Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 1 Episode 5: The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

Kristen is going to put us to sleep tonight

This is another episode I do not remember watching when it aired. It apparently aired on September 19. I did not really have a regular TV watching schedule at 6 years old and I think AYAOTD was on late enough that I probably forgot it existed for a while.  Anyway moving on….

This tale is brought to us from Kristen. This is the first episode with a Kristen story, and she is late for the meeting yet again. The episode opens with Kiki and Betty Ann added twigs to the fire pit (I am not really sure what to call the area where they build the campfire, so I will call it a fire pit).

They are kind of doing their own thing (I think episode really shows the friendship dynamic between Betty Ann and Kiki). When Kiki hears a noise coming from the woods.

“Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains, Can you paint with all the colors of the wind.”- Betty Ann

Turns out it is just idiot Eric making chicken noises with the rest of the guys (not sure why Gary, Frank, David and Eric all had to get wood, it is not like they are going to stay longer than an hour. Unless they were stock piling for the next meeting).

“Keep the sacred fire strong. Walk in balance all our days”- The guys

Gary comes over and puts some logs into the fire pit and Kiki takes the matches to light the fire, unfortunately she burns her fingers with fire (she burns her finger for like a good 5 seconds, I would have dropped the match and not try to put it out, but that is just me).

“Strike match against the rough side of matchbox”- Kiki

Also want to point out this is one of the only times we see the Midnight Society actually build the fire, the other episode where this happens is the tale of the Ghastly Grinner (oddly enough it was Kiki who got the fire going in that episode with two sticks, maybe Kiki was a girl scout).

“$10 says I can get Kristen to go out with me.”- Frank

Gary mentions how they need to make a rule about late comers (I am kind of surprised that he does not already have a rule about late comers). Then they hear a howling, and Betty Ann asks what that sound was (which confuses me because she is smart, she should know it is a dog, maybe they have coyotes in the Canadian woods). Franks tells them it sounds like a hound dog, Eric says maybe it is Kristen and Frank says she is not a dog.

“Kids Kristen’s story really sucks tonight.”- Elvis

The howling gets closer (I would have thought Kiki would be freaking out at this point, because we learn in the tale of dangerous soup that she is afraid of dogs, but she does not appear to be scared). Anyway, Kristen finally shows up and apologizes for being late. She tells them that she had to pick up Elvis, her dog. Someone (I am not sure who) asks who Elvis is, Eric says “Elvis ain’t nothing but a hound dog” and Betty Ann says “My dad says Elvis is king” (and if Lilo and Stitch was around I would put in my two cents about how Lilo loves Elvis, but I digress).

Kristen says she brought Elvis for sound effects (which is nonsense since he does not make a sound for a long time), and introduces her story as the Tale of the Hungry Hounds. This tale stars a young Mia Krishner as Pam a country girl who longs to ride horses. Her city cousin Amy is visiting for the entire summer. It happens to be a rainy day and they are going through the attic of Pam’s house. They are trying on old clothes and shit. They come across Aunt Dora’s trunk.

Meet Pam

Then end up outside where Amy complains a lot and asks Pam what they can do for fun. Pam asks Amy if she can keep a secret, Amy is all like yeah. Pam takes her to see the horse next door (I will admit I did not pay enough attention to learn if the horse had a name). Pam also apparently keeps a carrot in her pocket, I guess just encase she feels the need to snack or feed a random horse? Pam’s mom drives up and freaks out that Pam is trying to get on the horse (this is because her sister Dora, who is Pam’s doppelganger died from a horse).

Cousin Amy from the city

Later on that day, Pam and Amy are playing with a Ouija board and ask it questions. The spirit replies with “Let Me Out”, and we are left to presume it is the ghost of Aunt Dora (who is not an explorer). The ghost than gives the girls the combination to the lock on her trunk.

Amy and Pam go back to the attic, Amy wants to open the trunk, but Pam is like no way “Mom says let the dead rest”. Amy opens the trunk and they find Dora’s riding outfit. Pam puts the riding jacket on and is transformed into Dora, the attic opens up to a staircase that leads to a family graveyard.

“And I Jack the Pumpkin King, have grown so tired of the same old thing.”- Pam

Pam leaves a single stock of wheat on Dora’s grave (maybe she really liked bread). Then Giles appears and says to Dora “It’s about time you did your chores”, Dora needs to feed the hounds, so her and Amy head to the barn and Giles I guess locks them in? I am not sure as I started losing interest and was eating my breakfast of yakisoba and almost chocked on the noodles. I also was eating malteasers and drinking apple juice.


Anyway Elvis makes a noise and we are brought back to the Midnight Society, Eric asks Elvis if he smells a fox, Betty Ann thinks he might be scared (but I am almost certain Elvis was not paying attention to this snooze fest and was just whining to go home and sleep),

“You should have left when you had a chance kids.”- Elvis

Kiki says maybe he is hungry and Gary just laughs. Kristen shoves a treat down Elvis’s throat and David asks who locked them in the barn. Kristen says “It might have been Giles or it might have been another ghost” (really the tale is almost over and you are going to tease us with yet another ghost).

Dora becomes obsessed with feeding the hounds. Amy is convinced it is the coat and Dora thinks her siblings are 10 years old. Dora is determined to feed the hounds and Amy is all “What are you going to feed them? Me?” Dora is like “No kibble”. So Dora opens the door handle and lets herself out. She then opens the door to let the hounds in and sees that they were chasing a fox, Ma petite rouge (the little red). The hounds run outside and Dora takes off on a horse.

Amy goes back up to the attic and wonders aloud what she is going to tell her aunt, when Pam reappears telling Amy that she needs to feed the dogs. Amy freaks out and says “You just have 1 dog”, Pam is all “That’s what I said I have to feed the dog” and Amy is all “No you said dogs” and Pam is all “What does it matter”.

As Kristen ends her story, she says that Pam tried once more to ask her mom for riding lessons, and her mom agreed to let her take them. Gary tells the Midnight Society “Remember to feed your dog, because if you forget he may have a bone to pick with you” (My dog normally just stares at me from the kitchen and makes me feel uncomfortable).

I think it is funny that they all groan at Gary’s joke, especially Betty Ann like you can see her cringe. Gary then declares the meeting is over (and I can finally stop watching this bullshit).

My dog asking for food by staring at my mom and making her feel uncomfortable.

Moira’s Thoughts:

  1. This story had potential but was boring. I think this is my least favorite episode of the entire series.
  2. It would have been better if they had more cuts to the Midnight Society, to break up the story a bit and it would have kept my interest.
  3. This was the first Kristen story, and luckily she tells much better stories later on.
  4. Gary should have told Kristen that he does not approve of this story. This is a perfect example of a story that should not receive approval.
  5. The Midnight Society all look so young in this episode.
  6. If I used my dog as a prop for the story it would have to be entitled the Tale of the people who never wake up, or the tale of the never ending buffet. I hope Kiki wouldn’t be afraid of my dog, I mean she is all of 9 pounds and a chihuahua. The scariest thing she would do to Kiki is sleep on her. Oh yeah my dog is the dog on the banner of this page, her name is Robin Elizabeth Sparkles.

I realize that I seem really hard on the Midnight Society in this episode, but I think it is because this episode was just horrible in my opinion. I honestly almost passed on writing this summary as I had to go back and fourth when watching it because I kept missing stuff. Look forward to my next summary which is our first Gary tale: The Tale of the Super Specs! Also I will try to work on the How we met fanfic later today.

Also was listening to Jodie Resther’s album yet again.

So until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (especially The Gary), I call this story: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark? (But not really) Blog number 6.”

*Photo credit from google images: Kristen  Pam as dora  Pam and Amy


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