Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 1 Episode 7: The Tale of the Captured Souls

“I can’t remember the last time Gary scared me”- Kiki

This episode first aired on October 3rd 1992. This is our first story by our girl Kiki. I really like Kiki as a story teller because I think her personality really shines through, we get to see the girl behind the bandanna and meet the sensitive side of the resident tomboy. .

The night begins with the gang (I decided to start calling the Midnight Society what they are a gang) waiting for Kiki. I think she was there but than left? I am not sure it is somewhat unclear.

captured souls 1
Eric your 5,000 days old

The Gary is asking Eric some questions and tells him that he is 5,000 days old (taken into account the year and the date we are given of April 29th, we can use math and figure out that Eric was born in 1979.  The Gary asks Eric what he has been doing all this time, to which Eric says “waiting for Kiki”, and then Kristen says “Yeah where did she go?” Eric says “Must be nature calling”, and then like a sly ninja our girl Kiki appears and takes random Polaroids of her friends, which really kind of piss them off.

captured souls 2
Haha Kristen

I have to say Betty Ann has the best reaction to the flash. Frank says “Oh look we have a flasher.” (Oh Frank if you only knew what the slang flasher would mean in a couple years, poor word choice my friend).

Captured souls 4
The magic of Polaroids is exciting to Betty Ann

Betty Ann seems somewhat confused (and this makes me think none of these teens have seen a Polaroid photo before) she says “It’s like a ghost becoming real”. Um yeah its the magic of film development Betty Ann, if your school offers photography, I would recommend taking a class. (I think Betty Ann must be suffering from a concussion because she is normally smarter than that). Gary then proceeds to ask Kiki when her birthday is, but is interrupted by Eric. Anyway Eric complains and says something along the lines of starting the story , Betty Ann and Frank are both kind of inpatient waiting for Kiki to start the story , so Kiki asks for the photos back (but not before taking a selfie. I think Kiki invented the selfie and selfie stick, so she is making bank). Also Betty Ann seems to be a little sassy tonight, maybe she got a bad grade on her chemistry test, cheer up girl, there is always next time or maybe she is sleepy and cranky. I get cranky when I am sleepy also. Kiki tells the gang that Indian tribes did not like it when they got their photos taken as they believed it took a piece of their soul (I was impressed that Kiki knew this, as I grew up in an area with a huge Native American population). Then she tells them what if they were right? The gang looks intrigued (and I think Betty Ann has eaten a snickers by this point because she looks happier). Kiki throws the Midnight dust into the fire and calls her story: The Tale of the Captured Souls. 

We are introduced to the Sellmans, an average African-Canadian family. They are on a family vacation and read about this hotel (that actually looks like a B&B pre airbnb days). The hotel is run by Peter Karlan the third, he appears to have a problem with sticking his fingers into light sockets or at least that is what it looks like based on his hair and complexion.


He talks in a low falsetto voice that is somewhat creepy. The house is covered in mirrors that electrocute people (because as everyone knows, that is how mirrors work). He shows the Sellmans to their rooms and Mr. Sellman is  impressed with the mirror above the bed (I think he has freaky plans for later that night). Danny does not like her room and thinks it is small (Danny should have seen my dorm room last year, her room looks like a mansion compared to my room, which I live in from earl August to late May). Peter tells the Sellmans that he will check them in and avoids questions about his parents who he says is on a cruise.

Before there was Airbnb accommodations

The Sellmans have settled in and Mr. Sellman and Danny are playing catch in the front yard. Peter is watching them and Mr. Sellman tries to get him to play as well (he kind of bullies Peter into playing). Peter replies that he isn’t a sports man. Then Mrs, Sellman comes out with a Polaroid camera and tries to take a photo, but Peter cowers like a little child (I think he fears getting his photo taken as he is already grey and pale enough without a flash exposure). He offers to take a family photo of the Sellmans.

It turns out that Peter is a mad scientist, who is stealing the youth of the Sellmans. He is using the mirrors to sell the essences of the parents and making Danny go through puberty. We see his laboratory and how he experimenting with flowers, killing some to create life for others. He does this while standing in a light tube.

“Quicker than a ray of light”- Madonna

We then go back to the Midnight Society, Eric asks what Peter was doing in the light tube, “taking a light shower?” (I see what you did there Eric, very clever), David says “Yeah and why didn’t he want his picture taken?” Kristen says “Maybe he was afraid of what they would see”, Gary says “What about the cylinder, there are mirrors in there”, Kiki is all ” Exactly mirrors, just like in the rest of the house” (then blinds them with the reflection of a mirror she is holding, nice on Kiki).

So after his light shower, Peter is all youthful now and is suddenly good at playing baseball. I think he is showing off for Danny because he is totally flirting with her. He does a Babe Ruth and points to where he will hit the ball, Danny says “Okay slugger try this one”, and Peter hits it out of the park! (well he hits it toward a graveyard). They argue about who will get the ball, when Peter aggressively tells Danny he will get it (maybe Peter is going through puberty as a side effect).  Mr. Sellman tells Danny he needs to take a nap and the heat is bothering him.

“When I get older losing my hair many years from now…”-The beatles

Danny than goes and bugs her mother about wanting to go swimming, but she is too needs a nap. Then she tells Danny they may need to get medication for Danny’s sudden acme problem (puberty can be a bitch am I right). Danny kind of goes off in the house to the bathroom and breaks a mirror exposing the wiring (maybe Peter runs an internet site). She calls her dad into the bathroom to complain, but he is more angry with the broken glass and over looks the fact that the mirror has wiring (Danny seems to be to the only one who is on to Peter). Peter steps out of his light shower, since it is now filled with smoke.

Danny goes outside and sees the family graveyard. She notices that there are four unmarked plots with tally marks. She sees that Peter was born in 1907. Danny runs back into the house and figures out its the mirrors that is making her parents into senior citizens. She takes one of the mirrors off the wall and yells at her mom not to look into the mirror as it is making her look awful (kind of harsh Danny, but I’ll give you a pass on that one). Her mom and dad collapse on to the bed to take a nap. Danny runs up to Peter’s room where she exposes his laboratory. She sees an old man having Tea with her parents, only to discover it is actually Peter.  I have to say Peter’s laboratory looks not unlike a photo lab.

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m Sixty-four?”- The Beatles

Danny runs outside, and realizes 21 men, 15 women, 34 kids and 10 dogs have all been victims of Peter. Peter basically tells Danny that he is killing her parents so he can be youthful. He offers her to live with him and be young forever. Danny tells Peter he is crazy, he says “No I am very very smart”. She then takes a photo of Peter to distract him and tells her Parents that the mirrors are making them old.

Peter is taking a light shower, and Danny is about to foil his plan. She breaks his light tube and he gets rapidly older, while her parents regain their youth. Once the Sellmans recover, Danny convinces her parents to go to the beach. Peter is now an old man and tells Danny that he is going to join his family as it has been too long .

Kiki ends her story by saying “Danny never told her parents what actually happened as Peter wasn’t going to hurt anyone ever again.” Then Kiki says ” Sometimes pictures do tell the truth whether you like it or not” Frank is carefully studying his photo and smiles and Betty Ann still looks a little angry or confused.

captured souls 5
I wonder what she wanted to see (She looks pissed)

Then Kiki says ” I have one last photo”  sets the camera up on the story tellers chair, for a group shot. I actually really like the group shot as I think it was a good way to end the story. I wonder who kept the photo? Since it was Kiki’s camera maybe she did? I am almost positive that Betty Ann did not keep the photo because she appeared to not like her own photo. Maybe Gary kept the photo for records keeping purposes.

captured souls 6
Group photo shoot with the resident photographer Kiki

Moira’s Thoughts:

  1. Even though it does not seem like it, I really do like this story. Peter was a great villain who was somewhat likable.
  2. I think this story and the way Kiki presented it showed the group in a new light and exposed insecurities. Kristen not liking her photo because of her eyes being red and Eric saying he looks 5,000 years old.
  3. I got really sassy in this summary and I apologize for it, but it was late at night/ early morning (I had insomnia).
  4. I feel bad for the way I wrote about Betty Ann, but I really wanted to know more because her facial expressions throughout this episode were intriguing and we barely get to see her complain. I was happy to see that she isn’t always happy-go-lucky. It brought a new element to her character.
  5. I liked that we get to see a different side of Kiki and I have to wonder if this is somewhat autobiographical maybe about one of her family vacations. Also Kiki looks so young in the episode, Jodie Resther was just about 14 when this episode aired but she looks about 11. Raine Pare-Coull also looks very young in this episode, but I am uncertain how old she is as I could not find a birth date for her. But I would guess she might be 19-20, based on that YouTube interview, but she looks to be about 14-15 years of age. People in Canada age nicely, it must be all that maple syrup!
  6. Also I want to say these kids all have wonderful teeth. They must put fluoride in the water up in Canada or they are very diligent about oral hygiene as they all have really nice white teeth.

I apologize Betty Ann for kind of making you my target in this episode. Please know it was out of concern not me making fun of you.

Anyway our next tale, which is the Tale of the Nightly Neighbors is another Betty Ann story (so I can make it up to her).

Until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this tale: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog number 8.

*Photo credit google images: Kiki arriving Peter Mr. Sellman Mrs. Sellman light tube


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