Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 1 Episode 4: The Tale of the Twisted Claw

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This episode is unique, because it was shown in Canada on Halloween in 1990, but did not air in the states until 1992. This episode was used as the pilot episode, for Canada. The fact that the states got it two years later, actually makes a lot of sense, since the Midnight Society looks a lot younger in this episode, than in the previous episodes. If you look back at my blog post 1.5, I mentioned watching an interview with Ross Hull, where he said he was 16 at the time of the pilot, which would be this episode, and Raine Pare-Coull was apparently 19, well this was made two years prior to the first episode shown in the states which was the tale of the Phantom Cab and the casts looks a lot younger. Anyway lets get to the summary of this episode.

This tale starts off somewhat similar to that of laughing in the dark. We are taken half way into another story that has been started by Eric. It is about a kid who wakes up and sees a dark robed figure in his room. The kids alarm clock goes off and he wakes up. He is relieved that is was just a dream, but than we see the figure and the kid screams (or at least we think it is the kid). Turns out it was just Kiki and Kristen reacting to Eric’s story. The rest react with excitement, especially Betty Ann. Betty Ann asks Eric what happens next, to which Eric replies he does not know, as he has not finished writing the story yet. Betty Ann is excited that it is a cliff hanger, Gary seems somewhat disappointed as he mentions it is almost lights out and they still have not had a full story (this makes me wonder, do they have a set time limit for the meeting? Who is in charge of taking the minutes? I would imagine that the story teller is the one taking the minutes and then I guess printing them out for the next meeting? If I was in the Midnight Society, I would volunteer to take the minutes). Anyway Kristen tells Eric he should not have called a meeting without a full story, Eric becomes defensive and says he does not see anyone else wanting to tell a story. They all look at each other until David speaks up and says he has a tale that he has been working and it is ready to be told. Kristen mentions it has been a while since they heard a David story (but not to us the viewers since we had a David story the week before in the states).

David calls his story the tale of the twisted claw. The story begins on mischief night (which is apparently the night before Halloween, I have never heard of it so maybe it is a Canada thing?). It is the story of two friends, Dougie and Kevin. Kevin is the more daring of the two, Dougie is the one with common sense. Kevin decides they should prank Miss. Clove, who is rumored to be an actual witch. They run up to her door and ring the door bell. When Miss. Clove answers the door, Kevin sprays her in the face with shaving cream, causing her to knock over a vase. Dougie immediately feels bad. Kevin (who I am convinced will one day knock over a liquor store), feels no remorse and runs off pulling Dougie with him.

It is now, Halloween night and Dougie is waiting for Kevin to go treat or treating. They decide to stop by Mrs. Clove’s house, Dougie does not want to go, since he is afraid she will remember what they did to her last night, but Kevin is quick to point out they are have costumes now and she will not recognize them. So they go up and ring the door bell. Miss. Clove answers the door and they say Trick or Treat. She is at first confused (although I am not sure why, as a witch she should know when Halloween is or at least that is what I learned from the movie Halloweentown). She eventually says to them Trick or Treat, and invites them inside (I would have probably run away at this point). She tells them for being the only kids to visit her on Halloween, she has a special treat for them (no she is not going to eat them, but that would have been cool). She comes back with a box that contains the claw of a vulture (but she pronounces it like clar not claw) and tells them that it will grant them each 3 wishes. She then tells the to be “careful what they wish for as they just might get it.” They tell her they really just want candy, but she will not take no for an answer. So the boys take it.

After they leave the witch’s house Dougie wishes they could go home and stop trick or treating. The claw moves and the boys walk though the park. Once in the park they are attacked by a gang of thugs (well I think they are actually teenagers). They can somehow manipulate their voices to sound robotic (not sure how they can do this), they try to steal the boy’s candy. The boys runaway and hide in a trash can and we can hear Miss. Clove laughing in the background. The boys go home.

The next day at school Kevin wishes to beat Bostick in the 600 during field day. The claw moves when he makes his wish. During the race it looks like Bostick is going to win, until a dog comes out of nowhere and attacks him, once again we hear the laugh of Miss. Clove in the background. Bostick collapses and Kevin wins the race.

We now cut back to the Midnight Society, where Kiki says “They each used up 1 wish” and Gary says “And something evil happened each time” (I would not say it was evil, but bad luck). Eric the idiot says “I’d wish for a million dollars and take my chances”. Kirsten asks “So what happens?”

David continues the story, that night (the day after Halloween), Dougie’s parents go out and Kevin comes over. He brings his gold medal with him. Kevin is very proud of wining the 600. Dougie (the only one with a conscious) feels bad and says that they should just go and apologize to Miss. Clove about breaking her vase. Kevin disagrees, and wishes for Dougie’s parent to die. Just than the phone rings and Dougie is told his parents have been in an accident, he freaks out and breaks the phone (because if he does that than it won’t be true?). Dougie says he wishes his gramps was there, because he would know what to do. Kevin is quick to remind Dougie that his grandpa is dead. Just than they see Dougie’s grandpa’s car pull up to the house. Then the door bell rings. They both freak out and Dougie makes one last wish, the wish he should have made from the beginning. Dougie says “I wish none of this ever happened and that we did not break Miss. Clove vase”, the claw then disappears. But someone is still ringing the door bell, Kevin is scared and hides under a table, Dougie says he has to answer the door.

When Dougie opens the door, it is just his parents, who have forgotten their keys. Dougie’s mom tells the boys they should raid the fridge for ice cream. Just then the door bell is heard again, the boys open the door to find nobody, only the vase and a note saying trick or treat.

David ends his story. Then we see a shot of the Midnight Society, and the look on their faces is udder disbelief, like Betty Ann has her mouth wide open (which is actually very funny almost like she wanted to say WTF David). Also Betty Ann makes this face again, but it is a Kiki story and she is looking at a Polaroid of herself, so maybe she has self-esteem issues? Eric also looks bored out of his mind and Kiki looks like she was about to fall asleep, Kristen looks around at her friends as if to say “Come on it was not that bad”. Then they look at each other and decide to throw David a bone (and I assume pretend it was a great story, but you cannot hide from the facial expressions which are priceless in this episode).

Moira thoughts:

  1. I wish that this was shown on Halloween in the states, as I think that it would have been a good introduction to the show. I am somewhat disappointed that it air 2 years earlier in Canada, than the states as it makes continuity within the Midnight Society seem off, since they all look relatively younger in this episode.
  2. I do not actually remember seeing this episode when it aired on Nickelodeon. The first time I saw this episode was about a month ago, it is a good story based on the legend of the money paw.
  3. I really wish we could have gotten a full story of what Eric was telling in the beginning as that seemed to be a better story or at least scarier, and he lied to us he never did finish it or at least not on camera.
  4. Gary mentioned that it was almost lights out when Eric could’t finish his story, that makes me wonder what is the set time for the meeting of the Midnight Society? Do they actually meet at Midnight?

Look forward to my next summary which is a Kristen story, the Tale of the Hungry Hounds and the continuation of the How we met fanfic. Also I will probably be able to finish season 1 this week since I am on Spring break from school, but no promises.

So until next time “Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society (especially Kristen), I call this tale of Moira is Afraid of the Dark? (But not really), blog number 5.

*Side note, I was listening to Jodie Resther’s album Ma Dualité, while writing this an it now 2:08 AM (Also one of the jackass neighbors across the street decided to pump up the bass in their car and shake my windows). Off to bed now!

*Photo Credit from google imagines: David


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