Small updates

cropped-robine1.jpgSo the small update is that I got the Are You Afraid of the Dark Campfire guide, which means theoretically it should be easier now to write my blogs via per episode. I have also decided to start writing a draft of a letter (email) requesting interviews with the cast (hopefully no rejection *fingers crossed).

Also random fact about me: I took Hawaiian as my second language here at University of Hawaii at Mānoa and I wanted to share my favorite Hawaiian words with everyone.

  1. Haukalima- Ice cream (Hau means iced and lima means fingers thus it equals ice cream)
  2. Palaoa palai- Pancake
  3. Hauʻoli- Happy (if you want to say Happy Birthday it is Hauʻoli la hanau)

Now you know a little more about me and some Hawaiian!

On a side note: I had a great Birthday, I went to cheesecake factory with my mom and friend. Then walked around the International Marketplace, we went to see Mitsuwa, but it wasn’t open yet. That just means another trip to Waikiki when it finally does open. We also went to Safeway and POG was on sale so I got POG to drink for breakfast.

School starts up again on Monday (but not me, I have no Monday classes). Really not looking forward to it, the only I learned from this break is that I crave sleep, like I function really great after a 12 hour sleep. I also have not really been drinking coffee.

I am also studying for a certification called CHIA. It could help me out in the long run and you only need a 70% to pass.

Okay that is all the updates for now!


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