Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 1 Episode 10: Jake and The Leperchaun

Eric the idiot

This episode aired on October 24 1992. I somewhat remember watching this episode, I think it would have been better to show it in March around St. Patrick day, but I cannot remember if AYAOTD was being shown in March or if it was hiatus.

This episode starts with the Midnight Society already gathered around the campfire. Gary tells us that they have an unusual circumstance tonight. Frank was up, but passed it on to Eric, whose Grandfather, Pop-up has died. Eric tells us his grandfather was from Erie (Ireland) and would tell him stories about fairies, pixies and leprechauns. Kristen asks “What a fairy is?” Eric tells her ” Pop-up would say if they were fair, he would call them fairies.” He then goes on to tell us that to make a trade with a pixie or leprechaun all you had to do was say “Mine be yours and yours be mine”, and even if the trade was bad, they would still have to make it. Eric says that his grandfather was their kind of guy, he only told stories of the evil pixies and Leprechauns. Kiki asks Eric “What is a Leprechaun?” Eric tells her “A leprechaun is like a little old man who makes shoes, with funny little hats” (Here I thought they went around looking for gold and promoting general mills cereals). Eric beings the story by telling the group, it was one of his grandfather’s favorites, he submits his story as the Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun.

The story is about Jake Joysen a young aspiring actor. He wants nothing more than to become an actor, but he isn’t that good. He finally got his big break staring in a play called Will O’ the Wisp. His co-star in the play is an old man named Aaron, who is from Ireland and really really likes his tea. The play is about a boy who wishes to be turned into a Leprechaun by taking an oath.

Jake asks Lucy the stage manager what Aaron is drinking. He learns it is a special herbal tea. Jake gets the recipe and goes in search of the herbs (but honestly it sounds like names to different strands of marijuana). While searching for these herbs, he meet a little person by the name of Sean O’Shaney. Sean is offend by the herbs that Jake is seeking and throws him out of his garden store. Jake tries to explain he is only trying to make tea, to which Sean says “I know what these herbs are used for”. Also before this happens, Sean says that Jake has the glamour.

One day during rehearsal, while practicing the oath, Jake’s voice changes. This freaks Jake out and he seeks out Sean once again. Sean realizes that Jake is clueless about what is happening to  him. Jake is being changed into a changeling and his ears are already in transition.  Sean asks Jake when the play is and says “I wouldn’t miss it for all the suds in Dublin”.

It is now the next day, Sean shows up just as Jake is taking the oath to become a changeling. The oath is:

Aaron: The fairy ring dance and sing the mortal bloom a dying thing.

(Jake repeats)

Aaron: Turn me now to spirit bright and leave behind the human plight

(Jake repeats)

Sean then to stop what is going on, knocks over a set piece which halts the production. Jake sees Sean and together they make the smoke alarm go off so Aaron has to leave. Once in Aaron’s room they see a changeling and articles that belong to Jake. Then they hear Aaron come back, and hide under the bed. Aaron has fake ears, nasty feet and a strange hairline on his back. Oh he also sleeps upright. Jake and Sean escape.

It is now the night of the performance, Sean meets Jake to help defeat the banshee, Aaron who is also known as Gort. Sean tells us the three rules to defeat Gort:

  1.  Be fearless (Jake eats two spiders) and add some “herbs” to the drinking bag and Sean throws some glitter in the air and says “Rowen tree red three puts the witches to their speed”.
  2. Give Aaron a taste of his own medicine (don’t drink from the pouch)
  3. Don’t take your eyes off him. You must spellbind him. Lock your eyes with his and turn his spell against him.

After intermission the play continues and we are now at the scene where Jake is taking the oath. Aaron starts the oath, and takes a sip from the drinking pouch, but he is on to Jake. Jake says the oath, but does not drink. Aaron than asks hi who he has been taking to and transforms into the banshee. Then Sean appears and he is apparently a leprechaun. Aaron, now as Gort transforms Jake into a changeling in front of the audience who is eating this shit up. Meanwhile back stage, Lucy is freaking out since she cannot find what she is seeing in the script. Then Sean reveals that he has Gort’s tail.  Sean makes a trade for Jake and the banshee, has to take the deal. Gort/ Aaron disappears and Eric tells us the play was never performed again.

Eric says the end. The gang seems to really like the story. They clap (which is a first) and Betty Ann goes over and gives him a hug, followed by Kiki (who is showing her softer side). Also this is the first time Gary did not declare the meeting over and put out the fire. I can only assume that the meeting continued with Eric sharing memories of his pop-up.

Moira’s Thoughts:

  1. This was a good light-heart story. I liked the Irish overtones throughout.
  2. This was the first time Eric wasn’t a complete jerk, or annoyed me.
  3. I liked that the Midnight Society was showing support and concern for one of the members due to the lose of a loved one. It really shows that they care about each other.
  4. The villain was a good one, an evil leprechaun!
  5. Betty Ann was the first one to show concern for Eric, which means she was able to put aside her feelings about him and move past it. She is totally the bigger person.

The next summary is another Eric story: The Tale of the Dark Music. This is also the last Eric story.

So until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (especially Betty Ann), I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog number 11


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