Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 1 Episode 12: The Tale of the Prom Queen

Kristen’s last story of season 1


Now lets get into our episode, We see a shot of a person dress in a prom dress (but it honestly looks like a wedding dress).

Ghost bride?

Then we  see the gang at the clearing. Eric is eating a sandwich (more proof that they need to keep up with the snack rotation)

I hope he chokes

, Betty Ann and Kiki and sitting back to back, Kiki is tossing a baseball up in the air and catching it. Betty Ann is balancing a twig on her nose (not really sure why, but maybe it is a balance thing?).

“The key to break dancing is balance”- Betty Ann

Gary is doing something with the fire, and Frank returns from possibly using the forest restroom to find Kristen is still not there. Gary mentions again that they have rules for a reason (I guess Kristen should consider herself on notice).

“Hey Betty Ann do you have any competitions coming up soon?”- Frank
“She is just intimidated by my good looks and street smarts”- Kiki “She is just intimidated by my awesome dance movies”- Betty Ann

Just then the figure enters the clearing, causing them to be a little scared and gather around the storytellers chair. When the figure speaks, they are all happy to find out it is just Kristen, who dressed up in character for her story.

Bride ghost wants to tell a story.

The gang kind of freaks out and gather around the storyteller’s chair, which logically speaking they should realize it is Kristen.


“It’s just Kristen, but she forgot the beer.”- Kiki

Betty Ann is impressed and goes to give her a high-five, which Kristen leaves her hanging (kind of rude Kristen) and Eric asks her why she dressed up, she tells him its for her story (she also calls him a geek).

“Hi ghost bride, I come in peace. Also please come watch me in my break dancing competition next week.”- Betty Ann

She tells the group she is there to tell the one true version of her story (she is playing the role of the dead prom queen, but how does she know that Judy won queen, if Judy was killed before getting to prom?). Then Kristen submits her story as The Tale of the Prom Queen.

The tale opens with a lot of shots in a graveyard, where we see Deedee, who is dressed like an escaped convict, walking around the cemetery. She leaves a bouquet of wild flowers on a grave. She continues to walk around, and is then startled by Jam and Greg. Jam explains that they are in search of a ghost. She inquires about the ghost, and they tell her it is the ghost of a dead prom queen. They ask her if she wants to join them and she agrees.

Jam, Dede and Greg

The kids go out for malts and burgers and talk about how to find out information. Judy says that maybe they should contact the police as they should have a record of the incident. Greg tells her that they probably won’t even talk to them. Jam says that they should go to the library and check the newspaper scans.

They go to the library and are checking the computer when they get a jump scare, an old lady (presumably a librarian) offers them tea. I am thinking of making an AYAOTD drinking game, where if they mention tea or drink tea, you take a shot. Guarantee you will be wasted by the end of the episode. Anyway, they refuse the tea and find an article with the girl’s name. Her name is Judy Larsen. They learn that she was hit by a car just outside the cemetery on prom night and her boyfriend Ricky Mitchell, also died when he drove off a bridge. Ricky apparently did not get the message that he was suppose to pick up Judy (call me crazy, but if your taking someone to prom, wouldn’t you automatically assume you are to pick up that person?).

We’re on a boat!

Jam thinks they should have a seance. Greg pulls Deedee aside and asks her if she believes in this stuff. She says that a seance could be fun. They all meet up later and take a boat out to where Ricky went over. Deedee leads the seance (she believes that all you need to do to contact the dead is concentrate, which means I must do this a lot when working on complex math problems). So she is taking to Ricky and tells him that he never got the message, but he was suppose to pick up Judy by the cemetery on Woodlawn Drive (this isn’t the actual street, I just forgot what it was and I live near Woodlawn Drive). Then she tells him to come and pick her up as she is waiting for him. All of a sudden they bubbles start rising to the surface of the lake. The guys freak out as it could be Ricky or it could be sewage pipes or even a natural gas pockets. They escape by rowing the boat as fast as Greg can row and end up on the shore.

Betty Ann’s inner thought: But not as brave as me, I have to win the break dancing championships.

We cut to the Midnight society, where Betty Ann says “Brave kids”, Frank says ‘Stupid but brave.”  Kristen throws her corsage into the fire, maybe to make the area smell of flowers, I am not really sure why she does that. The next night is prom night and they meet in the cemetery. The prom queen apparently is suppose to appear at midnight I think.

They are waiting around in the cemetery, and they see the prom queen walking around. She is dressed in white robes and carrying around green glow sticks, which make her easy to spot. Greg goes up to her and alas it is not the prom queen, but Jam’s cousin Chuck. Jam put Chuck up to it as a prank, since Jam did not think they would see the ghost.


All of a sudden they see an old ’55 Chevy driving down the road in the cemetery. It stops next to where they are and Deedee transforms into the prom queen.


It turns out that Deedee is Judy’s nickname and she is a ghost (ermomg). She sings the song int still of the night (apparently on some releases this song has been omitted due to copy-write/ licensing issues, but on mine which I downloaded from the Xbox store, has the song still). Judy is now wearing a very pretty baby blue dress, and she gets into Ricky’s car. She explains to Jam and Greg that she could only leave the cemetery, if someone took her. She also told them that she knew when she saw them, they would be the ones to help her solve the mystery of why Ricky never came and tells them she will never forget them.

Woot woot my ride finally showed up!

Ricky and Judy drive off together through the cemetery gates, while Greg, Jam and Chuck look on with looks of shock on their faces.

Kristen then says “The end” and Gary declares the meeting over.

Moira’s Thoughts:

  1. This is my favorite Kristen story. It wasn’t scary, but just an overall good story.
  2. Even though the ending was somewhat predictable, it was still very good.
  3. I like how Kristen dresses up for her stories, but I can’t help but think Gary makes empty threats about people being late to meetings and having rules.
  4. Betty Ann and David really ate up this story and were totally in to it, whereas the others seemed to not be as into as them.
  5. It was kind of mean of Kristen not to high-five Betty Ann, seriously I get your playing a character, but she was giving you a complement.
  6. I don’t know why Kristen called it the tale of the prom queen, if Judy never made it to prom, how could she be crowned queen? Unless they felt bad about her dying and gave it to her post-death.

Well that was a fun story wasn’t it? That was Kristen’s story: The Tale of the Prom Queen. The next summary is our last of season 1, a classic AYAOTD tale, which is told by our fearless leader Gary, The Tale of the Pinball Wizard.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

As always…. Until next time: Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society (especially The Gary), I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 13 (lucky number!)

*Photo credit google images: The three amigos  on a boat Grave  Ricky Prom queen together Prom queen title card



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