Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 Episode 6: The Tale of the Dark Dragon

“Before bringing out the best, one must fight the dark dragon from within”- Keith Saunders

I just want to start off by saying, it is taking all my strength right now not to make an inappropriate joke about the title and the concept of “beating” the dark dragon.

Lets move on shall we! The night starts with The Gary walking into the clearing. It’s all quiet and the fire is going, The Gary walks in and says “Guys? hey guys?” He steps on a balloon and it pops. Then the gang all come running out yelling “surprise!” The Gary is shocked and says “I can’t believe you remembered!” (I can’t believe he thought they would forget, I imagine that before they had an initiation, one of the test questions was, when is The Gary’s birthday). Kristen says “look how could we forget?” Frank says “You only reminded us a zillion times.” Betty Ann looks at Frank with a sinister look and says “he did not! We’d never forget your birthday.” (Because if they did forget, The Gary would probably kick them out of the Midnight Society, just like Eric). Kiki says “Dave even has a special story for you.” I just want to say that they all look especially pleased with themselves. The Gary is in shock and says “really?” They all gather around the campfire as David tells The Gary about his story, David says “I know how much you like magic, so I kind of borrowed one of your magical characters.” The Gary is intrigued and says “Which one?”, David tells him “Sit down, my friend and you’ll find out.” David takes his seat at the storytellers chair and begins his introduction, “My story is indeed about magic, the kind The Gary likes (so the kind where the guys gets the girl?) the kind that dazzles and amazes, but is still strangely real. But the magic in my story is more intense than the kind that comes from incantations or elixirs. It’s the kind of magic that comes from inside of us, a magic that can be used for good… or incredible evil. (he forgot to add the choice is yours). They all look at each other in amazement, I honestly think they are phoning it in and pretending they love magic for The Gary’s sake since it is his birthday and all, and if we are going by air date as his birthday, than his birthday July 24th. David then submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society, and he calls it: The Tale of the Dark Dragon.

The character that Dave has borrowed is Sardo (as in that’s Sardo, no mister, accent on the do!). I am surprised that Sardo is even still around, since he got trapped in that crystal ball in season 1, I wonder if this is like a before story, which makes me also wonder if all of these stories are some how connected with one another.


We are first introduced to Keith Saunders, he is a cripple. We are also introduced to Mariah, who asks Keith if he is going to the dance on Friday. Keith says no, he is more of a sit and watch kind of guy. We are also introduced to Gary and Shelley, a jock and his on again off again girlfriend. Mariah harbors a not so secret crush on Keith, and overhears him asking Shelley to the dance. She kind of gives him the stink eye when she hears it.

Later on Shelley sees Keith and they hang out at the local diner, where Gary kind of half-asses an apology. It is here that Keith sees an ad for Sardo’s magic mansion in what I can only guess is a comic book. He goes to the shop and asks “Is there a Mr. Sourdough here?” (really sourdough after you clearly read Sardo in your comic). Anyway Sardo says “That’s Sardo!, no mister, accent on the do. Now…. what is it?”


Keith tells Sardo that he has come for the potion. But Sardo asks him which one, and Keith says the one that brings out the best in a person. They exchange some words and Sardo names a too high of price, but Keith haggles and offers $20. Sardo accepts and he mentions he is losing money n the deal. Keith gives a drop to a bunny which makes it less ugly, and then turns into a mutant.

Later that day, Keith takes the potion before going to school and kind of has a weird reaction, that makes it look like he is poisoned. He now sports a fancy leather jacket and no leg brace. The girls find him irresistible and wonder who he is, he is now more confident and is currently being stalked by Mariah. He tells the girls his name is K.C.

Keith wakes up the next day, more crippled than ever and now with what appears to be some kind of scars. Mariah confronts Keith about the guy who was at his house. He kind of blows her off, in a rude a way. Shelley asks Keith, if his cousin K.C. would be making an appearance at the charcoal pit, to which Keith hints he might be.

Keith and his father are eating dinner and he causally mentions failing a geometry test, Keith gets angry and goes to his room. Shelley calls and asks to talk with K.C. and invites him over to watch TV (this was before Netflix and chill existed).  K.C. says he will come over in a little while.

K.C. invites Shelley to the dance on Friday, and she accepts. They kind of make-out. But Keith wakes up the next morning looking like the wolf man! Mariah then sees Shelley at the charcoal pit and asks her if she has seen Keith as he was not at school or if she has seen his cousin, Shelley says no but she will see him tonight at the dance.

Keith goes to Sardo, to figure out what is happening to him. Sardo looks in his book and Keith reads aloud, “Before bringing out the best, one must fight the dark dragon from within.” Sardo claims to not know about that clause. Keith asks him what the dark dragon is (well Keith, I could tell you but that wouldn’t be appropriate). Sardo says he does not know what it is. But he tells Keith he is about to find out.

We than go back to the charcoal pit and Gary ask Shelley what time he should pick her up for the dance, Shelley says “you never bothered to ask me.” Gary says “So I am asking you now, I’ll pick you up at 7:00?” Shelley tells him she is going with someone else, Gary flips out and looks like he is going to beat her.

Keith runs home in his black hoodie more hideous than ever! Mariah his stalker, breaks into his house to confront him. She tells him she knows something is wrong and she wants to talk to him. Keith tells her to go away. Keith kind of looks like a goblin out of Labyrinth.

Keith goes to the school and takes the potion before going into the dance to become sexy. Mariah follows him and breaks into his lock and chugs the rest of the potion so he will fall in love with her, instead of Shelley. Mariah should be charged with breaking into a locker.

Hot Mariah

K.C. arrives at the dance and tells Shelley she is beautiful. He tells her that he thinks this could be the best moment of his life (dude your not even out of high school, give college a chance). They slow dance and then the principal announces that they are awarding a trophy to the best athlete in school. The winner is Gary March (nice touch David, making sure “Gary” got best athlete in the story). Gary goes up on stage and says ” I dedicate this award to Shelley Bergman. I’d just like her to know she’s got first place in my heart.” Shelley and Gary than dance with each other, which is kind of awkward for K.C., but Mariah than comes into the dance all sexy and takes Keith’s breath away (it is amazing that these people think in order to be sexy, you need to throw off your glasses). Keith is horrified to find out she took the potion. She confesses her feeling to Keith and tells him that he will be pretty if that is what he wants.

She tells him that she drank the whole bottle and she asks what is happening to her. He tells her why he took the potion and that he hates himself. He cries and it saves her as he has now beaten the dark dragon. They are both pretty (and vain) people forever!

Hot together

Keith explains that he beat the dark dragon as it has been inside him since the accident. The principal comes and Keith says that he was just taking his girl to the dance.

David than ends the story and says “Happy Birthday Gary”. They all smile and say Happy Birthday to him as well. The ending is rushed and the campfire is not put out nor does The Gary declare the meeting over.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I assume this is because they celebrated his birthday after the story. Now I am left to wonder what kind of presents they got him. I imagine Kristen gave him a kiss, Kiki probably gave him a neon baseball hat, Betty Ann maybe a book of some kind and Frank he probably got The Gary a cape for his magic act. I hope someone brought cake and ice cream. Oh and a pinata!

  1. It is nice that they threw a surprise party for The Gary.
  2. They all generally look happy in this episode and I think at this point in the series, the Midnight Society cast has become friends in real life and it shows.
  3. I still wonder why we do not see them celebrate Betty Ann or Kiki or even Frank’s Birthdays as the girls were on for five seasons, so the chances of them having a Birthday are high and Frank was on for four.

Thank you for joining me in the celebration of The Gary’s Birthday with David’s tale: The tale of the Dark Dragon. Our next story will be The Tale of the Full Moon told by future ex-boyfriend Frank Moore.

Until next time….Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog 9 of season 2. Happy Birthday Gar!

If you want to tweet it at anyone in particular like *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* to make them aware of me wanting to interview them, that would be cool. I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, they will think it is a good idea. As a thank you, I will upload a video of me doing the nea nea and if you all help me get all three, I will upload a video of me singing He Mele No Lilo in full Hawaiian (since I took 2 years of the language). Mahalo for your continued support in this endeavor.

Photo credit: Google images Title card  Sardo Keith Mariah Keith and Mariah


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