entire apple, but I also love pie and cake. Also if the evil queen made herself more presentable I would take the pie no questions asked, possibly because I would be hungry or just really want sweets.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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