Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 1 Episode 6: The Tale of the Super Specs

The Gary has spoken.

This episode originally aired on September 26, 1992. This is our first Gary story and I remember be scared while watching this episode. Oh yeah I am now listening to my amazon music app, the current song playing is which is a mixture of rap and electronica and I am eating Japanese white peach agar agar jelly, it is my favorite thing in the world and I am drinking Nescafe excella (ice coffee). Also this episode introduces us to one of Gary’s recurring characters, Sardo.

Any forward with the summary, this episode starts in Gary’s dad’s magic store. Gary and Kristen are in the store and Gary pretends to cut off his finger with a mini guillotine. This freaks Kristen out and she screams and then get angry that Gary tricked her (I guess she really wanted him to lose a finger). Kristen coldly tells Gary some of the members of the midnight society don’t feel his stories are scary. Gary gets defensive and asks for specific names (Eric, Kiki, Frank and I am guessing Kristen, don’t worry Gary, Betty Ann and David still like your stories).

We now cut to the clearing, Gary is talking to someone and tells them not yet (we will find out later he is talking to David). Frank says “he thinks Gary is slipping” Betty Ann counter that with saying “Gary has told some of the best stories” and Kiki says “She can not remember the last time Gary scared her  (which is ironic since he scares her when he walks into the clearing).

Gary apologizes for being late and Eric is kind of an asshole and says “That is OK, Kiki was just saying how his stories are not scary anyway”. Kiki tells Eric “I am going to slap you” (I really wish she would have slapped him). Anyway Gary tells them his story is about magic and three different kinds of people. People who believe in magic, people who don’t believe in magic and people who should believe in it (he is looking at Kristen when he says the last part). Frank seems intrigued. Also Gary tells them that David is sick. He then Submits his story for the approval of the Midnight Society and calls his tale: The tale of the Super Specs.

The story follows a couple by the names of Mary Beth and Weeds. Weeds is a a joker loves to pull pranks on people and Mary Beth is practical. They are in Sardo’s magic mansion (“That is Sardo, accent on the “doh” not mister”). They are kind of messing around and weeds is looking at a spell book. He casts a spell on some super specs, which is the spell of second sight. Sardo sees them and tells them to either buy items or leave. Weeds buys some monkey bones, dust of dendaron and super specs for Mary Beth. Mary Beth thought they were going to the movies, but weeds needs to stock up on stuff for April fools day (which is funny since this episode aired in September, I guess since the twisted claw took place on Halloween they could not just say Weeds was playing Halloween pranks?). While Weeds is paying Mary Beth puts on the glasses and see a person dressed in all black and motioning her to come forward. Mary Beth or M.B. as Weeds calls her freaks out, but Weeds can not see anything.

Mary Beth and Weeds

Now we cut to the next day (which I guess is April fools day since Weeds is pulling pranks). He puts the white power of dendaron in this chicks yogurt. He was hoping to make her sound like a chipmunk. He is disappointed when it does not work at first, but after he leaves her voice changes to be high pitched and the chick kind of freaks out. Also there are people doing gymnastics outside at lunch and people doing ballet in front of the stair at the school, and I am not sure if anyone actually goes to class. Weeds next pull a prank on his friend Mark by hiding a punching bag in his locker and it hits him in the face  (I would have punched Weeds if that happened to me, but I am prone to violence sometimes). Mary Beth walks by and wears the super specs and Mark asks her what they are, she tells him “Oh don’t you know they are magic glasses that make you look cool, they must be magic if they can make Weeds cool”. Just than she sees the black figure again and thinks Weeds is playing a prank on her.

Super specs

Weeds and Mark leave to play basketball and Mary Beth walks home with a friend. But first Mary Beth throws the glasses away, after seeing the figure again outside near a tree and at this point Weeds thinks Mary Beth is crazy as he can not see the figures. Mary Beth tells her friend Kathrine that Weeds bought her a book on mummies for their one week anniversary (honestly she should just be happy she got a gift and he remembered). Mary Beth reaches into bag and see that the glasses are back. When she gets home she puts the glasses on and starts to see things, first she sees a tea kettle boiling on the stove and then she see a fire in the fireplace. This is followed by the black figure again and two more people dress in all black. She freaks out and runs off to find Weeds.

We than cut back to the Midnight Society, where Frank says “She should have burned those specs or chucked them into the garbage disposal” (Frank she already tried to throw them out, they would just come back again).  Betty Ann using logic again says “But the apparitions were not really there or were they?” Gary tells them, “Mary Beth did not know, all she knew was she could only see them through the specs”. Kiki (who is really into the story) says “So what did she do?” Gary says “The only thing she could think of, she went looking for Weeds”.

Weeds and Mark are playing horse and Weed fouls out after putting the dust on the basketball. When they turn around to leave, he throws the ball and it goes into the hoops but they do not see it. Mary Beth runs over to them only to see a group of black figures aggressively playing basketball. She panics and runs away.

She runs to Sardo’s magic mansion. He tells her she is seeing the other dimension. He tells her that she needs someone to perform a counter spell. Mary Beth asks Sardo to do it and he tells her it will cost her $50, she says that is too much so he says $20 and that he is losing on the deal. Then he looks for the dust of dendaron, but he sold the last bag to Weeds. Mary Beth stops Weeds from flushing it at the last moment and they have a seance at the house.

The eyes

Weird shit starts to happen, the table floats and the lights go out. Mary Beth puts on the glasses and see that the room is now filled with black figures. Weeds tells her to take the glasses off, because he can see them now too.  Sardo tells the giant eyes to take the children (because he is a coward). While casting the spell, they are interrupted by a sorcerer from the second dimension. She tells them  “You have tampered the cosmic seal, two universes can not exist on the same plane. Balance must be restored”. Then she closes the seal trapping them inside a crystal ball. There is an alternate Mary Beth and Weeds, who were scared of the other Mary Beth and Weeds.

let us out
Oh no!

We cut back to the Midnight Society, where Kiki says “Oh man”, Eric says “No way” and Betty Ann says “Excellent”.  Kristen says “So 2 universes were fighting for the same space and the other universe won?”, Gary says “Exactly, because the woman in black was powerful and Sardo was a fake”. Then Betty Ann says (with a smile) “That’s Sardo, accent on the Do”.  Kiki laughs and says “Great story”, than Gary shows them why he was late. He brought them all super specs for April fools day and promises he did not put any spells on them. He tells them to put them on when he counts to three, they all put them on and see a black figure (but it is just David) and they all scream and run away (leaving their backpacks behind). Kristen was in on the prank and tells Gary, I guess your story really was scary this time.

Moira’s thoughts:

  1. I really liked this episode as it is one of the first ones I remember watching as a child and it is really scary.
  2. I liked the reactions among the Midnight Society. How Frank thinks Gary is slipping and Kiki saying Gary has not scared her in a long time. I also think Eric’s true color are shown when he throws Kiki under the bus by saying she was saying Gary’s stories are not scary anymore.
  3. This episode also shows that Betty Ann is truly the only member who is legitimately concerned for her friends and is willing to stick up for them, even if it is against popular opinion. I think she needs to be given more credit since she has morals.
  4. I really liked the opening of this episode, it shows that the Midnight Society members do hangout outside of the meetings. Gary and Kristen. Betty Ann, Kiki and Frank (but that isn’t until the silent servant and even then they give Betty Ann shit)
  5. This is in my top 10 of favorite episodes.

So the next episode in season 1 to review/ summarize is brought to us from our girl Kiki. It is the tale of the captured souls (one of my favorites).

Until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (especially Kiki), I call this blog: The Tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark (But not really) Blog number 7.

*Photo credit google images: Gary super specs Eyes trapped  Mary Beth and Weeds


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