Small updates and some changes

Hi Everyone,

I have a small update, well it is that time of year where school is going hectic for me. That means lots of projects and end of year building stuff. Which brings me to my update: Starting next week, I will have set days for when I will blog. I have to do this because I can be rather stubborn when it comes to homework and by that I mean I will just not do it. Case in point, I sort of forgot that I had a project due tomorrow, luckily I finished it, but I should have been working on it earlier this week and not blogging.

Here are the days you can expect a blog:

Monday, Wednesday and alternating Saturday/ Sunday. Alternating as in one week it will be Saturday and the next week it will be Sunday.

Also is the new format working for everyone? It has been much easier for me watching the episodes in order of volume, but if you want me to go in order, I can go back to that in Season 3.

As for the letter I am writing, that is close to if not done now and I plan to send it off once my friend overlooks it and tells me it is short enough and makes sense.

Thanks for sticking around peeps!

Until next time…Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society (especially Gary, Kiki, Betty Ann, Frank, Kristen, David and Robin E. Sparkles), I call this story: The Tale of Moira trying to get her shit together and graduate next spring (small freak out).


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