Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 Episode 9: The Tale of the Full Moon

Full moon
“Happy Anniversary Frank!”- Kristen

Tonight is a special night, as it is my future ex-boyfriend’s anniversary of joining the Midnight Society. This is also the first time we see a member celebrate an anniversary, and in celebration of this event, I am eating waffles (with blueberries)!

It’s my dinner that I forgot the eat!

Lets get into our main event. The night starts off with The Gary saying “Tonight’s a special night, it was a year ago tonight that David brought Frank into our circle, so he could tell the tale that made him a member of the Midnight Society.” (The Gary says this with the pride of a proud father about his son). David says “The tale of the phantom cab.” Kristen says “Vink’s the name…Dr. Vink.” With Kiki adding ” with a vvv,vvv,vvv,vvv!” (She has a very pretty smile, also Kiki isn’t wearing a hat or a bandanna tonight). They all laugh. The Gary continues “On an anniversary, it’s been tradition to tell us a scary tale, do you have one Frank?” Frank says ” Oh yeah I’ve got one. I’ve got the perfect story for a night like this.” Betty Ann looks at the sky and says “full moon.” (I watch these with captions and for some reason instead of saying Betty Ann it just says “girl”). Frank says “exactly. Eerie things happen when the moon is full. People always act, Uh a little bit different (yeah they get drunk and make asses of themselves), a little strange. But to anybody who’s ever told a tale of terror, there’s one special thing that always happens when the full moon rises….. (Kiki looks confused and Betty Ann looks like she is super excited). And that’s what my story is about. Then Frank submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society and  calls it: The Tale of the Full Moon.

We are introduced to Jed and Hughie and they are pet detectives. Their current case is a missing cat. Jed charged the lady $20, so he can get a dog, instead of the usual $5. The background music is kind of cheesy detective music. Also Jed should take a page out of my book, my mom did not want a dog either, In fact when I went to go pick her up, I told my mom I was going out to pick up my puppy and she did not believe me, but I showed up at home with one on Christmas eve, and she did not question it and the dog has been living with us for the last 4 years. My mom hates my dog’s name also, which is Robin Elizabeth Sparkles, and no Robin does not want to go to the mall, and yes I named her after a fictional Canadian character from HIMYM. Anyway Jed and Hughie walk around the neighborhood to find Misty the cat.


Hughie thinks he sees Misty and jumps over a fence, but it is really just some woman’s weave and she is pissed! Jed eventually ends up on his street, where he finds Misty’s collar outside his new neighbors house, across the street from his house. Jed investigates with Hughie goes home to stuff his face with food. Jed knocks and no one answers the door, so he does what any other preteen in this series does, he breaks into the house. There is also a bunch of leather bondage collars that have just been discarded in the backyard. Anyway Jed goes into the house and opens the refrigerator to see a shit ton of raw meat. Then he almost gets caught breaking into the neighbors house (ermygod!). His flannel shirt get caught on a nail, but Jed is able to escape. Once he goes through a time-warp to what I can only assume is 1960, he is at home.


Jed tells his mom that he thinks the neighbor is eating pets, she thinks that he just is using the information to get a dog. Also and this is important, his dad is either missing or his parents are divorced and it must have been bitter because she calls him a creep. He mom seems kind of lonely and desperate. Also she has an obsession with pink flagmingos.

Jed sets up a video camera in his bedroom that is amid at the neighbors house (I think that is called stalking). His neighbor turns into a werewolf (oh shit)!

“Your going to hear me Roar!”- Katy Perry

Jed screams for his mom, who has some kind of greenish-blue shit on her face and like a shower cap. She is pissed that he woke her up from sleep. He gets reprimanded for spying on the neighbor. Once again Jed take a page out of my book, use hidden cameras to film your neighbors (okay I don’t really do this, but just saying…). The footage on the camera is erased and his mom doesn’t believe him that the neighbor changed into a werewolf. She tells him that he has dog on the brain (good thing he doesn’t have taxidermy on the brain).

The next day, Hughie and Jed are reading about werewolf, to find out what they eat and how to kill them, which is pure silver and red roses. They supposedly eat children (how convent). Jed is all like great I have to trap him in a flower shop (or you know just find some pure silver to stab him with, wow Frank is taking a page out of Betty Ann’s book with the potential of killing a neighbor).

Jed goes home (after going through that time-warp again) to find his mom sexily dancing and setting the table for dinner  (see what I mean she is the original desperate house-lady). She has a date and Jed is invited! (good for her). It’s a guy she met at bowling. Guess who is coming to dinner…..the neighbor and he has red roses!

The food is a bunch of neon colors like blue and red. Apparently it was a recipe she got from the TV so this makes me think she used playdoh as a main ingredient. The neighbor humors her and says that it smells great and he could eat a horse, Jed counters with “or a cat?” Mom quickly changes the subject and says “So, how are you finding Maple Street?” The neighbor replies ” It’s great. People are much friendlier here. Than the last place I lived” Jed says “Where was that Transylvania?” The neighbor says “Seattle”.  The mom passes him some yams and Jed uses this as an opportunity to stab the neighbor in the hand withe a fork (which he thinks is pure silver). He mom only says “Kids.” Then excuses him from the table.

There has been like 6 shots of the pink flamingo in the front yard, so you would think it would be a plot point to this tale, but it is not. It is just a weird transition to see Jed meditating on his bed doing his Buddhist chants to achieve Nirvana. His mom tells him that his dinner is the Kelvinator (I had to look up what that was, since I was born after 1960). She also is going out for coffee and says she will deal with Jed when she gets home (so I guess she will spank him).

Jed sneaks over to the neighbors house to find evidence with Hughie. That is right Jed and Hughie are committing larceny. Turns out the neighbor has a twin brother and surprise surprise, he is the werewolf, who decides to have a dance battle with the boys. The boys get trapped into the werewolf’s room (OMG!). Then Jed remembers he has the dog whistle and blows it bringing the werewolf to his knees in agony, just than the neighbor comes back to comfort his brother, who is named Gordon. He explains to Jed that their are many different kinds of families and he is the only family Gordon has, then Jed’s mom comes into the room and says she knows, and while it scared her at first she has accepted it. Hughie runs out of the room like a coward.

Frank then tells us that it was not long before Jed’s mom, married the man next door, who is just called Mr. Ankers. Jed was happy as he finally got his dog (Gordon).

The Frank says “The End”, and the Midnight Society just kind of stares at each other awkwardly and in silence. Until The Gary says “And now…. our anniversary surprise.” Frank says “Surprise?” They are all kind of cynical about it and the music in the background is kind eerie for no reason, but this leads me to believe that they are cannibals and are going to eat Frank. Kristen says “Fire’s nice and hot.” Frank says “What surprise?” David says “Special occasion, we planned it just for you.” The Gary says “Roast…. Frank.” He says that with a cannibalistic look on his face. If you think about it, they meet in the woods at midnight so it would be the perfect cover for teen cannibals. Frank says “Say what?” Kiki comes over and laughs and says ” Roast Franks. Don’t you like them?” (okay she is holding frankfurters and I only count 5 of them, so I wonder who is not eating tonight).  Frank weakly laughs “Ha! Oh, Yeah they’re great.” Then Kristen says “Happy anniversary, Frank!” Then Betty Ann says “Let’s cook” (but she says it in an awkward slow speaks and I am guessing she isn’t the one not eating as she appears to be hungry). They all put their hot dogs over the fire and The Gary asks who brought the buns to which they all says “You were suppose to bring the buns.”  Then give him grief about it by saying “Way to go.” I guess The Gary is slipping yet again, first with the storytelling rotation and now forgetting the buns. Then they talk about condiments. The background music is an odd tune from like the 1960’s.

Moira’s Thoughts:

Overall this was a fun episode. I really enjoyed it. Do I think this was a great choice for an anniversary tale, not particularly, but Frank has only told three tales thus far on camera. I would have chosen to tell the Tale of Midnight Madness for an anniversary tale but that is just me.

  1. I liked the overall tone of the Midnight Society in this episode
  2. I also liked how at the end, it seemed that they were cannibals
  3. I wonder why we never see an anniversary episode for Kiki, Betty Ann or The Gary.
  4. I think it is funny that The Gary was okay with having them cook over the fire in this episode as he nearly had a crap attack when Tucker and Stig did the same thing is season 5.
  5. The characters in this episode remind me of the Soundgarden music video for Blackhole sun. If you haven’t seen that, I recommend you watch it before this episode and you will see what I mean.

Thank you in joining me in the summary of my future ex-boyfriend Frank’s tale of caution about a full moon. Our next tale will be a David story, The Shiny Red Bicycle (which happens to be Jason Alisharan’s favorite episode)

Until next time……Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog 10 of Season 2 (only three more to go until season 3! and we lose two and gain two members)

If you want to tweet it at anyone in particular like *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* to make them aware of me wanting to interview them, that would be cool. I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, they will think it is a good idea. As a thank you, I will upload a video of me doing the nea nea and if you all help me get all three, I will upload a video of me singing He Mele No Lilo in full Hawaiian (since I took 2 years of the language). Mahalo for your continued support in this endeavor.

Photo credit: werewolf Jed Hughie


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