Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Midnight Society an In depth look

“We’re called the Midnight Society. Separately, we’re very different. We like different things, we go to different schools ad we have different friends. But one thing draws us together: the dark. Each week we gather round this fire, to share our fears, and our strange and scary tales. It’s what got us together, and it’s what keeps bringing us back. This is a warning to all who join us: you’re going to leave the comfort of the light and step into the world of the supernatural.”- Gary circa 1992

 Top: Kiki   Middle: Kristen and Frank   Bottom: David, Gary and Betty Ann   Missing: Eric

In the very first episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, we are introduced to the Midnight Society. I briefly gave what their names are, but I never really described them, which is what this post is about, let me introduce to you our storytellers for the foreseeable future: The Gary, Kiki, Betty Ann, Frank, David, Kristen and then joining us in season  3: Sam and Tucker, lastly we have joining us in season 5: Stig.

Gary– Also known in my blog as The Gary (I guess this is like an alter ego). He is the leader of the Midnight Society. He wears glasses and loves magic. The Gary is the creator of the character Sardo (That’s Sardo, no mister, accent on the do!).  I think he probably majored in Library Science at university (I get professional librarian vibe from him). His dad owns a magic shop which is seen in the episode the tale of the Super Specs. His Grandfather, Gene was the founder of the Midnight Society and created the clearing in 1937*. The Gary is a good character, if it wasn’t for him the Midnight Society would not exist and if it did not exist I would not be able to blog about this show and pretend that I hangout with the Midnight Society, or try to join. He seems shy at first until Sam joins the group in season 3, then he decides he wants a girlfriend. I however have always pictured him developing feelings for Betty Ann especially during the first couple of seasons of the show, but I think they were best friends. The actor who played Gary, Ross Hull did an excellent job portraying The Gary. He has a YouTube channel called That guy from that show, I highly recommend checking it out.

Fun Fact: He is now a weather man in Canada. He was a guest anchor in Vancouver. Ross you should come down to Seattle or better yet Honolulu, I think a lot of our anchors are retiring so there could be job openings.

Kiki– She is the tough girl aka Tomboy of the group. She also looks like she could beat anyone of the other members up if they gave her a good reason or pissed her off. She also hates Stig, but I think it is because our girl Kiki has high standards when it comes to personal hygiene. We do not really know much about her, other than her love of bandannas, hide and seek, fright fest and baseball caps. Her stories deal with real issues of mistrust. I think out of all the member of the Midnight Society, Kiki seemed to be the most real, she was a take me and accept me as I am kind of girl, with no apologies. Kiki is one of my favorite characters because she was bad-ass. I can’t really imagine what Kiki would be doing with her life after the Midnight Society, but I imagine, she might be doing outreach work in a high risk community, so possibly she went to school to be a social worker. The actress who played Kiki, Jodie Resther was excellent at playing Kiki and gave Kiki the right amount of attitude to be cheeky. I always thought she was a fun character. I liked that she was bad-ass and seen as an equal to the guys.

Fun Fact: Jodie Resther is also an R&B Singer with two albums called Real and Ma Dualité Funny story, I was listening to some of her songs on YouTube and did not realize it was in French and thought I forgot the English language, which you think would concern me, but no I was perfectly OK with the situation. In my defense, I had not slept in 48 hours I was on-call that weekend and been walking between my building and campus since 2:30 AM. If I ever get the chance to meet and or Interview Jodie Resther, I will have to tell her this story as I think she might find it funny.

Betty Ann– As I mentioned before Betty Ann is one of my favorite story tellers. She is the creator of two of the best villains in AYAOTD history in my opinion, Zeebo the clown and the Ghastly Grinner. She seems like the quiet type at first, but really blossoms into a great character overtime. She was also one of the three to last the entire run of the original series. Betty Ann’s stories often have open ended endings, as in they might be happy or the characters may be doomed. If I had to pick a fictional Canadian to hang out with, it would be her. Betty Ann also brought Sam into the group in season 3. In the episode the tale of the silent servant, we learn that Betty Ann has morals that she lives by, namely she believes it is wrong to sneak into the movies. She is also a loyal friend who enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting victims, but it is all in good fun. For some reason I always felt that Betty Ann sounded the most Canadian out of everyone in the Midnight Society. The actress who played Betty Ann, Raine Pare-Coull was excellent at playing Betty Ann as I later learned in an interview that she was in her 20’s during the first season. While she does not act currently she did has small roles on the show Flash Forward (Disney Channel) and the Morgan Waters show as a Goth chick named Petra who likes to play badminton (the clip is on YouTube look for Morgan Waters show New assistant)

Fun Fact: I took an online quiz to see which Midnight society member I was and I kept getting Betty Ann. Like I took this quiz 6 times. When I was trying to find information on Raine Pare-Coull (because I was curious and its hard to find information on her), I learned she apparently use to have a blog.

Frank Moore– Frank was being inducted during this episode and spent it blind folded the whole time since the meeting place is secret. He was sponsored by David. I assume that he knew David from school. He dressed like a bad-ass. I could see him hooking up with Kiki, but I also think he might see her as a sister not as girlfriend material. Frank  really wanted to date Sam, but she went for The Gary instead. He also had an older brother. Frank was very good friends with Kiki, while they occasionally butted heads, they share a love of sleeveless jean vests and bandannas. I picture Frank going off and joining the Canadian police force, where he works with at risk youth. I wonder what Frank did with all his cut-off sleeves, maybe donated them to sleeveless children? Perhaps he gave them to Gary to use as blindfolds. The actor who played Frank is Jason Alisharan, he portrayed Frank excellently.

Fun Fact: Frank wore a lot of shirts with no sleeves. Frank is also the only Midnight Society member who has a last name. Frank is my future ex-boyfriend. Also the only member to have an anniversary episode.

David– There is not really much to say about David. He brought Frank into the group. He was preppy and had a crush on Kristen (who was oblivious to it). David told stories that had to do with his life, for example in the tale of the hatching, two kids have to go to a new school, David got the idea from switching schools. If the show took place today, I think David would not have been a member of the midnight society or he was let in because his mom was friends with Gary’s mom and they wanted their sons to play together. I have nothing against David, it just he was meh at best. The actor who played David Nathaniel Moreau lasted two seasons on AYAOTD. I do not think he acts anymore.

Fun Fact: I think David went through puberty in between seasons 1 and 2 as his voice got deeper.

Kristen– Kristen is your typical blonde. She is afraid of clowns as shown in the episode the tale of laughing in the dark. I always thought she seemed like she felt she was too good for the group and only stayed around to secretly mock them. Her redeeming quality she would dress up for every single story she told (which would make her late to meetings and piss off Gary and could have gotten her terminated). She brought her dog Elvis for sound effects for the tale of the hungry hounds. In the tale of the prom queen, Betty Ann goes to give her a high-five on her custom, and she just leaves her hanging, like seriously who does that to the nicest member of the Midnight Society? Kristen that is who, at least Betty Ann gave her nightmare fuel in the form of Zeeboo.  If this took place today, I would imagine she would contact Michael Bay to help her with the telling of her tales. The actress who played Kristen, Rachel Blanchard was only on for two seasons, and I have to wonder how it would have played out if she lasted longer. I think she played Kristen well.

Fun Fact: Rachel Blanchard went on to play Cher on the TV sitcom Clueless and she was also on 7th Heaven.

Sam (Samantha)- Samantha was brought in after David and Kristen left. I presume to fill the role of generic blonde chick. She is friends with Betty Ann. She told stories that had sentimental value to them and often had to do with loss of a loved one. I would have liked to hear about how Sam and Betty Ann met, was it at school or are they neighbors? Also it seems to me that they may have drifted apart slightly as the seasons went on, since it seems that Sam is better friends with Kiki. She flirts with both Gary and Frank, but since Frank moves away in season 5, she become one half of the power couple Sary (Sam + Gary= Sary). Together they rule the Midnight Society with an Iron fist (Betty Ann might have regretted asking Sam to join, when this happened). If this show was on today I imagine Sam and Gary would be late for meetings a lot. They are probably making out in the woods. The actress who played Sam, Joana Garcia was the only American on this show. She kind of stood out since the rest had Canadian accents.

Fun Fact: Joana Garcia went on to have a successful TV career.

Tucker- Tucker got into the Midnight Society by default. Gary’s mom told him no more meeting unless you bring Tucker (I think she wanted to get alone time with her husband or her secret lover (Tuckers real father because lets face it, he looks way different than Gary)and needed away to get Tucker out of the house). Gary relented and gave Tucker a shot (well actually he told Tucker that he would give Frank permission to pound him if his story sucked and Tucker got the message loud and clear). Tucker was kind of an asshole at first and would rag on all the members.He would also antagonize Frank (which was dumb since Frank was more than half his size). However as the series progressed, Tucker mellowed out to be an okay guy. He once hooked up Gary on a date with Sam for his Birthday. If the show took place today, I think Tucker would be too busy playing on his I phone 7 plus to give a shit about meetings. The actor who played Tucker, Daniel DeSanto was the youngest member of the first generation of Midnight Society, so he played the role of bratty little brother Tucker very well.

Fun Fact: Daniel DeSanto went on to be in the movie Mean Girls and is the voice of Carlos Ramon on the Magic School bus. Magic School bus was my favorite show because it was educational and funny.

Stig- I can’t really write much about Stig as he was only on for one season. He told one of the scariest stories of season 5 (the tale of the dead mans float), but because of his poor life choices and hygiene and the fact Kiki hates him, meant he had to prove himself. The saying goes “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”, well the Midnight Society made him do just that. He had to tell them 2 stories to get into the group. If this took place today, I think Stig would admit to being bitten by a chameleon twice and did not shower because as we learned in the Tale of the Chameleons, “bite you once, bite you twice, a little water, pay the price”. The actor who played Stig, Codie Wilbee played Stig very well.

Fun Fact: He also provided the group with hot dogs after the tale of the mystical mirror.

Eric- Oh where do I begin with Eric. I really do not like Eric. He was the worlds biggest douche bag. He complained about everything and never said sorry. He was mean to everyone in the Midnight Society and would throw anyone of them under the bus for personal gain, he sold Kiki out in the episode the tale of the super specs. The guy even picked on Betty Ann, freaking Betty Ann of all people. I will give him this, the tale of the dark music was filled with nightmare fuel (it had a human size doll for crying out loud). But his personality was just meh. The actor who played Eric, Jacob Tierney, played the most hated character (my opinion) very successfully.

Fun Fact: His sister was in the tale of the closet keepers as the blonde girl from England.

ayaotd s5
Midnight Society 2.0: Sam, Betty Ann, The Gary and Tucker. Bottom row: Kiki                                       Missing: Stig

So this is just what I think about the Midnight Society. A group of Canadian Teenagers (and one American), played by people who were in fact not all teenagers. I was watching an Interview with Ross Hull on YouTube, and he mentioned that he was 18 when the show went into series and that Raine Pare-Coull was in her 20’s (19 during the pilot), which surprised me because she looked about 12 in the first series, which makes me wonder how tall she is in real life and how she looks like now because she must age very well.

Eventually I plan on reaching out to the main three who stayed during the entire run and ask them if I may interview them and get an update on their lives. If they agree to let me do this, than I will ask them all 20-25 questions and use them as bookends when I end a summary of seasons or as a break in between seasons (half-way points). The main three I am aiming for are Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther.

**Side note I tend to write how I speak, which is very non-formal since I have to do a lot of technical writing for class and this was created as a way for me to pay tribute to AYAOTD and be creative. I write these blogs in between classes (sometimes during class if I get bored) and at work (which is okay since I work at the front desk of my residence hall and have nothing better to do for 3 hrs).

So yeah um check out Ross Hull’s YouTube channel Guy From That Show. And until next I will leave you with this “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this tale…*dramatically throw coffee mate into a fire* The Tale of Moira is Afraid of The Dark (but not really) Blog 1.5

* I got this information from the tale of the silver sight

*Photo credit from google images: Midnight Society cast


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