Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 1 Episode 3: The Tale of the Lonely Ghost.


This story is brought to us from the shy guy, David. I really like this story because it is not really scary, but a soft thriller and the story is very good. So without further ado, I give you my summary of the Tale of the Lonely Ghost.

The night starts with Kristen walking to the clearing, she is feeling uneasy as if someone is following her. David then runs into Kristen, and tries to tell her happy birthday, and gives her a present. Kristen is delighted and says “My birthday is next week, you remembered! She tells David she will open the present after the meeting as they are already running late.

Meanwhile back at the campfire, Eric is showing off his skills of throwing grapes into the air and catching them in his mouth. Frank plays a prank on him and puts water in his mouth when it is wide open, and Eric claims he could have chocked. Kiki laughs and Eric tries to hit Frank (really Eric? You do not stand a chance against Frank but whatever I guess you got a death wish). Gary being a peace keeper tells them to cool it (he acts like a father to the group sometimes, I guess that would make our friend Betty Ann the mom?). David and Kristen walk into the clearing and take their seats. Betty Ann tells David to hurry as the natives are getting restless (This is how you can tell that this show took place in the early 90’s as they would not be able to say this if the show was on today). So Dave sits down and begins to tell his story, He grabs the Midnight dust and submits his story for the approval of us and calls it “The Tale of the Lonely Ghost”.

We are introduced to Amanda Cameron, she has been sent by her parents to her Aunt’s house for the summer. Then we meet her cousin Beth (she gives redheads a bad name, like I would believe she has no soul). Beth is a real bitch to Amanda, granted Amanda does dress like a grandma. Beth tells Amanda that she does not want to know that Amanda is in her room and she has to set her animals up in the same order everyday, if she wants to hang with the cool kids (Beth’s friends). This also includes having to spend the night in the house next door that is haunted.

The we are introduced to Nanny, Beth’s nanny. She is an older woman who looks like she has seen better days. Like maybe Nanny experimented with hard drugs one to many times, that is what she looks like. Anyway Nanny introduces herself to Amanda, and Beth is all “If you touch her wrinkle hand and get contaminated, I’ll never let you touch my things every again”, wow harsh much Beth? Nanny feel embarrassed and runaway. Beth tells Amanda that Nanny went crazy from the house next door and she is somehow connected to it.

Beth tells Amanda the story about what happened at the house. Apparently, the mom of the little girl got a call that her husband was either ill or hurt in a war and she sent the girl off to her grandma’s house. But the mean kids in the hood chased the little girl down, and it turns out the girl was a deaf mute. To make things worse the kids locked her in a closet and her grandma did not know the girl would be coming. Her mother did not come back for several weeks, since she thought the girl was at her grandma’s house.

Beth and her posse are standing outside of the house, they convince Amanda they all spent the night in the house (which is a lie) so Amanda goes inside the house. She hears kids laughing and assumes it is Beth and her friends. Then she gets to the ghost child’s bedroom. Everything is okay, until the ghost child appears in the mirror! The ghost child appears to be writing “Help Me” on the wall. Amanda freaks out and runs back to the house.

We are then taken back to the campfire. The Midnight Society talks about what Amanda should do, and if Nanny is really insane. Betty Ann does not think Nanny is crazy (but she is also the only one who I think uses her brain). Eric the idiot thinks Nanny really is insane. David said that Beth spent the night at Sally’s  house.

Back to the story, Aunt Dottie, Beth’s mom is really angry. She thinks the girls were playing pranks and wrote help me on the walls. Amanda does not want to go back over to the house and she asks if Dottie is going to the house with them. Aunt Dottie has her own shit to get done, so she says no. Beth is an even bigger bitch to Amanda now. She tells Amanda that she was not going to let her into her group anyway. Amanda says she does not want to join the group now. When they get up to the room, it now has “Help Me” written all over it. The mirror shows a room with lots of stuffed animals, and Beth is all wanting to check it out. Amanda is all “Lets go Beth”, but Beth crosses over into the mirror and the ghost child takes Beth’s place. She approaches Amanda and holds out her hand. She does not want to hurt Amanda, she wants to give her a locket that has a photo of her mother, who turns out to be Nanny! Amanda tells the ghost child that she will bring Nanny to her, which makes the child smile. (The ghost doesn’t have a name, so I will now start calling her Sunny)

Are you my mommy?

Amanda runs back to the house and searches for Nanny. She look through the whole house and kitchen and cannot find Nanny. She looks out the window and sees Nanny getting ready to leave in a taxi (which is not being driven by Flynn from the Phantom Cab!). Amanda rushes outside and tells Nanny to come with her. Nanny is reluctant at first until Amanda shows her the locket and Nanny is in shock and asks Amanda where she got the locket. Amanda takes her up stairs and Nanny see her child (Sunny). Then Nanny agrees to go with Sunny and I guess dies? The mirror now shows Nanny and Sunny happily smiling and getting ready for school. Then Beth, who is in the closet asks Amanda for help. Amanda having grown a backbone, tells Beth shit is going to have to change before she is let out. Beth agrees to the terms and her friend’s ditch her for Amanda the new queen bee.

The David says The End and Gary declares the meeting over. Frank puts Eric the idiot into a headlock and offers to buy him a soda to cool him off (I want a soda Frank how about you take me out for one, and maybe we can talk about stuff and call it a date?). The rest of the Midnight Society leaves as well.

Moira’s thoughts:

  1. I really enjoyed this story as I felt it was very heartwarming. I was happy that everyone got reunited. I was also glade that Amanda finally stood up for herself.
  2. David tells really good stories, to bad he does not have a personality.
  3. I find it interesting that we only get to hear about Kristen, Eric and Gary’s Birthday during the entire series run. I want to know when it is Kiki, Frank and Betty Ann’s Birthdays are so we can celebrate with them.
  4. The ghost looks like maybe she died in the summer as she appears sweaty.

My next blog will be the continuation of “How we met”, the story of how Gary meets each member of the Midnight Society. The next episode to review/ summarize is going to be: The Tale of the Twisted Claw, which is another David story.

Anyway until next time “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society (especially David), I call this: The tale of Moira’s Afraid of the Dark (But not really) blog 4.

*You might notice that I have been going through and editing my blog posts after I publish them, that is because I type very fast and sometimes do not put words into the correct places or I think of clever lines afterwards, I encourage everyone to reread my blogs weekly.

*Photo credit google images: Lonely Ghost title card




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