My First Blog: A Brief Introduction to Me

Before I start my Blog about the best show (in my opinion) of the 90’s, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, I thought I should introduce myself. I am Moira Miyasato. I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am majoring in Travel Industry Management and will hopefully graduate next Spring (fingers crossed).

Now that you know the current, I should tell you all why I decided to blog about AYAOTD. It was my favorite show growing up. It came on the airwaves of nickelodeon in 1991, I was a mere 6 years old. It was shown during SNICK aka Saturday Night Nickelodeon. You know where they had an orange couch. As a 6 year old I wasn’t allowed to stay up to late because you know school, but Saturday was an exception. AYAOTD was shown at the 9:30 PM time slot.

This show brings me lots of great memories of being scared and wanting to go camping. If you did not know what AYAOTD is about, it centers around a group of Canadian Youths known as the Midnight Society; Gary  the fearless leader, Kiki the tough girl who loved bandannas, Betty Ann (my favorite member) who told the creepiest stories and gave me nightmares for weeks at a time, Frank the bad-ass, Tucker the little brother everyone hated, Sam aka Samantha who Gary had the feels for, Kristen the original blonde chick who would dress up for her stories and come late, David the original white dude, Stig the one who lacks basic hygiene and Eric the doucheiest person on Earth (The guy complained in just about every episode he was in and he was only on for one season). I won’t be writing about the revival where Tucker becomes the new president as in my mind it does not exist.

The Midnight Society, would meet in the Canadian wilderness aka a sound stage in Montreal, to tell ghost stories and take shots at one another. I really liked the interactions during the opening with the Midnight Society as I felt they were the best part of the show. I also wondered where they met each other if they did not go to the same school or have the same friends and or interest. Did Gary place an ad in the classified section of his local free paper? Did he secretly stock them from a far before leaving creepy letters asking them to join a club that meets in the woods at midnight? Perhaps they all belonged to an after school English/ Creative writing club. (I might write a fan fiction on here about how I believe it went down) I wanted to join the Midnight Society, so if any of them read this are you still taking applications? Because I would like to join and can provide references if needed, plus I have been told that I tell creepy stories.

Please enjoy this blog and in the words of the Midnight Society…..”Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society (especially The Gary, Betty Ann, Kiki, Frank, Kristen, David, Sam Tucker, Stig and Eric) I call this blog: Moira is Afraid of the Dark (but I really am not)”


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