Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 2 Episode 12: The Tale of the Hatching

“You’re a monster!”- Augie Wilson

This tale is brought to us from David. I like that David writes from the heart, in that he uses his own life to mirror his stories. Tonight we learn that David’s family had to move across town and he had to switch schools.

We see David sitting in the clearing alone, he has started the fire and the Gary is impressed. Kiki says “What are you like sick?” and Frank says “He must want something, whatever it is forget it.” (I thought David and Frank were friends, but it would seem that they had a falling out since Frank is antagonizing David). Betty Ann is shows concern and asks “You O.k.?”, to which David coldly says to her “I’m fine” (not sure why he is taking his anger out at Betty Ann, she didn’t do anything besides show concern, David is being kind of a dick). Kristen comes in to try and comfort David and tells him to tell the others, Frank says “Oh what’s the matter poor Davy upset about something?”  To which David replies “That’s why”. David kind of brushes her off to get more wood, so she tells them David’s family had to move across town and he had to switch schools (the key word here is had, why did they have to move? Are David’s parents on the run?). Kiki says “Oh poor baby doesn’t like being the new kid.” David comes back and says “If you think it’s funny, why don’t you try changing schools? You don’t know anybody and you get lost. The kids treat you like you invisible because they already have their own friends. If that means that I am being a baby, then I guess I am being a baby.” (Kiki kind of looks like she regrets calling David a baby).  Kristen and The Gary, tell him it will get better and that he will get use to it. David says it wasn’t a complete loss as he came up with a story, David submits his story for approval to the Midnight Society as: The Tale of the Hatching.

I have to say the opening is very good, but it kind of makes me angry at the same time. We see a cute little fluffy dog near a sewer grate and it opens up and we hear the dog cry and it gets taken by whatever is in the sewer.

We are then introduced to the Wilson’s, a brother and sister by the name of Augie and Jasmine. Their parents have to go out of town for business and they decide to send the kids off to the black brook school, a boarding school with glowing reviews and an odd set of rules. They get there and immediately here a girl screaming. They follow the screams and comfort the girl, who asks them who they are to which Mrs. Wilson says “We are parents.”, which is kind of awkward as they are not this girls parents, but whatever she needed comfort. Then the Taylor’s, a husband and wife team who run the school walk in and explain the girl, whose name is Marie, has a slight fever. Augie tells them that fever can lead to delusions. They are then escorted into the office.

Once in the office, Augie’s watch goes off and Mr. Taylor kind of freaks out and acts like his head is going to explode. The parents comfort him as well, he tells them that he sometimes suffers from headaches (but it seems more like a migraine to me). The parents tell the kids that they will see them in a month, and the mom drives off (she is a bad driver as you can hear her almost kill the clutch and the tires squeal). Oh and the school uses tones not bells to signal class changes and alarms. As the parents leave the tone rings signaling dinner time.

At dinner, they are introduced to the dessert called spunge, which looks like grits, but apparently tastes amazing. They elect not to eat it, and I would probably pass as well, with a name like spunge.

A couple of weeks pass, and Augie and Jasmine decide to make the best of the situation as the kids were cool, but they still refuse to eat the spunge. Then one night a tone goes off and all the kids, walk down stair in a military fashion. Jasmine and Augie follow the kids down to the basement, where they appear to be hypnotized into taking care of eggs, by I guess salting them. Or maybe giving them prenatal vitamins, I am not really sure, but is a white powdery substance so it could also be cocaine. Just then the Taylor’s come down and are excited that soon the eggs will hatch. Augie and Jasmine play along and pretend that they are also hypnotized, and Mr. Taylor mentions that his wife was worried they did not eat the spunge. The Taylor’s then retreat to their office and Augie and Jasmine follow them.

“We eat all kind of meat”- Mr. Taylor

They learn that the Taylor’s are actually lizard people who are planning on taking over the earth. The Taylor’s talk about how patient the master has been for over 100 years. Augie and Jasmine run into Augie’s room, where they kind of argue and forget that they are underneath a microphone. They decide to escape from the school that night. Unfortunately, the Taylor’s overhear this and Mrs. Taylor grabs Jasmine, and Augie calls her a monster. Jasmine bites Mrs. Taylor’s hand and the two run down to another part of the basement, only to be trapped by the Taylor’s.

The Taylor’s explain that they are the of a race of meat eaters, they eat all kind of meat (including human). The kicker to it is that the kids have been trapped with the queen, who is the mother of all the eggs and once the eggs hatch, the kids will serve as the first meal to the youngsters. The queen makes her way toward Augie and Jasmine, but she moves very slowly and kind of looks like a goomba from super Mario. Maybe she is the mother of Yoshi, anyway Augie figures out that they can not stand high frequency noise and has his Walkman and speaker. He plugs them in and starts to play a tape from a Metallica cover band, and the plan works! The Taylor’s and the queen explode and all the kids come out of being hypnotized and are confused. I wonder if the person who wrote this story was trying to tell kids not to listen to metal music as it would rote their brains. I would think pop music would make it rote faster but that is just me.

Come to Mamma

David ends his story, by saying “The end…. or is it?” and The Gary declares the meeting over and then tells them ” Make sure to go straight home, guys”, Frank asks “why?”, to which The Gary says “Because’s tonight’s a school night”. Then The Gary puts out the fire. Which makes me wonder yet again, are they really meeting at midnight on a school night and if so, what parent in their right mind would allow them to meet in the wood at that time of night on a school night.

Moira’s Thoughts:

I have to say this story is very easy to relate to for us as viewers, how many of us at one time or another has had to switch schools? This could even be applied to graduating high school and going off to college, and moving away from home for the first time. Very well done. I know that I felt like David when I first moved to Hawaii, I kept getting mistaken for being a local, but I wasn’t a local and never claimed to be one. I found it was hard to make friends, but eventually got easier.

  1. I really liked how I could relate to the situation that David is going through.
  2. I think this episode really shows the relationship between David and Kristen, since she was the only one to know about his family moving across town and him switching schools.
  3. I think Frank was being a dick to David, and I think David owes Betty Ann an apology for snapping at her when she was concerned about him.

Thank you for joining me in our discussion of one of David’s best stories, The Tale of the Hatching. Join me next time for our first Kiki story of season 2, one of my all time favorites: The Tale of Old man Corcoran.

Until next time ….. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 5 of season 2

If you want to tweet it at anyone in particular like *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* to make them aware of me wanting to interview them, that would be cool. I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, they will think it is a good idea. As a thank you, I will upload a video of me doing the nea nea and if you all help me get all three, I will upload a video of me singing He Mele No Lilo in full Hawaiian (since I took 2 years of the language). Mahalo for your continued support in this endeavor.

Photo credit: Google images Title card Taylors mother


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