How they met: The Continuation of How Gary put together the Midnight Society

After breakfast, Gary went to go meet his new friend Kiki. They met outside the local game-stop (I lack imagination and can’t think of another game store). The tournament was about to start and they walked into the store. Gary wondered what game was going to be played. The MC (because they totally have MCs at video game tournaments) announced that the game the players would be playing was Super Mario 3 (this is my all time favorite video game).

Kiki saw her friend David. He was playing in the tournament with his friend Frank. Frank was a tough looking guy, the complete opposite of David. He wore a bandana and a vest with no sleeves. David wore a polo and jeans. They were in it to win it! Kiki walked up to David and introduced him to her new friend Gary.

Gary and Kiki watched the entire tournament. After the tournament was over, they all went out for lunch at the local Tim Hortons (Can you tell that I really love Tim Hortons?). After lunch Gary asked David and Frank if they wanted to hangout with him and Kiki. They said yeah, but had to take a rain check for the day. They agreed to all hangout with each other the next weekend.



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