Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 1 Episode 11: The Tale of The Dark Music.

dark music
An Eric Story

Tonight’s story is brought to us from Eric. I have to say that out of the two stories Eric tells during his run (before the group unanimously decided to change locations and not tell him), this is the better of the two.

The night starts off with the Midnight Society sitting around the campfire, and Frank running into the clearing. He is mad at Eric as they were suppose to come together. Eric says he forgot, but part of me thinks, he was just being a dick. Kristen tells Frank it is okay, since they waited for him. Betty Ann says “What’s the big deal?”, turns out Frank lost his flashlight. Eric then taunts Frank and reveals the big secret, that Frank is afraid of the dark. Kiki and Kristen kind of give him shit about it, whereas Betty Ann tells Frank “It’s okay I get scared in the dark sometimes too.” Frank quickly says “I am not afraid of the dark!” He just wasn’t sure he could find the clearing without a flashlight. Then Frank threatens Eric and tells him he is going to pay for it. Gary tells Frank not to kill Eric yet, as he is telling the story tonight (that is code for if his story sucks, I’ll turn the other cheek). Also the gang looks like they are fairly relaxed tonight, Betty Ann looks like she is going to roll out a sleeping bag as she is laying on the ground next to Kiki who is on a log. Kiki tells Frank to sit down and to not be strange (I didn’t realize that standing during a meeting was considered strange). Gary, who has had enough of the tom foolery, tells him to just start the story. Eric submits his story: The Tale of the Dark Music.

We are introduced to the Carrs, which consist of Andy, Christina (little sister) and Mom. Andy’s parents have recently divorced and they are struggling financially. But what luck, his mom inherited a house from her late uncle Niles. Andy has a paper route to help with money in order to buy lunch at school, one day while riding, he runs into the neighborhood bully Koda. Koda looks like he is fresh out of an 80’s hair band. Koda basically tells him that everyone was happy when his uncle died, and they did not want Andy’s family to show up. Koda threatens Andy about getting in his face.

It is now night and Andy starts to ask his mom about uncle Niles. She does not really him as the last time she saw him, she was Christina’s age (I am guessing about 10). She is struggling with the window dividers pieces and asks Andy to go down to the basement to fetch a ladder. Andy is reluctant and teased by his sister who asks him if he is afraid of the dark. Andy says he is not and goes down to the basement.

Once down there he finds a radio, and asks for someone to turn a switch up starts so he can start to play it. Andy’s mom does this and he starts to surf the radio. Once the music begins, the door to the root cellar starts to open on it’s own (OMG!). Andy turns off the radio and says to whoever is doing it to stop, he then turns the radio back on, and the door swings open and a voice is heard from the root cellar, it says “Hello Andy, come on in”. The cellar also has red glowing eyes.

We are now taken back to the Midnight Society, where Betty Ann says “ooh a boogeyman in the basement, I love it!” Kiki says “Uncle Niles may be dead, but he’s not forgotten.” And the rest of them say “ooh”.  Betty Ann turns around and says “You OK Frank? Frank?” and Kristen ask “Where did he go?” David says “I didn’t see him leave.” Eric says “He couldn’t take it. I told you he was chicken.” Gary tells Eric “Keep going. He’ll come back.” Now I find it hilarious that Frank up and left and no one noticed. I mean they are sitting around a campfire looking at one another, so they should have seen him leave, unless they close their eyes. Also Betty Ann seems to be the only one concerned about Frank.

Eric continues his story, Andy went to get his mom to check out the cellar.  He mom cautiously opens the root cellar, and she now has a strange accent. She tells Andy is was probably just a rat. She turns around and see the broken radio, and tells him that is the voice he heard. She tells Andy that she needs him to be strong.

The next day Koda is getting yelled at by his father (who I think is drunk and possibly Beetlejuice). He is cleaning the front stoop of the house. His father says “You want an allowance, you earn it!” Koda replies “Yeah yeah.” Andy rides by on his bike and throws a paper that somehow hits the bucket and spills soapy water on Koda (but I feel like he needed it since he appears to not shower or bathe regularly). Koda chases Andy to his house and Andy locks himself in the basement.

That night, Andy asks his mom how uncle Niles got rich and how he died. She says that she doesn’t know but that they found him in the basement and then quickly changes the subject. The mom asks Christina to put the clothes in the dryer, but Christina says she is busy, so mom asks Andy to do it and he doesn’t want to. But the mom says she cannot because she is covered in Ash.

So Andy goes down to the basement to get the clothes and put them in the dryer, and plays music yet again. This time Andy see this:

“Hi Andy why don’t you come play with me”

A giant human-sized doll. The doll puts out it hand, and Andy almost takes it before the mom turns off the music via the switch up stairs. Andy was in a trance and couldn’t remember anything.

The next day after school, Andy finds a note from his mom. She is working until 5 and asks him to throw some tarps into the wash, once again playing music in the basement, this time it triggers a carnival barker, who turns into a skeleton (which I will admit is really freaky). Andy finally realizes that the music is what is triggering the basement to come a live. Andy is freaked out and hurries to the store to tell his mom, only to run into Koda. Koda starts to punch Andy in the face. Koda throws his bike under a truck and ruins it.

While sitting on the porch, Andy gets an idea, he is going to trap Koda in the basement to give him a taste of his own medicine. He sets up some speakers and a stereo, and sets his plan into action.

Andy goes over to Koda’s house and tells him “When your done, why don’t you come over to my house. You make a good maid.” Koda gets pissed and starts to chase after Andy. Andy locks Koda in the basement and turns on the music. The cellar demon, then eats Koda and turns him into a bike. The demon tells Andy he will get anything he wants, all he has to do is feed him human souls. Just than Christina comes home and says “Andy I am home, Mom says you need to make me dinner and it better be good.” Andy just looks at the camera and it appears that he is going to feed Christina to the demon.

Eric ends his story and Kristen asks him if Andy really did feed his sister to the demon. Eric says no, but he made sure she never messed with him again. Betty Ann says “Cool” Kiki says she would have fed her to the demon, the brat had it coming (I think Kiki must have a younger sibling). David says “Great story Eric”. Gary declares the meeting over. Eric asks where Frank is, and Kiki tells him that Frank will come back and to just wait. Then Eric ask Kristen to wait with him and she says “What’s a matter Eric, afraid of the dark?” Eric says he is not and sits in the darkness waiting for Frank. He repeats “I am not afraid of the dark”, to himself. Just then Frank taps Eric on the shoulder and freaks Eric out. Frank says “Paybacks are sweet”.

Moira’s thoughts:

  1. I liked how casual the gang was in this episode.
  2. I like how they kind of teased Frank. I also liked that Frank broke the fourth wall.
  3. The episode is actually very scary and I would put it in my top 15.

This was my summary of Eric’s last story, The Tale of the Dark Music. Join me next time when I summarize our second Kristen story, The tale of the Prom queen.

Until next time….Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story/; The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 12.

Photo credits google images: Title Card Cellar Doll


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