How they Met: How Gary decided to find people to join the Midnight Society (at least how I think it happened)

I know I said in my last blog post that I was going to write about the lonely ghost first, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and instead bring you my very own fanfic of AYAOTD. I have often wondered how Gary choose who got to be a member, since we are only shown Frank being introduced as a new member. I am going to write this fanfic as both a story and as journal entries, from both the point of view of Gary and the member he is recruiting. Also since I still really want to join, I am going to write myself in as the member right before Frank joins. So get ready “Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of how we met (throws the Midnight dust into fire).”

It was a rainy afternoon and Gary was sitting at his desk. He was kind of bored and a little lonely as his family had just moved into the neighborhood. Gary was originally from London in Ontario, but he father wanted to branch out and turn his magic shop from idea to an actual shop. So his family moved to the big city of Toronto. Gary liked to help out at his family’s store and loved magic. He also had a younger brother named Tucker, but Gary wanted to make friends especially before school starts.

Gary headed to the local park to see if he could find anyone who had similar interests as him. When he got there he saw a group of kids playing soccer. He stood near the fence and watched for a bit. One of the kids a girl, really caught his attention. She was called Kiki and she was an amazing player, but the other kids picked on her since she was small. Kiki picked up her soccer kit and went to sit down near the fence. She then noticed Gary staring at her, she turned to him and said “What are you looking at jerk?”, Gary snapped out of his trance and replied “I am sorry, I just moved here and I was looking for other kids to make friends with and then I noticed you playing soccer.” Kiki felt a little bad and decided to introduce herself. “Hi I am Kiki, I live just down the street, near the new shop. Which school will you go to? I go to Trudeau Middle.” Gary reached out his hand and replied “Hi I am Gary. My dad owns the new shop, its a magic store! I live on the other side of town, but my parents are sending me to Nets academy for science and library studies.” Kiki reached out her hand and they both smiled. She told him to give her a call sometime to hangout and Gary invited her to come to his father’s magic shop.

Gary left happy he had made his first friend.

Gary left the park and headed home to eat lunch. He was happy he made his first friend and it was a girl! He went to cross the street, when he noticed a sign in a window. The sign was about a tournament taking place the next day. It was a video game tournament, Gary thought to himself more kids will be there, I should go and try to make friends. That night at dinner, Gary told his parents about his day and how he met Kiki. He went to bed after calling his grandpa and writing in his journal.

August 10th, 1988:

Today I made a new friend, her name is Kiki. She is a good soccer player.I also talked to grandpa and he gave me suggestions on making even more friends. He told me to start my own Midnight Society. I also saw a poster for a video game tournament that I am planning on checking out tomorrow. Anyway it is kind of late now, so off to bed I go.

Gary age 13

Gary woke up and went down stairs for breakfast. He was too excited to sit down. He had called Kiki the night before and asked her to come with him, she said yes. He thought she might know people there and be able to introduce them to him.




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