Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 episode 8: The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

frozen ghost

Tonight’s tale is from Kristen, and it is not boring like all her other stories!

Apparently Canada is in the middle of a heatwave and Kristen is just  not having it. She is walking to the clear with Betty Ann and Kiki and she is kind of impatient. Kristen turns around and says “Betty Ann, Kiki you guys.” Betty Ann and Kiki come running to Kristen.  Kristen says “What’s taking you guys so long,  I thought I lost you.”  (But wait don’t Betty Ann and Kiki know where the clearing is? Or did they make a new rule about coming as a group?). Betty Ann replies “How can you walk so fast in this heat? (I think what she meant to say is, Bitch please it’s Canadian summer you know how hot it is? It’s in the 70’s).

Frozen ghost
Betty Ann’s inner thought: What are you trying to do? Kill Kiki?

Also Kiki looks like she is going to pass out, and Betty Ann looks pissed that they got stuck walking with Kristen. Kiki backs Betty Ann up by saying “Yeah we are dying.” (which is code for, you best believe I will pound you if we got to walk faster). Kristen says “Come on we’re almost there.” The girls follow reluctantly and I think they are secretly making a revenge plan to get even with Kristen.

frozen ghost2
Kiki and Betty Ann: We need to come up with a plan to get even. (Also best shot of the episode)

Then we cut to the guys, The Gary, David and Frank. The Gary says “I am not sure sitting by a roaring fire is the best idea on the hottest night of the year.” David comes up with an alternative solution, he says “I say we rename it the heatwave society and tell the story by my uncle’s pool.” I have a pool where I live and I would have invited them, if I got into the Midnight Society. Then Kristen walks in, and says “Oh come on it’s not that hot.” They look at her like she is crazy.

Frozen ghost 4
Kristen it’s Canadian Summer it is in the 70’s

Frank says “How can you say that?” Kiki adds “How can she say that, how can she wear that?” David says “You still have your jacket on?” I think this is why Kristen’s unofficial nickname is the Ice queen.  Kristen says “After you hear my story, you’ll have yours too, cos I got a sure way to beat the heat. A story that is guaranteed to give everyone a massive case of the shivers.”

frozen ghost 3
Kiki’s inner thought: Bitch please, I doubt a story will make me cold.

(If it doesn’t do they get their time back?) Betty Ann looks sold, Kiki looks intrigued. Then Kristen submits her story for approval and calls it :The Tale of the Frozen Ghost.

This story has a guest star, the second one for AYAOTD, Melissa Joan Hart.

We are introduced to Charles, who is being sent with his babysitter Daphne to his aunts house, while his parents ditch him to go to a wedding. (Why would they send the babysitter with him, is’t that what the aunts are for?) Daphne is kind of over taking care of Charles, as he is kind of a hypochondriac. The limo arrives to the aunts house and Charles doesn’t want to knock on the door as he has never met them before and thinks they will be mean. Daphne thinks the house looks haunted.

frozen ghost
Charles and Daphne

Daphne goes up to the door and a rocking chair is rocking by itself and stops when she approaches it. The aunts open the door and are overjoyed to see their little Charlie. The aunts are named Greta and Maylene. Greta is the more masculine of the two and Maylene is the bat-shit crazy one who I think might actually be insane.

Charlie’s aunts

While dragging up the trunk up stairs, Greta reminds Maylene that they are not to bring up the ghost, and Maylene says that she said host not ghost. Charlie is worried about the ghost. Once they get settled, Daphne goes to make a bath for Charles. It’s a bubble bath!


While in the tub, Charles overhears Greta and Maylene tell Daphne about the ghost and decides to hide in his bathwater. (My dorm room from 2 years ago was haunted, by the ghost of Mary Frear. No joke, I lived on the 12th floor and would hear stuff from my ceiling, but I lived on the top floor. The only time the ghost left me alone was when my friend would spend the night, so I had her over most nights. Also the ghost haunted my roommates as well, but I blame Beth’s boyfriend for the ghost haunting us as Mary Frear hated men. The building was named after Mary Frear.) Greta and Maylene are trying to make a fire, but it doesn’t work right and creates a lot of smoke down stairs. Maylene says that the electric range doesn’t work without electricity. Daphne inquires about why the power is out. Greta tells her “That old electric company, they get all uppity when a person is just a wee bit late with the payment.” Maylene says “Greta dear, it’s been three months.” Greta tells Maylene to shit up and to keep to herself. Daphne asks them why not ask Charles’s parents for the money, but Greta mentions something about pride. Maylene tells Daphne that their was a family feud that caused a falling out between Charles’s great grandpa and their dad. Apparently Charles hired a common criminal, to work on the farm. Maylene says this with an insane look on her face and seems eerily happy about it. Greta says that uncle Charlie did not know the man was a criminal. Then Maylene says that the prison train derailed and everyone died. They offer Daphne some tea (look for an up and coming post entitled the AYAOTD drinking game).

That night Charles has a vivid dream about someone taking a jacket from him. He then looks outside to see a ghost child that says “I am cold.” Charles then runs into Daphne’s room to tell her about the ghost, but she kicks him out.

The next morning, Greta asks them what is wrong. Charles says he saw the ghost and that it talked to him. Maylene and Greta basically tell Daphne and Charles, that the kid next door froze to death. The goes out and they have no more wood, so Daphne volunteers herself and Charles to go cut some. They dress Charles like a lumberjack.

Charles tells Daphne that maybe they should call his parents to come and pick them up. Daphne is looking for the ax. Charles mentions he has never chopped anything. Daphne says “There is a first time for everything, come on!” Charles asks Daphne “I am going to get dirty chopping wood?” Daphne says “No.” Daphne finds the ax, and they go to cut some wood. Daphne is the only one chopping wood, since Charles is not allowed to play with sharp things. Daphne calls him a freak and Charlie gets pissed. Daphne smears mud on Charles to teach him a lesson and he sees the ghost kid. Charles says they must go back into the house.

“I am cold”- Ghost kid

Daphne goes in search of the ghost. The ghost sneaks up on Charles and he runs away and falls into a giant puddle. The ghost says to Charles “I am cold”. He keeps running into the ghost child and it really freaks him out. The ghost then points to a log, and says “I am cold.” Charles recognizes the log from his dream and reaches inside the log and retrieves the ghost child’s coat. The ghost child warms up and goes to the afterlife leaving behind a chimney key.

Once back at the house they show Greta and Maylene what they found. Maylene knows that it is for the stove piped and puts it in to make it work. The pipe opens and a rush of gold falls out.

We are the taken back to the Midnight Society, where they fill in the gaps. Frank says “The criminal hid the gold in the pipe” and Kristen nods her head yes. Then Kiki adds “And the little boy say it when he was looking for cookies.” David says “Charles’s dream.” Betty Ann adds “Poor kid, he froze to death hiding from the criminal. And no one knew” (She looks really concerned). Then Kristen says “I told you, you’d get the shivers.” They all smile at each other and for whatever reason are now wearing their jackets, even though they still appear to be sweating.  Then The Gary gets up and declares this meeting of the “heatwave” society closed. He then says goodnight everybody, which is touching since he hasn’t said that before. Betty Ann congratulates Kristen on a good story and they all leave together.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed this episode. It was great and I liked that they had a guest star. While this wasn’t scary, it was just a great story overall. When I go back to the mainland, I too will be cold as my body is used to weather that is between 83-85°F (which is 28-30°C).

  1. The group dynamic was interesting tonight. Kristen was kind of bitchy when she was walking with Betty Ann and Kiki.
  2. I wonder if Betty Ann, Kiki and Kristen carpooled to the woods or if one of their moms dropped them off and that is why they came together. So many questions.
  3. I think it is funny that they had jackets on when they were clearly still sweating, I guess they just wanted to humor Kristen.
  4. Also not sure why Kiki thought fanning herself with a leaf would cool her down, if anything that would just make her more hot and tired.

So lets have a toast in honor of our last Kristen story of season 2. Kristen will move away and not be heard from again for the rest of the series. Our next and last story of the season is from The Gary, and it is his tale: The Tale of the Magician’s Assistant.

Until next time… Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog 12 of Season 2. Goodbye Kristen, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Photo Credit: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Wiki frozen kid Title card Charles and Daphne Charlie’s aunts



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