Episode 1 Season 1: The tale of the Phantom Cab

“Maybe you all should just lighten up and let me finish the story”- Frank

Tonight we are in for a treat. A spot has opened up in the Midnight Society and David has brought his homeboy Frank Moore in as a possible storyteller. Frank is the hot bad-boy from the other side of the tracks (somewhere in the greater Toronto area). David guides him in to the clearing complete with blind fold, as The Gary gives up his monologue (that would turn into a giant lie that would unveil it self over the seasons).

“Sorry I had to jump you Frank. But you know rules.”- David


“Bring in the kidnapped! and let us make him tell a scary tale for our enjoyment!”- The Gary circa 1992

The current members gather around Frank, I assume it is part of the ancient Canadian hazing ritual of Toronto or possibly Montreal.

“He’s perfect David, he will do just fine.”- The Gary “Yeah he’ll be a good match for me”- Kiki “I think he is hot”- Kristen
“I wouldn’t let him near my yacht, unless it was as a servant.”- Eric “Hey Frank, I like to brake dance, you should come watch me sometime”- Betty Ann

In this story we are introduced to a recurring character of Frank’s called Dr. Vink (with a Vvvv and he is totally not a nut bag, but possibly a pedophile).


The story is about two brothers Denny and Buzz. Denny is the older cooler brother with attitude (I think he is the white Frank, with the cutoff sleeves and the bad-ass attitude).

Buzz and Denny.

Buzz is the younger of the two and he is kind of an idiot, but really good at riddles. Anyway for whatever reason they decide to go on a hike through the woods, maybe they wanted some fresh air or possibly they got locked out of the house? At any rate they are now lost in the woods and can not find their way back to town (which is odd considering if you walk into the woods half-way, you would be walking out again, but that is just logic, which is a hard concept for some it is not for everyone).

Oh yeah and it turns out Buzz has been holding the compass next to his belt buckle which is metal, and well since compasses use magnets, you can now see why they are lost. So they be walking and come across a dude named Flynn.

I can take you to see the good Doctor.

They ask him for help (well Buzz does, Denny kind of threatens him). He tells them to go see the good doctor (Dr. Vink). He leads them to a cabin in the woods.

When they arrive at good doctors house they are greeted by the bushes (Like the bushes actually  are laughing at them, I would have left the house at that point and taken my chances hitching a ride back to town, but this isn’t my story it is Franks and he wants into the Midnight Society damn it!).

Laughing bushes and a house that might be on fire, two red flags in my book.

Anyway Dr. Vink tells the brothers he is a natural scientist (He is probably the reason some people do not believe in global warming, just saying). For whatever reason this confuses Buzz and Dr. Vink has to dumb it down for them. He tells them he studies flora and fauna (that is a crafty way to say plants). He decides that rather than helping them, he will ask them a series of riddle to see if they are worthy enough to use his phone (which looks like it is out of the 1940’s).

That awkward family photo with Grandpa Vink.

The first couple of riddles are easy for Buzz. Then Vink poses another riddle to determine if they can use his phone.

This is the riddle: What can you see with the naked eye, that when put into a barrel will make the barrel lighter?

At this point in the story we are brought back to the Midnight Society, we learn one of the rules (which isn’t that there are no rules because this is not fight club and David is not Tyler), apparently you can not have unsolvable riddles in your story as it is seen as cheap.

“Guys I want to invite you to my break dancing competition in 2 weeks, also this riddle can totally be solved.”- Betty Ann

Admittedly this riddle seemed impossible to solve, but than again I was 6 years old at the time, so yeah. They all believe that it cannot be solved, expect Betty Ann, she is like maybe it can be solved ( plus I kind of think she is the only one that has a functioning brain half the time). Frank tells them to shut it so he can finish his story.

Buzz gives a couple of guesses, and they are wrong. So Dr. Vink tells them to wait for a cab outside. Buzz and Denny are like, um sure like a cab is going to come into the woods…. little did they know a cab would be coming.

“I didn’t think we were in Hawaii”- Buzz “You butthead, we aren’t it’s 222-2222”- Denny

A cab pulls up and the call number on the cab is 222-2222 (which I wonder if that was the inspiration for the Hawaii cab companies phone number of 422-2222). They get in no questions asked, and tell the driver their parents will pay him when they get home. The driver turns out to be Flynn (The guy from earlier), only now he is dead! (What a shocker!).

He has a vitamin D deficiency

He tells them he was thought that they could solve the riddle, but they did not so now they are doomed to die, like all the others (remember the laughing bushes), but here is a twist, they have until they crash into a tree to solve it (and with this being on Nickelodeon, it does get solved). Buzz correctly guesses that the answer was (wait for it…) a hole!  (so take that Eric, see it is solvable. I bet Betty Ann used her logic to solve that one).

They do not crash into the tree and a ranger finds them and brings them to the ranger station to be reunited with their parents (who care more about them then the parents of the Midnight Society, I mean their parents did not question where they went at midnight, Canada must be a safe place to hang out in the woods. Although they do roam in groups so there is that. If I was a member I wonder which group I would be assigned to I would want to be on Team Kiki and Betty Ann).

Frank ends the story, and now it is Gary’s time to shine. He reminds us and the Midnight Society that the vote must be unanimous in order for Frank to get in. Gary goes in a circle and starts with the sponsor David, Kiki, Kristen, Betty Ann, Myself ( because I’ve decided that yes I should be a member of the Midnight Society damn it!) and finally Eric (who is reluctant to vote Frank in, but considering Frank could pound him, made the correct choice and gave a thumbs up). They are welcome Frank to the group and he is finally able to take off the blindfold to see who the Midnight Society is.

“We have homeroom together, can I borrow your notes?.”- Frank “Only if you come to my break dancing competition”- Betty Ann


Moira’s Thoughts:

This was a good first episode and a great story as told by my future ex-fiance Frank Moore. It has everything a good story needs, a great villain, two feuding brothers and a surprising ending.

  1. I am curious as to the length of time each member has been a member.
  2. The Gary obviously takes his job super cereal.
  3. Is there a quota for members or does The Gary decide how many is a good amount.
  4. When you think about the riddle, it makes complete sense that it is a hole, as you can see a hole and if you put it “in” a barrel, it would make it lighter. I bet The Gary and Betty Ann are good at mathematical logic problems.

What do you think about this episode? Do you agree with my summary? Let me know in the comments below and look out for my next blog post, probably tomorrow on the classic tale by Betty Ann, The Tale of Laughing in the Dark.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel that if enough people tweet at them or Facebook them, and let them know about this blog, it can happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

Until next time “Submitted for the approval for the Midnight Society(especially my future boyfriend Frank Moore), *dramatically throws the Midnight dust into a campfire*  I call this:The Tale of Moira is Afraid of the Dark (But not really) Blog post 2

Photo credits: Denny and Buzz Flynn Dr. Vink’s house Amigos A cab in the woods OMG!


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