Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 1 Episode 8: The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors.

“Things *are* scarier at night. Especially in *my* story. You can be scared during the day, but don’t bother, because the real terror never begins until night falls. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society – except for Eric… “- Betty Ann

This episode originally aired on October 10 1992. I remember this episode very well as it intrigued me. Today is the day before my Birthday (So it is kind of nice that I am summarizing a Betty Ann story).

This episodes starts with Kristen asking the group (minus Betty Ann who is running late, I guess no one wanted to wait for her), “Why are we always telling scary stories at night, if they are scary they should be just as scary during the day right?” (I am guessing that Kristen wants to fill her nights with other activities much to Gary’s delight). Gary says “No way things are always scarier at night” (Gary knows what he be talking about). Kristen presses him for answers.

nightly neighbors 1
Kristen looks like she finally understands the theory of relativity

David says “Because you can’t see things at night” (David you can it is called night vision). Just than Kiki sneaks up on David and says “Yeah like some ghoul could sneak up on you in the dark, and you wouldn’t know until it is too late” (she looks very pleased with herself. Over doing it much Kiki?).

Nightly neighbors 2
Kiki offered to give David one of her surprise shoulder massages

Eric agree and Frank who doesn’t care about the current topic asks who is going tonight. Betty Ann (our hostess with the mostess), replies “I am” (That is code for thanks for waiting for me jerks, what if I got kidnapped). Eric becomes a complete douche bag and says “Oh man”, to while Betty Ann replies “What’s the matter” (That is right our girl Betty Ann is channeling her inner Bronx). Eric says “You always tell the same kind of story, it’s kind of gross and everyone lives happily ever after. Boring” (seriously Eric, were you asleep during the nightmare fuel that was Laughing in the Dark?).

Nightly neighbors3
Eric shouldn’t talk, he only told 2 stories

Frank who I think has a crush on our dark horse mistress of the night, defends Betty Ann, by telling Eric “So what your kind of gross and boring to”, Kiki laughs and agrees with Frank (I want to know at what point Kiki would be willing to pound Eric on Betty Ann’s behalf? I mean the girl gets treated like shit and no one waited for her). But Betty Ann the ever optimist, brushes it off and says “Things are scarier at night especially in my story, you can be scared during the day but don’t bother, because the real terror never begins until night falls”.

nightly neighbors4
Betty Ann’s inner thought: Time to make them pay

The group just kind of looks at each other like “Oh shit we really screwed up this time didn’t we.

nightly neighbors 5
Betty Ann inner thought: Eric your a douche bag and we are kicking you out after the summer.

Then Betty Ann submits her story for everyone but that douche bag Eric (Yay someone finally invoked the clause!). Betty Ann calls her story: The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors (I wonder if Betty Ann was coming from a flood as she for whatever reason rolled up her pant legs. I will give her credit for dressing almost completely in denim).

The story begins with Dayday watching some generic horror movie. Dayday’s sister Emma sneaks up on him and then dumps the popcorn bowl on his head. Emma basically calls Dayday a fat ass and calls him a zero. She tells him that a lot is going on and she isn’t going to miss it. Then she notices new neighbors moving in, to which Dayday says “At night?” (I’ve seen lots of neighbors move away during the night, so I have to assume they are moving in at night).

Emma and Dayday

The next day, they go and try to introduce themselves. They run into an overly friendly delivery driver. He tells them the new neighbors last name is Braun and that they are from the Ukraine (even though right after he calls it Russia). He tells them they ordered 2 refrigerators before leaving the Ukraine. I hope this guy got fired for his over share. He tells the kids that the order says to leave the crates in the driveway if no one answers, so he does just that. Emma, who is apparently a spy in training sees the Braun’s car in the garage. Emma thinks the Brauns are KGB agents who had to runaway after the collapse of the Soviet Union or gypsies searching for a new home (this show was aired right after the ending of the coldwar).

The new neighbors

Then they run into the mailman Mr, Mitchell. Their mo is a klutz and runs into him because she is late. He mentions that he is sick and as weak as a kitten (but it has been my experience that kittens are actually quiet strong). Emma asks if he has met the new neighbors yet and he says “Yeah I’ll never forget it”. She assumes they are weird to which Mr. Mitchell says “It was the night I started getting sick”.

We are now taken back to the campfire where Betty Ann tells us that Emma started paying close attention to the Brauns (part of me wonders if she spies on her neighbors). Betty Ann goes on to say “Emma watched them every chance she got, and the more she watched, the more she realized  the new neighbors were just a little bit strange. They didn’t talk to anyone and no one ever saw them during the day, only at night. Even their kid Lex was never seen during the day.”  (so in other words she is stalking them).

Then Lex approaches Emma and asks her “Can I come in and play?” This scares Emma. Emma replies, “It’s kind of late”

We are taken back to Betty Ann, who says “Lex never started school and no one had ever heard of him. And the strange disease that hit Mr, Mitchell was spreading through the neighborhood like crazy. People were losing their energy (must have been the coffee shortage of 1992). It was like an epidemic going around, but no one knew what it was, and it started the same night the Brauns moved in. Things seemed very strange indeed. Emma had a great imagination, but this was a little weird even for her (I wonder if Betty Ann is taking about herself). Then one night all the pieces of the puzzle came together.”

Emma has a dream that Mr, Braun is a vampire and he floats through her window to bite her neck. Emma screams and wakes up. She is convinced that it must be true, she goes and wakes up Dayday. She tells Dayday that the Brauns are vampires because they are from Bravno, Ukraine which is in the middle of a bunch of Eastern European places like Transylvania (not a country but a city in Romania, Betty Ann should pay closer attention in Geography class).

Emma tells Dayday they must kill the neighbors since they are vampires. She plans to break into the basement that night to find their coffins.

We are now treated to another break from the Midnight Society. They are taking a juice break. Eric cockily says “She is going into a vampire’s basement? At night? Adios Emma”. David is quick to say “But they might not be vampires” (maybe this incident happened to him and his family). Kristen says “Then why are all those people getting sick?” (she passes on the juice for some reason). Kiki points out the obvious and says “Yeah like blood being sucked from their necks. I love it” (And this right here is why Kiki and Betty Ann are besties). Kiki forgets that the juice is being passed around and drinks directly out of the thermos. David asks “What happened?”, Betty Ann tells them “Emma didn’t know for sure if they were vampires, so she had to investigate *dramatic pause* and that night she did” (Something tells me that in this story Emma= Betty Ann and this is her confessing to snooping in her new neighbors house).

So Emma hangs up garlic around the house. She tells Dayday not to invite the Brauns inside. Emma sneaks into the Braun’s basement, but surprise surprise, the Brauns are paying Dayday a visit! Dayday and Emma’s mother lets the vampires in to the house. The mom is all Hello come in, come in. She looks at Dayday like he is nuts.   There is a guest appearance of Mickey Mouse in the Braun’s basement. The Braun’s tell Dayday and his mother they are studying American paramedics to bring back home. Dayday’s mom gives them an open invite to come by anytime. She also openly flirts with Mr. Braun the hot Eastern European next door.

Dayday sneaks into the basement to tell Emma that the Braun’s are on their way back home. But Emma need to see why the refrigerator is locked. She finds blood. Also she forgets to put the lock back on the refrigerator. Emma is convinced the Brauns have picked them as the next victims and she thinks they are the only ones who can stop them.

They are going to kill the neighbors after school before dark. I have to say Betty Ann is really going all out. Emma for some reason has crosses and wooden steaks just laying around the house. She tells him if they do not act now, they could be coming for them tonight. The two sneak back into the basement only to hide under a table when Mrs. Braun comes down into the basement. She sees them but does not really care. The kids leave the basement and run into the Mr and Mrs. Braun outside.

They claim that their schedule has changed and that the hospital has a surplus of blood that they are storing. Then Mrs. Braun asks Dayday if Lex might come over tonight to play video games. He says yes.

Then we see the Brauns in the basement, Mr. Braun asks his wife if the kids were in the basement, she said yes, but its okay because tonight they are going to strike. They then go over to wake up Lex, who is a vampire and tell him he has been invited to Dayday’s house. They also complement him on his choice of coming to the country since there is so much fresh blood.

Vampire Lex

Dayday teases Emma about being wrong (but she wasn’t). They both leave and go home.

Betty Ann ends the story by saying “With ghost and ghouls there are no rules, but a vampires bite only comes at night”. The End. The look on the rest of their faces is that of Oh shit! Gary declares the meeting over and then they pour their juice over the campfire to put it out.

Moira’s thoughts:

  1. Betty Ann really went all out for this story. I really enjoyed that,
  2. I am glad they started with the snack rotation, I want to say it was Kristen this week because I think that was her thermos.
  3. They sort of shitted on Betty Ann and someone should have stood up for her to Eric besides Frank. Eric is a little shit.
  4. I really liked how Betty Ann narrated this story, especially since I really like the cut away to the Midnight Society.
  5. I learned a lot about vampires and use this episode to educate people on vampires, in fact I used it to help with training a co-worker of mine (no we are not vampires, but RA’s have a similar rule of needing to be invited into a room before entering).

I am not sure if I will post tomorrow as it is my Birthday, but in any case we are in for a treat as Betty Ann will tell us another story: The Tale of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice .

Until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (especially Betty Ann), I call this story: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) blog number 9”

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

*Photo credit google images: Betty Ann 2 Emma and Dayday the Bruans  Lex title card


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