Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 Episode 11: The Tale of the Magician’s Assistant

magician assistant

Tonight’s tale is brought to us via The Gary (I bet you couldn’t guess based on the title of this gem). It also happens to be the last episode for summary for season 2. Let’s indulge The Gary as we witness one of his best stories.

So the night begins with The Gary getting his teacher on. The Gary says “I am glad to see everyone’s on time, for once.” (I think that was directed at Kristen). Frank tells The Gary “You sound like my homeroom teacher Drego the dull.” Betty Ann says “I like Mr. Drego. he’s funny.”  Frank says “Step off, the guy’s stale.” Betty Ann’s smile quickly fades away. Also lets take a moment to flashback to the first episode of the series, where The Gary gives us a speech about the Midnight Society and that they do not go to the same schools, looks like The Gary lied to us, because if Frank and Betty Ann are in the same homeroom, chances are David is also at their school. I wonder if Frank and Betty Ann sit next to each other in class, it is kind of early in their friendship, so I am going to say probably not, unless Frank needed to copy her notes, plus Frank (while I love him) looks like he wouldn’t acknowledge that he even knows Betty Ann in public.

The Gary continues and says “I think he’s pretty cool.” Frank says “You don’t even know him.” The Gary says “sure I do, Mr. Drego comes into my father’s magic shop all the time. He’s a prestidigitator.  ” Kristen asks “What is a prestidigitator?”, David answers “He’s a magician.” Betty Ann says “Really?” The Gary nods his head, as he walks around the circle. The Gary says “He calls himself the amazing Drego.” Frank can’t believe what he is hearing and says “Get out!” The Gary, who doesn’t want his authority questioned says “I am serious, he has been on TV.” David says “I’ve seen him and he is pretty good.” Kristen says “I guess you shouldn’t judge people. You never know when they might surprise you.” The Gary says “exactly, and that is what my story is about tonight.” The Gary picked up a stick when he sat down, but I don’t think that has any significance. Also Kiki is just sitting quietly on a crate and doesn’t say a word the entire time, which makes me think she does not go to the same school as Betty Ann, David and Frank. I bet she goes to school with The Gary.  The Gary gives the prelude to his story and then submits it for the approval of the Midnight Society and calls it: The Tale of the Magician’s Assistant.

We are introduced to Todd, he is going to apply for a job as a magician’s assistant. His mom works all the time and his dad just died. Todd walks into Shandu’s wagon, which must be a space bender because it looks about 10 X bigger on the inside then the outside would let on, unless it is just very wide on one side. Anyways, once inside the wagon, call calls out for Shandu and then sees a cool looking stick, just as he is about to grab it, Shandu comes out and yells at him for almost touching another magician’s wand. Then he asks Todd what he wants and Todd tells him that he is there to answer the ad about a magician’s assistant. Shandu asks for references and Todd makes one up, Phil the fabulous. Shandu can see threw the lie, but he gives Todd a chance anyways. Also Shandu is kind of like Sardo, as he says “No mister, just Shandu the magnificent.”

Shandu tells Todd that he can start by cleaning up the props. Then Todd almost touches Shandu’s wand, and Shandu kind of freaks out and says “Never ever touch another magician’s wand unless he hands it to you,” Then Shandu hands the wand to Todd and then says “Understand?” and Todd shakes his head yes.

Todd goes back home and The Gary tells us “Todd’s mother is an artist at an ad agency. It was hard work and she was always getting stuck working late at the office.” So Todd is sitting on the couch eating his dinner of chow mein with chopsticks. Todd is telling his mother that he knows that they need the money, but he isn’t sure about working for Shandu. His mom kind of ignores his comments and she tells him that she needs to finish her work or she will be out of a job. Todd thinks that Shandu is the boss from hell (Todd wait until you work in the fast-food industry, than you’ll know what a hellish boss can be like, trust me). Todd wonder what his dad would tell him and his mom says “He would’ve told you to do your best and not runaway from a challenge.” Then she leaves for the office and promises to try can come home early. Todd swaps the chopsticks for a fork. (I give him props for trying to use chopsticks. I use chopsticks about 85% of the time to eat, but I eat a lot of noodles and feel weird about eating them without chopsticks).

The Gary narrates again and tells us “In the following weeks, Todd and Shandu rehearsed the act. Shandu made Todd nervous and Todd made plenty of mistakes. (it is like the saying, those who can’t teach). Then Shandu shares magical rule number 2 (see below). The Gary continues “Whenever Todd messed up a trick, Shandu really let him have it. But the funny thing was, the more mistakes Todd made, the more determined he became to prove himself to the old magician. Shandu shares the magic word which is “Shandu Can Do!” Then tells Todd, he is out of position criticizes Todd for messing up yet again.

Todd breaks rule number 3 (see below), which is apparently a really old rule about reflections, which makes me think magic is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Shandu is mean and tells Todd “You are hopeless.” Todd tells Shandu he should relax and asks him why he is so angry. Shandu mentions how he used to be big on Broadway and how he preformed for the royal families of Europe and a movie series, and he thinks he has nothing now. He is throwing himself a pity party. Shandu gives Todd his tie from his first performance and Todd is very careful with it.

Then Shandu and Todd perform in front of what I think are a bunch of 5 year old kids at what appears to be a birthday party.  Shandu wears a fake mustache. Todd’s hair is slicked back. Shandu looks over at Todd proudly, since they pulled it off.

The next day, Todd goes to Shandu’s wagon to see that it has been burglarized or maybe Shandu got drunk and knocked everything over. Todd grabs Shandu’s wand and says “Shandu can  do!”, and it magically cleans up the truck, than Shandu walks in and asks if anything happened while he was away.

Todd goes home to try and tell his mom what happened but she is too tired and she just got a new project. She takes a nap and ask Todd to wake her up in an hour as she has to pull an all nigher. Todd goes back to Shandu’s wagon with a plant from his house that looks like Shandu’s wand and switches them (kind of like Indiana Jones). Todd than goes back home to use the magic on his mom’s storyboards. Also the wand catches on fire.

Todd making the switch

Then Nazrak the spirit of the wand appears to Todd. She is a very pretty woman, but she is evil. She tells Todd that she has a special message for him, that he can use the wand whenever he wishes. She kind of hypnotizes Todd by saying “Anytime you wish”, over and over again. She then blows him a kiss before disappearing.

hot nazrak
“Anytime you wish”

Todd returns to Shandu’s truck, and gets caught by Shandu. Shandu freaks out when he hears that the Nazrak has returned. He explains that a Nazrak is a demon who was powerful ancient magician who has been in prison for centuries in a vortex . Todd says “No she was a beautiful woman.” Shandu explains that a Nazrak can take on any form, and it wants Shandu’s wand. When Todd used it he summed its evil. He warns Todd that if the Nazrak is released it would mean a return to the dark ages for all humanity.  Shandu then kicks Todd out of his truck and Todd goes back home. (I really wish we would have had a cut to the Midnight Society here, I would love to see their reactions to that bit and maybe ask The Gary some questions about what is going on).

Todd pulls out the tie that Shandu gave him and he heads back to Shandu’s truck. When he arrives he see the truck is on fire (well smoking so I can only assume it is on fire). Todd goes inside to look for Shandu, he yells out that he is trapped. But it was not Shandu, it was the Nazrak and Shandu has taken his place in the vortex. Todd runs off with the wand. The Nazrak turns into Todd’s mom, and is stalking Todd.

Shandu appears to Todd in the toaster. He tells Todd to use the rules of magic. Todd tries to make a deal with the Nazrak, he agrees to give him the wand, if he doesn’t hurt Todd’s mom and the Nazrak agrees. The Nazrak is all like my precious when Todd hands him the wand. Todd uses the mirror to defeat the Nazrak.

Shandu returns and hands the wand off to Todd. He tells Todd that he will never be too far away. Then Todd’s mom comes home and they bond.

“Magicial rule# 4- Always leave them wanting more”- Shandu

The Rules of being a Magician’s Assistant:

  1. Never ever touch another magician’s wand, unless he hands it to you.
  2. Only let them see, what you want them to see.
  3.  Never ever get caught in your own reflection.
  4. Always leave them wanting more.

Then we return to the Midnight Society, where The Gary says “And that the last Todd saw of the old magician.” They all kind of look at each other, not sure if they are satisfied with the story as I cannot read their expression, they honestly just look very tired. Kiki tells The Gary “Good story.” and then The Gary declares the meeting over and puts out the fire one last time for season 2.  They all leave together, expect Frank who kind of just sits on the log, also Betty Ann is the first one to stand up and actually leave.  Frank picks up the stick The Gary was using and taps it on the ground (because of magic I guess?) Kiki returns to grab Frank and says “Hey you coming or what?” Frank puts down the stick and leaves with Kiki.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I really like this story, in fact I think it might be my favorite The Gary story in the series. It has a great message of not giving up on yourself and doing what is right.

  1. This episode brought up some continuity issues yet again, we are told in episode 1 that the gang does not go to the same schools, but Betty Ann and Frank have the same homeroom teacher, which would mean logically speaking, David also attend the same school until his family moved.
  2. I think this episode would have been interesting if it ended with Frank and Betty Ann in homeroom and Frank asking their teacher Mr. Drego about his magic act.
  3. This is the last time we will see Kristen and David in my summaries as they move.
  4. Next season we get Tucker and Sam (Samantha) The Gary’s little brother and Betty Ann’s friend respectfully.

Anyways what a way to go out for season 2! Thank you for joining me in this Journey of season 2 and the new way I have decided to summarize and review the episodes based on volume rather than episode number.

Let’s give The Gary a hand for a job well done. This is the last time we will see the Midnight Society as we know them currently, since well two leave and we gain two different ones. I wonder if that is a rule, when one member leaves, you must replace them with a new member of equal or lesser value.  Here is a season 2 photo for memory sake.

I bet they are saying “Help us with our fashion” However props to David and Betty Ann for wearing Chucks throughout the series.
My current squad. We will cut you!

So until next time….Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), final blog of season 2. Goodbye and good luck Kristen and David.

If you want to tweet it at anyone in particular like *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* to make them aware of me wanting to interview them, that would be cool. I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, they will think it is a good idea. As a thank you, I will upload a video of me doing the nea nea and if you all help me get all three, I will upload a video of me singing He Mele No Lilo in full Hawaiian (since I took 2 years of the language). Mahalo for your continued support in this endeavor.

Photo credit: Are you Afraid of the Dark?  wiki Title card  Season 2 cast  Sandu and Todd  woman Nazrak Todd


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