Moira’s Top 5 Episodes of Season 1

Missing Eric, they conveniently forgot to tel him it was photo day

I felt it was only necessary to rate my top 5 episodes. I will do this for every season and then after season 5, I will create my overall top 10. So without further ado, I give you my top 5 episodes of season 1:

  1. The Tale of Laughing in the Dark Original air date August 22 1992
    1. Storyteller: Betty Ann
  2. The Tale of the Pinball Wizard Original air date November 14 1992
    1. Storyteller: Gary (fearless leader)
  3. The Tale of the Dark Music Original air date October 31 1992
    1. Storyteller: Eric
  4. The Tale of the Captured Souls Original air date October 3 1992
    1. Storyteller: Kiki
  5. The Tale of the Prom Queen Original air date November 7th 1992
    1. Storyteller: Kristen

Honorable mentions:

The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors- Betty Ann

The Tale of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Betty Ann

The Tale of the Lonely Ghost- David

So do you agree with my list or not? Which would you include in  your top 5? I have to say it was hard to pick just 5 episodes, but I have my reasons for each episode.

Until next time….Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) first Top 5 episodes post.



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