Observations that I have made about the Midnight Society.

After watching and summarizing 23 episodes so far of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Wow I can’t believe how many episodes I have watched), I have made several observations about our hosts, the Midnight Society. Lets take a closer look into the group and I shall share what I have observed from them (I almost put absorbed but I am not a sponge).

  1. At some point each member is bullied by the rest of the group. This makes me wonder why they would bother coming back each week, if they are going to get bullied. Case in point: Kiki was bullied by Frank in the Tale of the Dream Machine, Frank was bullied by Eric in the Tale of The Dark Music. The Gary got his also during the Tale of the Dream machine, Betty Ann gets bullied in multiple episodes, but I think it is more evident in the Tale of the Magician’s assistant by Frank.
  2. You must own at least one windbreaker in a neon color, one denim jacket, at least 4 solid color sweatshirts, jeans and a vest of some sort. If you own at least one accessory, you get bonus points, for example a baseball hat, bandannas, headbands, glasses, etc…

    Denim, windbreakers, bandannas, and hats oh my!
  3. At some point during a meeting you need to complain or show disdain at what you think is the topic of the night. Don’t be afraid to let your mind speak or pretend to take a nap.
  4. Under no circumstances should you question the authority of The Gary.
  5. The only person to know what Midnight Dust is made of is The Gary (hint: it’s probably human bones)
  6. At some point, you must have a crush on a fellow member to create that necessary sexual tension.
  7. You must own some kind of plaid in the form of  a shirt, vest or other.
  8. You must carry a backpack, the backpack can be used as a flotation device in the event of an emergency, like a flash flood.

This is what I have observed this far into the series. I shall update or post another one towards the end of the series. I wonder if they have to take a blood oath as well. The sarcasm is strong with me tonight and I am not sure why.

Even they are like “Help us with our fashion!”

Now put all the bold and italic words together to get the secret message:

Anyway Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (fashion division), I call this post Observations of the Midnight Society. 

If you want to tweet it at anyone in particular like *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* to make them aware of me wanting to interview them, that would be cool. I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, they will think it is a good idea. As a thank you, I will upload a video of me doing the nea nea and if you all help me get all three, I will upload a video of me singing He Mele No Lilo in full Hawaiian (since I took 2 years of the language). Mahalo for your continued support in this endeavor.

Photo credit: Cast photo


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